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Do you love the idea of riding all day in the mountain with your gang of friends? But maybe you’re a beginner and fear crashing and embarrassing yourself. Well, we know mountain biking can be intimidating. But as long as you have the right mountainbikes, you have nothing to fear. 

So what is makes mountainbikes different from any other bikes out there? Well, mountainbikes feature knobbly tires and beefy frames for increased traction, as compared to conventional bikes. In other words, they come in designs that help you cycle smoothly in off-road conditions. Besides, mountain bikes are too heavy to be practical or efficient for commuting or road cycling. So, if you have an eye on high-speed, fast-paced domination of cross-country trails, then mountain bikes are your best choice. In this article, we break down the fundamentals of mountain biking and highlight the different types of bikes trending in the market today. It’s never too late to shred, and with this guide, you’ll be looking like a pro in no time. So let’s get started.

The best mountain bikes to choose from 

Well, before we proceed any further, you need to know that there’s no single best mountain bike. These bikes come in many different styles and models. However, this primarily depends on what their intention or usage may be. For instance, the mountain bike you use for racing a cross-country race is not the same as a mountainbike you use for weekend trail training. Well, the whole point is that each model of a mountain bike has different characteristics and functions. Therefore, you need to know and understand them well, to achieve a good buy. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a few popular mountainbikes that are on-trend right now.

The beginners trek mountain bikes 

If you’re looking for a way to enter the world of mountain biking, but want to spend as little money as possible, then the bike from Merax Finiss is your best bet. This bike is a phenomenal choice for beginners who do not have high expectations but still require a reliable bike that’ll take you places. Besides, the model comes with an aluminium frame with a relaxed geometry. Additionally, the fork has 80mm of travel, so you can rest assured that it will give you smooth rides even on those highly bumpy roads. However, the absolute highlight of the product is its disc brakes, which you do not often see on other bikes. All in all, it’s perfect for entry-level riders.  

The ideal full suspension mountain bike

If you’re a bit more experienced rider who intends to go for racing and other mountain adventures, then the Cannondale Jekyll AL 4 is a perfect choice. It’s a competent aluminium full suspension mountainbike that matches a variety of riding styles. That’s primarily because the suspension system has a RockShox Lyrik Select fork with 150 mm of travel. Additionally, it also has a RockShox Deluxe Select Plus rear shock that’s buttery smooth. Apart from that, the bike comes with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes with massive 180 mm rotors both on the front and on the rear. In short, the bike behaves very well, in every corner of the trail. And that’s all thanks to its thoughtful design and quality suspension.

The highest specialised mountain bike

If you’ve ever dreamed about a hardtail mountainbike with a 29er, then this Orbea Alma M30 bike makes your dream come true. In fact, it’s a trendsetter on the trail. It’s light as a feather, and extremely stiff. Besides, the model comes with a carbon frame with the so-called 4×4 technology. This feature enables the product to disperse weight and vibrations much better than the standard frame geometry. And when it comes to the wheels, the wheelset is tubeless-ready. It’s produced by Mach1, clad in performance-oriented Maxxis Ikon 2.20″ tires. Another pleasant surprise on the model includes internal cable routing along the whole length of the cable.

The best carbon-race ready downhill mountain bike

Are you an expert mountain biker, or are you someone who’s looking to become one? Either way, Diamondback Release 5C Carbon has your back. This high-end mountainbike comes with a carbon frame and full suspension. Even though its price is high, it’s worth the investment. Besides, with the 150mm travel on the fork, this product will really allow you to take your skills to the extreme. Basically, it’ll help you break some records on the trial. Moreover, it has an integrated and remotely controlled seat dropper, which is a must on extreme rides. Finally, the brakes of the bike are SRAM Guide RS, powered by hydraulics that facilitates supreme braking properties. Well, in short, it’s the perfect bike for an expert rider who is planning to do MTB racing.

Tips on how to buy Mountain Bikes online

You must’ve gathered the trending models of mountain bikes on the market. However, exploring the various models alone isn’t enough to get you your perfect mountain bike. In other words, a road rider looking for the thrills of hitting the dirt and going off-road must know what to look for when you head to buy mountain bike online in UAE. To make things easier for you we’ve compiled here a few tips to make your buying process a breeze.

