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About Folding Bikes

One of the best bicycles for saving space is the folding bicycle. It is the perfect choice for travelling, whether you live in a luxury space or a studio. Either way, we could all use up some space, and not everything has to take up a lot of room. 

The concept of the folding bicycle is new but not something that took time to catch up. People love space-saving things, especially those that are in the home. If you don’t have the luxury of living in a spacious apartment, you want everything to be small and straightforward. Even if it’s the other way around, nobody likes bulky things. Thus, the folding bicycle is very popular with a lot of people. If space is not an issue, then the second part is comfort. A lot of people use bicycles to travel and commute to work. At times, some folks also use a bike halfway, then get on a public transport option. Or they ride with a friend because the journey is too long. Either way, a foldable bike makes it much better when it comes to ease of commuting, travelling and storage.

Different types of foldable bikes to make your commute easier 

If you have never tried a foldable bicycle, then you should. Whether you use a bike to go to work every day, just for going to the supermarket or for exercise, it’s a must-have. There are so many different types and styles of bicycles today, so you can really choose the best one. A good chance is that foldable bikes too, are now available in different formats, so you don’t need to skimp on your essentials. Just like a regular city bike, you can find them in electric, lightweight and even solar-powered bicycle options. Not to mention that keeping a foldable bike also makes the life of those who live with you more comfortable. If you live with friends, they would appreciate this too.

The folding mountain bike 

The folding mountain bike is the perfect one if you love mountain bikes. The whole purpose of mountain bikes is they should be sturdy and rugged and make the journey comfortable. Well, what about having one that you can carry with you too? The foldable mountain bicycle saves you a whole lot of space. It will easily fit in the trunk of your car or jeep while commuting. It’s the best idea also to take on a picnic or hike. So, you can drive up there, have a picnic or barbeque and then take the bike out. This way, you don’t even need to worry about space constraints. Most bikes fold up to a comfortable size. With a group of people who all own foldable ones, you can do so much more! 

The electric folding bike 

Like just another feature on your hat, the foldable electric bike is a wonder and something we all needed. This one is powered by a motor, which works on a battery. It is easy to ride, goes faster than a standard bike and is easy to commute on every day. The electric folding bicycle is a pricier option compared to the regular one, but with the endless benefits it brings, you wouldn’t mind. There are several advantages to owning an electric bicycle such as seniors can use it, requires little maintenance, goes faster, and it’s easier uphill too. With a foldable electric bicycle, you can store it conveniently or even carry it when you need to. It is the perfect way to save space when you need to! 

The lightweight folding bike 

An excellent lightweight folding bike is something that everybody wants. Thanks to some brands, we now have that option. Most of the electric ones are more substantial, so the chances of finding a lightweight electric foldable bike are slim. However, when it comes to manual ones, there are plenty of choices. Again, the fact that it’s lightweight and foldable makes it very handy for those who use the bike to commute to work and travel. It is super in all kinds of situations. A bike is an excellent option for ladies and kids too, who find regular ones too bulky. Make sure the fact that it’s lightweight, does not mean it is missing out on some key features.  

The everyday use of a folding bike 

A lot of choices like the sixty folding bike are getting increasingly popular. The fact is you can quickly get a classic folding bicycle if your requirements are not many. It is also the best option for those who use the bike to work or for exercise. The fact that it’s probably the cheapest ones, as compared to other bikes with different features, also makes it’s a must-have. For a lot of folks, the concept of using a bicycle is very new. But for various reasons, they plan to make the switch. If you’re unsure of how it will work out, then this one is the best choice to consider. For kids and beginners, the classic style makes more sense, even if you don’t find it doable later, you can use it for other purposes. 

Tips on how to buy Folding Bike online

Whether you’re looking out for the smallest folding bike or something with a ton of features, you are sure to find your style today. It is easy because there are a ton of fantastic options that great brands are offering. Buying online is easy, and you don’t need to be as selective as it comes when you’re buying a car. However, knowing some key points helps. If you don’t know how to get started, well, these tips will surely help you to decide.

