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About Beach Cruisers

Is there a better way than going to the beach to enjoy a sunny day? Probably not. You can enjoy the waves under the sun and feel the cool breeze brushing over you. A beach cruiser bike can make your beach day even more enjoyable. You can pack your stuff and also save the time and energy you would otherwise spend walking.

Even though you can take your regular bike to the beach, the squishy sand on the beach makes riding it difficult. Beach cruisers, on the other hand, have adaptations that will make it easier to manoeuvre on the sand and make it effortless. The bigger tires, wider and curved handlebars, and light construction make it suitable for beaches. They also have a more relaxed and upright riding position as compared to a street bike. And when you compare the design, a beach cruiser has a more classic look than a street bike. This guide will tell you all about beach bikes and how to buy them.

Different types of beach cruiser bikes

At first look, one might think that all beach bikes are the same. But when you dive deeper into the world of beach cruisers, you will come across so many different types of them that are unique in their style and features. Like how cruisers are meant to be, beach cruisers also focus on providing a comfortable ride over speed and style. But that does not mean all beach bikes are uninteresting. Quite the contrary, you will find those with fashionable designs that will turn a lot of heads towards you. Here is a list of a few different types of beach cruisers that are the most popular among beachgoers.

Single-speed vs multi-speed bikes

Classic beach cruisers were all single speed bikes. That’s enough if you will only be using the bike on the beach. Beach sides are mostly plain, so you can manage without multiple gears for beach rides. But if you want a bike that you can use for regular use as well as on the beach, you should probably get a multi-speed beach cruiser. You can choose a three-speed or seven-speed cruiser bike if you want. But bikes that have multiple gears require more maintenance than a single speed bike. You will run into issues with shifting cables, cassettes, and chains. Removing sand from the gears after every ride can help a bit.

Stretch cruiser bikes

Just like the way it sounds, stretch beach cruisers are longer than regular bikes. But why are they long? One obvious reason is style. There is no doubt that people riding stretch bikes catch some eyeballs. But apart from this, there is also a functional benefit. Because the distance between the handlebars and seat is more, riders can sit in a more reclined position instead of the slightly stooped posture on a regular bike. Also, the seating position in a stretch bike is lower. This makes it much more stable. Although they are fun for short and casual rides, you don’t want to take them on a road trip.

Chopper beach cruiser bike

You have seen classic chopper motorcycles, haven’t you? If you want to ride in style like that but at the beach on a casual day, get a chopper cruiser bike. They will almost look like the classic choppers except for the engine and fuel tank. They have a raked out-front fork and low seating position. The handles of a chopper are wide. Chopper bikes also have seats with back support. But they are more about looks than function, though. Chopper bikes are tough to manoeuvre through crowds. But still, you can take them for recreational riders.

Electric beach cruiser bicycle

Among all other bikes, electric bikes are the most fun to ride. The benefit of electric bikes is that they give you the feel of actually riding the bicycle but assist you by providing an additional push with the inbuilt motor. The motor only kicks in when you start to pedal and cuts off when you stop pedalling or when you are coasting. It will make the riding experience a whole lot smoother and effortless. Electric bikes also tend to have more robust construction than regular bikes. The electric power also removes the need to have multiple gears.

Tips on how to buy Beach Cruisers

When it comes to choosing the right beach cruiser bikes, you have to take care of all the niceties of riding. The right kind of bike will help you make the most out of your beach day out. Following these tips will help you buy a good beach bike.

  • Men’s vs women’s – There are separate designs for men and women. Beach bikes for women are better for the shorter stature and are of a lighter build as compared to men’s bikes. Women can ride men’s bikes if they want to, but most women prefer to ride bikes that are specifically designed for them.
  • Frame – The quality of a bike depends mostly on the construction of the frame. It affects ride comfort, as well. Look for lightweight frames that are also strong. A good bike frame should be able to carry the weight of the rider without undergoing any strain.
  • Gears – It is not something you have to care about if all you want is a single-speed bike. But for multi-speed varieties, you have to look for the number of gears and how smoothly does the chain switch between those gears.
  • Pedals – Those who are new to the cycling realm will be surprised to learn that there are quite a few types of pedals you can choose from. The most common pedals you see are the simple flat pedals. There are also clipless pedals, toe cage pedals, BMX pedals, etc.

You will have to adjust the handlebars and seat position to your comfort after getting the bike. You should be able to do it with a screwdriver and spanner. So that’s not a big deal. And don’t forget that regular maintenance is imperative to keep the chain running and to keep the rust off the bike. You can find many varieties of beach cruisers on our product search engine .

Question & Answer

Can beach cruisers go uphill?

Regular beach cruisers are designed for beach rides. They only have single gears, and the tyres are fatter and wider than normal. While this is good for riding on the beach, this makes it difficult to ride uphill. The added weight of the construction is a major issue. But if you want to use the bike on both regular roads and beaches, you can get a beach bike with multiple gears or an electric beach bike. But they are costlier than regular beach cruisers and require frequent maintenance to keep them in proper working order.

Can you ride beach cruisers in the city?

Beach cruisers will work on the streets just fine. But the thing is that most beach bikes are designed for flat areas. They have more weight and fatter tyres. Although fat tyres can absorb shocks more efficiently, they also make it tougher to pedal on the streets. Nonetheless, a lot of people use their beach bikes on regular roads without any problem. The frame and the overall build of beach bikes are sturdier than city bikes, so they will last longer. Because beach cruisers are more stable, they are better for beginner riders and old people who might not be as agile as they once were. But when you ride on roads, use safety accessories, including a helmet and high visibility clothing.

Are beach cruisers good for long-distance?

There are some features that are necessary for a bike built for long-distance travel. They should be comfortable should be lightweight but have a solid body, less maintenance, and space to carry your luggage. Beach bikes do not require much maintenance, but they are not comfortable for long rides. The upright seating position and wide handles will wear you out on long trips. Moreover, they are usually single speed bicycles that are ideal for flat roads. Even if you decide to get an electric beach cruiser bike, you will have to charge them frequently, which is difficult on long-distance rides.

Are beach cruiser bikes hard to ride?

That depends on how and where you ride. Beach cruisers are specifically made for a recreational rides on sandy beaches. They have features to make it easier to move on the sand. The seats of beach cruisers will be wider and plushy. And generally, people do not spend more than a couple of hours on the beach. All these make a beach cruiser easier to take for a weekend visit to the beach. But if you want to go cross country cycling, a beach bike would be a terrible choice.

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