  • Get the right size – First up, everything single thing when it comes to these bikes is secondary apart from the right size. But make sure that you do not rely on the stated size. Many brands switch to small, medium and large. Hence, ensure that the bike you pick is right for you. Look for the reach and the stack measurements. Do not be afraid to choose one that’s longer than the standard road bikes. But, remember you only need a couple of centimetres extra.
  • Choose a wheel size – The usual diameters of the MTBs are 27.5 inches to 29inches. However, the wide-rimmed plus sizes are indeed muddying the waters. While these strong, lighter and stiff 29ers will undeniably become more prevalent in future, for now, the choice largely remains of smaller and stronger ones. Although the plus sizes can really pay off on hard trails. Therefore, make sure which size you want before you make your final call.
  • Choose between hardtail or full-suss – The bearings, linkage, rear shock, and manufacturing complication of full suspension will all cost money. Consequently, you’ll get better parts spec on a hardtail over the full-suss bike at the same price. Besides, you’ll have less maintenance and fewer things to go wrong, too. On the other hand, full-suspension bikes are now more advanced than ever, so that it outweighs their disadvantages. Therefore, check out which ones suit your biking better.
  • Do not obsess about the weight – Weight is important. But, off-road the strength is more important. Flimsy bikes have no place when you have to face random rocks, roots and ruts. With lighter bikes, steering accuracy, cornering and confidence all suffer, ultimately bringing down your speed. Therefore, it’s better to carry a few extra pounds and keep your bike out of the hedge. And yeah, out of the workshop too!
  • Beware of the flashy trinkets – Don’t be fooled by the up-specced bikes. They’re there to sell the bike. Quality mechanics is more important. However, the cranksets and shifters too are essential, along with the chainrings. Remember, lower-spec components are heavier, more rudimentary and not worth paying a premium for. Therefore, make sure you do not get swayed by the extra add-ons on the bike and stick to the model with good mechanics.
  • Choose suspension quality and not quantity – Suspension is an essential factor to consider when it comes to mountain bikes. Make sure to check the reviews of forks and shocks on the bike you intend to buy. You can use the manufacturer’s site to get the exact model. Remember, quality damping and a decent air spring will do far more for you, than any amount of extra travel. Therefore, make sure that you choose a bike with the right suspension.
  • Keep a budget aside – Cost is definitely a crucial factor in the final decision-making process when it comes to purchasing mountain bicycles. However, note that you’ll find several models that come at different price points. That’s why it’s essential to set a budget for yourself. This way, you’ll not stray away and stick what you need to buy.

While not exhaustive, these tips and tricks should’ve let you in on the vital points you need to know to make the right choice when it comes to purchasing the best mountain bikes online. However, in the end, it’s always your preference. You need to pick the one that best suits your riding style, weather conditions, budget, and the right frame.

Question & Answer

Are mountain bikes fast?

Well, mountain bikes usually require you to pedal hard and are slow on the pavement. However, they give you a cushy ride along with an upright seating position. Therefore, you can travel on several kinds of terrains. However, the fact is that road bikes go faster than MTBs. That’s because they’re designed in such a way. However, the MTBs are superior at handling obstacles. Apart from that, the speed depends on the kind of rider you are.

Which mountain bikes are for beginners?

Mountain biking is a great sport. But for beginners, it’s only great if you have the right bikes. One of the best picks for beginners includes Diamondback Bicycles Hook Hardtail Mountain Bike. The model comes with modern frame technology along with excellent suspension. Therefore, you need not worry about jumping on those humps and bumps throughout your off-road journey. Similarly, many such models are great for beginners.

Why are mountain bikes so expensive?

Well, not all bikes are expensive. You’ll find a cheap mountain bike to buy too. However, remember that quality plays a vital role in determining the price of the product. The higher the quality, the more it’ll cost. Besides, the specifications play a crucial role. However, it’s best to set a budget for yourself to get the perfect one that sits within your budget.

Which mountain bikes are the best?

Well, the definition of the term ‘best’ differs in each one of our dictionaries. Simply put, the bike that suits your liking may not suit others. However, it’s best to go for quality products regardless of your preference. And one of the best ways to do that is to stick to branded bikes. Check out popular brands here on our product search engine, such as Yeti Cycles, Kons Bicycle, GT Bicycle, Cannondale Bicycle, Trek Bicycle, and more. All of these offer you a versatile range of MTBs at affordable rates.