  • Easy to fold and open – Bikes that fold in a way that the chain keeps inside is one factor to bear in mind. This will ensure you don’t end up with grease strained hands each time. Also, check out the knack to do it quickly, which will save you time later. A bike that you are struggling to open and close might not be the best.
  • An optimal size – The 79 x 59 x 36cm travel bag size is allowed by Queensland’s City Train services for folding bikes. If your city does not have individual specifications, check out the best one that’s easy to carry in one arm and does not get into the way of others.
  • Comfortable to ride – The fact that it is a foldable bicycle should not compromise the comfort level of the bike. You will be surprised that many of the bicycles in this group don’t work on this very aspect, making it difficult to use consistently. While using them for short rides, in this case, is okay, if your travel is long, go for something better.
  • Useful features – Proper mudguards, travel cases, sturdy wheels, and luggage racks are only a few of the features that you need to consider. Check out the essential characteristics of other bikes, and what would help to make your usage better. Check for the same in the foldable bicycle.
  • Transportation and storage – The very fact that you are choosing this style of bicycle is that you can transport it easily. It should work with the kind of public transport you are using, without making it difficult to carry. Storage too should be confined and easy to upload and remove as and when you need to.
  • After-sales and availability – Just like a car, you should check for after-sales of the bike too. Does the brand have service centres or online teams you can connect with? How much does regular servicing cost, how often to do it, the time and other factors are something to determine before buying it?

Another important thing is selecting a reputed brand. Most folding bikes are new, and you want something that has excellent reviews. This is for the very fact that you don’t want to struggle with the additional payments later. Make sure you also do your bit of research when it comes to handling and taking care of the bike. This will make it easier to use and have fewer chances of you damaging it. Connect with friends who own one and ask them about their experience and suggestions.

Question & Answer

Which are the best folding bikes?

Folding bikes are the most convenient option today. No wonder, there are more and more people who are trying out that option as an alternative to regular bicycles. If you can’t decide which one to get, then these top options are worth looking at. The Brompton M6L Black Edition, Tern BYB S11, Rad Power RadMini, Tern Vektron S10, Brompton Electric, Blix Vika+ Electric Folding Bike, Decathlon B Twin, Montague Boston, EuroMini Zizzo Campo, Bike Friday PakIt, Gocycle GS folding e-bike, B’Twin Tilt 120 folding bike, Airnimal Joey Commute folding bike, Raleigh Stowaway 7 Folding Bike and Dahon Qix D8 Folding Bike are some excellent choices.

Which are the cheap folding bikes for tourists?

Whether you are a tourist, or love adventure, it’s the best thing to have a bike along. You don’t need to depend on public transport, or someone else. You can get going to any place without a hindrance. A foldable bike is especially useful here, considering you will be travelling for most of the day. The Brompton M6L with Brooks Saddle 2017, Airnimal – Joey Commute, Raleigh – Stowaway 7, Dahon Jetstream P8, Bike Friday – New World Tourist, Montague’s Paratrooper, Tern Tour – Verge S27H, Joe Tour, The NEW Dahon MARINER 2019, Birdy GT 10SP, RadMini 4 Electric Folding Fat Bike and Folding Bike Tilt 500 by Decathalon are some of the best.

Can you take a folding bike on holiday?

Yes, taking a folding bicycle on a holiday is a great option. If you can, ask your friends too, to rent one each, so you can cycle together. It is a great way to explore places, get to your destination and you don’t have to rely on public transport either. Make sure, however, that you start precisely and come back by evening, considering some safety measures. Apart from this, it can be a great bonding activity even with your family or work colleagues. You will also feel healthier, work up a good appetite and feel fresh! It will be a unique experience than just getting to places in your car and getting back the same way. However, considering long distances, you can always travel by car, and head out on your bicycles when you get to the place.

Where can you buy folding bikes online in the UAE?

There are some great sports stores in Dubai where you can buy your folding bicycle. Check them out in stores if you wish, to get a better idea of the size and its particular features. Either way, wherever you choose to shop, don’t forget to use This one is a terrific product search engine with more than 500+ products under it. It is an excellent way to shop in Dubai. It will save a lot of your time and effort and it’s super user-friendly to use too. Brands such as Brompton, Tern, Rad Power, Blix, Zizzo, Schwinn, Giant and Citizen are some of the top names. You can find them all or even more on our shopping platform, Check out now!