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About Hybrid Bikes

Bicycles are one of the greenest modes of transportation amidst the speeding cars and loudest motorbikes. Besides, they’re one of the versatile vehicles that the world has ever known. A bike can take you to all the places, through hills, dirt, up and down mountains. But, why restrict your cycling to one terrain when you can get the best riding experience on hybrid bikes? Yes, hybrid bikes, you heard it right! Let’s take a closer look at them!

With sound engineering and perfect manufacturing, these innovative bikes are the order of the day. In other words, we can very well expect these bicycles to take over the current bike’s future. Besides, they’re currently some of the most popular types of bicycles out there in the market. But what exactly are they? And how different are they from our regular bicycles? Simply put, hybrid bikes are a cross-breed of other types of bicycles – road bikes and mountain bikes. That means you’ll have the features of regular bikes and the high-end features of a mountain bike. Well, the basic idea of this is that you’ll be able to ride your bicycle quickly on the pavements. Besides, you’ll also have gears to tackle off-road rides. Next up, let’s have a look at some of their popular models trending in the market!

The different types of specialised hybrid bikes to choose from

There are several types of hybrid bikes out there. However, classic hybrid bikes are similar to traditional bicycles with an upright and comfortable position. Some of the classic cross-bred bicycles come with a basket or rack on their back. This makes them useful for grabbing groceries, running errands, or even carrying a backpack or briefcase. In short, each type of hybrid bike is more performance-oriented and come in designs that facilitate fast and powerful rides through any kind of terrain. Some high-end version of the cross-bred bikes looks more like mountain or racer bikes. Well, let’s have a look at a few trending specialised hybrid bikes out there in the market.

The best hybrid mountain bike

If you want a hybrid that’s best in class and that’s a commuter’s dream, then go for the Ghost Square Cross 1.8 bicycle. This bicycle is an ideal choice if your idea of cycling is to soak up some fresh breeze and do fitness riding. Basically, this bike is best for mild-off road or urban commutes. Well, that’s because the model comes with a 35mm wide and grippy tire. Besides, the bicycle has a comfortable geometry that keeps you upright. This enables you to ride for long hours without pain or numbness. Further, it comes with a light aluminium frame built in an attractive grey colour. In short, the product is a versatile, good-looking bike perfect for daily commutes on a variety of terrains and surfaces.

The perfect hybrid bike with suspension

A good suspension is vital for a smooth ride, and particularly holds true when you’re travelling off-road or harsh terrains. The Cannondale Quick CX 3 has an excellent off-road capability. This hybrid bike is best for riding on mixed terrain. You can safely take them out on the cycle lanes, roads, gravel paths, and even on some single-track terrains. Furthermore, this model comes with lightweight aluminium that keeps the cycle’s weight down. This, as a result, makes the model ideal for an off-road ride. Besides, the tires you get with them are quite wide, around 38c. This means you can ride them faster, even on a gravel base or rough roads. Well, in short, you can turn them into your workhorse.

The hybrid bike with disc brakes and immense stopping power

Do you need a simple hybrid bike that’ll get you from point A to B within minimal fuss? Well, the Pure Cycles 8 Speed is the right choice for that job! As sighted earlier, simplicity is its main feature, and that comes without any sacrifices. Besides, it’s a lightweight Chromoly bicycle with a rigid fork that’s available in two attractive colours – blue and black. But, amazingly looks are not the only thing that the model has to offer. The bike has a 1X8 drivetrain, hence it has just one derailleur. Above all, it comes with eight speeds that are more than enough to tackle any moderate hill that gets in your way. To wrap it up, this model is an excellent bike for commuting, recreational rides, as well as exercise.

The hybrid bike and a mountain bike for adventures

If you’re an adventure lover, the Diamondback Haanjo 3 is sure to tickle your bones. Simply put, this hybrid bike goes more in the direction of a road bicycle. However, it’s still an ideal product that bites into most gravel roads. On top of that, the model has a carbon fork fitted on it that takes away a lot from the total weight. Besides, it looks really cool against its sleek aluminium frame. Also, unlike many other bikes, this one has dropped handlebars that are flared and have a small drop. This makes the bike look kind of aggressive. Well, in short, these are the best hybrid bikes from which you get to learn the ropes of gravel riding along with getting fit and healthy.

Tips on how to buy Hybrid Bikes online

Now that you’re familiar with the popular and trending types of hybrid bikes in the market, the next step is to purchase them. So do you have everything that you need to know when it comes to buying hybrid bikes online? Well, not yet! That’s because there are several other factors apart from understanding their types that come into play when you set out to buy hybrid bikes online in UAE. Fortunately, to make things easier for you, we’ve listed down a few tips that’ll make your shopping experience a breeze. Check them out below!

