About Bicycle

People used to think about bicycles used to be a thing of the past. But as people are trying to switch to more environmentally friendly alternatives to petrol cars, cycling is becoming one of the popular alternatives.

Considering that a cycle contains fewer complex parts than a handloom, it is surprising that the first penny farthing is only about two hundred years old. However, a person travelling on two consecutively placed wheels is not something that anybody intuitively comes up with. But the earliest models of bicycles were not safe as the front wheel was so much larger than the rear wheel. All modern bicycles follow the design of the later “safety bicycle” which came into being in 1893. Read this article to know everything you need to know about them.

Different types of bicycles

You cannot just categorise bicycles as professional or casual ones. Although it is correct on a broader brush, you will explore products suited for the right activity. There are bikes that are solely made for sports activities, off-roading, and just regular day to day rides. Choosing the right type isn’t tricky. All you must do is narrow down your preferences. Or probably, write it down for your convenience. For that, you should have at least a basic idea about the different types of bikes and their features. Here is a list of the four most common types of bikes out there.

Road bikes

This is basically a racing bike with drop handlebars that you will typically find in bicycle racing events. Slim weightless tyres, minimalistic frames, and tall seat posts are characteristic of road bikes. As you can imagine, road bikes are made for speed. Because the seat post will be higher than the handle, the rider will have to assume a stooping position while riding this bike. While this might not be the most comfortable way to ride casually for a long ride, this position allows you to reduce the drag. You can find road bikes with shorter frames that better suits women riders.

Mountain bikes

Unlike road bikes, mountain bikes have to deal with uneven terrain, sharp objects, and unexpected drops. Because of this, mountain bikes will have tougher frames and thicker tyres. Having thick tyres also helps to reduce the effect of the impact felt by the rider. It is also very common for these bikes to have multiple suspensions. There will typically be a suspension in the front forks and the seat post. Some models will also feature rear suspension for additional comfort. Mountain bikes will have ergonomic and flat handlebars. As rugged terrain calls for better control, disk brakes are kind of necessary in them.

Gravel bikes

So, how are gravel bikes different from mountain bikes? At first thought, they shouldn’t be too different because both gravel and mountain terrain are similar in many ways. However, there is one key difference between a mountain bike and a gravel bike; the fact that a gravel bike is designed for regular roads as well as off-road riding. It should be comfortable enough to ride on normal tarmac but should be tough and durable for off-road use. However, gravel bikes are a compromise between the two. You won’t get the best off-road performance with a gravel bike. But if you don’t want to buy two separate bikes, you are better off buying a gravel bike.

BMX bikes

The acronym BMX stands for bicycle motocross. Even though this is one kind of racing bike, it is not the same as a road bike. BMX bikes are for motocross-style courses with wide tracks, big double jumps, tabletops, and bermed turns. Typically, the width of a BMX bike can be around twenty inches. However, you will be able to find models with thinner sixteen inches or thicker twenty-four inches wheels as well. BMX bikes frames should be short and sturdy in order to survive a motocross track. Therefore, the frame will be made from strong materials like aluminium or steel.

Tips on how to buy Bicycles Online

At first, finding the right bicycle might seem quite simple. However, it can be much harder than you might think. Because of the level of variety that exists within them, it is also really easy to make mistakes. That being said it is going to be easier if you know what factors to consider in them. Here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for bicycles online. This will help you not only choose the right model but also help you sort out the features you need in the bike.

  • Type of bicycle – As there are so many varieties within bicycles, the first thing that you should figure out is what type of bike you want. If you are planning to use your bike for your daily commute to the office, then you should not be doing it on a mountain bike. On the other hand, an electric city bike is a terrible choice for an off road trip.
  • Size – Just as everybody’s body is different, the bikes also come in half a dozen standard sizes. There are kids bikes that are forty eight inches tall, teen bikes a couple of inches taller than kids’ bikes, medium sized bikes that have a height of fifty five inches tall and full sized adult bikes that are about sixty three inches. Choose a size that suits your height.
  • Features – Bicycles are no longer just a seat fitted on top of two wheels. Modern bikes feature digital speedometers, multiple gears, navigation options, safety lights, and more. Just as it is with any other equipment, the cost of the bike also goes up depending on the number and sophistication of the features.
  • Design – After all, the bicycle is another vehicle that you are going to ride. Therefore, you might as well get a model that also looks good. The type of bicycle that you are buying can determine the range of designs you can choose from. It is typical for mountain bikes to have a sporty design while city bikes will have more muted single colour designs.

If you love riding bikes, then you will need a few extra things after buying the bicycle itself. These include accessories like helmets, reflective vests, riding boots, water bottles, phone holder, and water bottle. You can find any of these easily using our shopping search engine. It will also let you compare the price of different products and pick the best one among them. So, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing products on the bikes category.

Question & Answer

What size bicycle do you need?

The size is something that you cannot afford to get wrong while buying a bicycle. Unsurprisingly, this is also one of those things that you do differently while shopping online. However, it is not that difficult either. All you have to know is a simple bike height convention. First, you should know the inseam length of your legs. And depending on the bike you want; you have to multiply your leg inseam length with a multiplication factor. Choose a height that is closer to the result that you get. The multiplication factor for a city bike is 0.685, mountain bike is 0.66, and road bike is 0.70.

Which bicycle to buy for fitness?

The word fitness can cover a whole lot of things. Basically, that means some kind of intense physical activity. You can use any of the three bike categories for this purpose: mountain bike, road bike, or comfort bike. Each one of these are designed for a specific type of activity. Mountain bikes are the best choice for off-roading and road bikes are best suited for dedicated cycling tracks. Comfort bikes are for more casual rides. You can use a comfort bike for regular rides as well as for long cycling trips.

Where to buy a bicycle online in the UAE?

Figuring out the right type of bicycle model is only half the real job. After that, you also have to find a good place to buy it. Fortunately, there are plenty of places where you can shop for bicycles in the UAE. But one of the best places to buy them is of course It is incredibly easy to find good bicycle models using our retail search engine. On you will also find some of the cheapest prices for bicycles on the market. As for the brands, some of the best ones to consider include Trek, Specialized, Giant, Schwinn, Hero Cycle, Scott, and Cannondale.