  • Give some thought to what kind of riding you do – What is your riding level of experience? Are you a novice or an expert? Make sure you ask yourself these questions before you start your hunt for the perfect hybrid bike. Besides, also consider the terrain you intend to ride on. Plus, the purpose. Do you want to cycle for fitness? Or is it just for fun? Well, the more you know what you want, the easier, it’ll be to pinpoint the bike you want.
  • Understand the characteristics of the bike – Exploring the vast options out there in the market is a good idea, particularly if you want to narrow down your choices. That is, understanding the features, specs and characteristics of various models plays a vital role in the final decision-making process. Moreover, having the right knowledge about the product enhances the chances of achieving a perfect buy online.
  • The size of the bicycle is critical – It’s best to work with your retailer or the online platform to determine the right size of bike. Some hybrid bikes have eight or more size. So basically, it’s the size of your inseam that determines the correct frame size, in terms of standover height. Also, you should see if you can comfortably reach the bars. What’s comfortable for one rider may not be for another. So check and choose them wisely.
  • Seek help regarding specs – You’d often face several techs or mechanic jargons when you head out to purchase bicycles online. These might slow down your buying process, as you’ll be stuck with countless unknown terms and models. This proves to be a bane, particularly if you’re a novice to the hybrid bikes section. Well, in situations like these, it’s best to seek help from the experts online.
  • Set a budget for yourself – As with any kind of bike, the price is a crucial deciding factor. It’s a fact that there are a plethora of hybrid bike types. And it’s also true that each one has different features and functions. Therefore, it’s only fair that they are priced at different values. In other words, setting a budget for yourself will save you a lot of time while purchasing online. You’ll not stray away from the vast selection and stick to the one that you need at an affordable range.
  • Do not compromise on quality – Surely, you want to cut down on some bucks. But, remember, quality is prime when it comes to any kind of bike and its accessories. Therefore, it’s best to choose your options from well-renowned brands all over the world. Besides, many a time you could buy even the branded ones at cheaper rates. Make sure you stay glued to your online platforms and brands during festive seasons. Who knows you might be lucky enough to find a high-quality hybrid bike for sale at half the original price.

Indeed, the above tips are crucial to choosing an ideal hybrid bike for yourself. But, remember to pick what you like. That means you must feel good about what you’re buying. In other words, you must feel comfortable in any kind of hybrid bike you buy. Make sure that the handlebars, the mirrors, the peddles, every part of the bicycle suits you well. We hope these tricks will guide you in the right direction and help you pick the perfect one among the vast options out there.

Question & Answer

What is a hybrid bike good for?

A hybrid bike is typically a bicycle that is halfway between mountain bikes and road bikes. From people riding to home, work or pootling around riding spots away from the traffic, you’ll find several uses of hybrids. In sensible words, a hybrid is just like a conventional bike but with enhanced features of both road and mountain bicycles. So basically, you could use these hybrids for mountains rides, everyday rides for running errands, or for fitness training. However, the way you use them depends on you and the kind of model you choose.

Are hybrid bikes good for long-distance?

Cross-breed bikes are a boon for those who love riding for miles. And that’s for many reasons. One of the critical reasons is that the bike features a heavy frame. This enables you to comfortably ride them uphill and also makes them an ideal choice during windy conditions. Besides, they also come with grippy tires and powerful brakes. This makes them ideal for long-distance city riding and touring. However, you need to make sure that you choose a powerful model among the wide selection of hybrid bikes.

What is better, a mountain bike or a hybrid?

Hybrid bicycles are the luxury liners of bike designs. But, they still are the best combination of mountain and road bikes. Which means they have both the qualities of mountain and road bikes. But remember, both mountain and hybrid overlap somewhat in their intended use. Although each has its pros and cons. For instance, mountain bikes help you commute in all climatic conditions, over railroad tracks or even on potholes. But, you ride the hybrids on off-roads, lighter conditions like dirt paths, crushed stones or gravel. But, hybrids deliver the most enjoyable and comfortable ride, because you can ride them on many surfaces. In short, the decision depends on you. Choose one that best suits your needs.

Is hybrid bike a mountain bike?

A hybrid isn’t completely a mountain bike. In fact, it’s exactly what it sounds like. That is a cross between the mountain and road bicycle. As a result of this, the bicycle is not only ideal for mountain rides, but you can also ride them for simple errands, buying groceries, and other such simple activities. Also, note, you can ride them off-road. Because it has high-end features derived from mountain bikes.

Which hybrid bike is best?

The word ‘best’ differs from person to person. One that might look appealing to someone might not suit you and vice versa. However, there’s one factor that remains common amidst this, and that’s – the quality of the product. To simply put it, whichever model you chose to be the best, will have a top-notch quality. That means you need to always go for the premium-quality bike to ensure its durability and performance. And of the best way to do that, is to turn to popular brands for your hybrid bike purchase. Check out world-renowned brands like Trek, Giant, Fuji, Bianchi, and Decathlon.

You see, a successful buy comes with a reliable platform. If you’re ready to shop, then check out the massive range of cross-breed bikes on our product search engine. You can explore cheap hybrid bikes to buy and purchase them from over 500 online stores! So get started for a fantastic shopping experience only on