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About Breastfeeding Essentials

When you become a mum, every day with your baby becomes an adventure. Sometimes, it’s fun while other times, it can get challenging, especially when you embark on the breastfeeding phase. Everything is tough in the world already, and we believe that motherhood shouldn’t be one of them. If you are searching for breastfeeding baby essentials for a new mom, that will make your life easier; you are in the right place.

Here in our product search engine, you can find everything you need from A to Z in over 500 online shops. What’s more, you can save much in your purchase by using our product comparison tool, so you can always have a win-win situation. So, what to know about breastfeeding baby essentials before you start your online shopping journey? Well, it’s important to get to know first the products that you need to add in your breastfeeding arsenal. From storage containers to feeding pillows and nursing pads, we shall highlight all that and more in this article. So, brace yourself and continue reading to explore more about breastfeeding the baby. 

The essential breastfeeding and weaning arsenal

Many new moms on their first attempt to nurse their newborns, feel fine. However, for some, it can be hard and might not come naturally. Well, that’s normal too. Some women run into problems like poor latch, especially when your baby doesn’t get in the right position. Well, we can say that you’re far from alone – breastfeeding hassles are quite common. Indeed, a lactation consultant will be a great help. However, there are also many products on the market that helps your breastfeeding a little easier. We’ve listed out a few key products that you must have for yourselves and tips to carry out a safe and hassle-free breastfeed. Check them out below.

Breast shields for newborn baby breastfeeding

Breast pumps are great devices that help you express your liquid gold easily. However, if you are breast pumping, then a breast shield is indispensable. That’s because it serves as the interface between you and the pump. Therefore, it’s essential to choose the right size to maximise milk production during the pumping session. This way, you can keep your milk ducts from being compressed. Also, they are very helpful, particularly in the early weeks of feeding. Whether it’s your first time to use a breast shield or you are a seasoned shopper for this product, we’ll guide you in choosing the one that is safe, comfy, and fits snuggly. Start your shopping journey by clicking here.  

Nipple Caps and nipple Care for woman breastfeeding a child

There are special situations where a nipple cap may come in handy. According to healthcare experts, you should only use it when you have a premature infant. That’s because, your premature has tongue-tie and your nipples are sore, inverted, retracted, or flat. Furthermore, it makes it easier for your little one to switch from bottle-feeding to breastfeeding. Similarly, you also need to invest in nipple care products to protect your nipple from infections, soreness, cracking, and pain. That’s because, the constant breastfeeding may take a toll on your nipples, especially if you’re a first-time mom. Check out the various nipple caps and nipple care here. 

The Breastfeeding aprons for new moms

Looking for some privacy and comfort in public when they need to breastfeed your baby arises? Whether you are searching for a wearable breastfeeding cover or a nursing cover canopy, you will find a broad spectrum of designs and styles here. Not only does the nursing cover offer you plenty of coverage, but a few models also come with rings to help you remember which side you pumped or nursed first. Also, most models come with sturdy necklines and adjustable straps. However, it’s necessary to consider the following features to ensure satisfaction with your purchase: machine-washability, multi-functionality, texture, breathability, and flexibility.    

The food cushion covers to ease your baby

A good nursing pillow helps support your baby on your lap when you’re breastfeeding baby. Moreover, it enables you to latch your baby to your nipple easily. But remember, if you are buying a feeding pillow, then you also need to have a food cushion cover. Why? Well, the cushion covers keep the pillow clean and fresh by protecting it from stains, spills, and other unexpected mess. This comes in a wide array of fabric and designs so you can choose the one that works best for your needs and preferences. However, make sure that your baby too feels comfortable while laying on them. Typically, you must opt for soft fabrics. Check out the different options that await you here.  

The baby breastfeeding tips

One of your first nurturing acts is breastfeeding your baby. Therefore, you must make sure that you do it right. One of the first things you must do is to anticipate your baby’s desires, instead of just waiting for them to cry. Further, you should let your baby determine how often and how long to nurse rather than yourself. That said, remember that you’ll be holding your baby for a significant amount of time to your breast while they feed. Thus, you must ensure that you do this in a comfortable sitting or lying position. Because constant squirming and moving can disrupt your breastfeeding baby time. Also, make sure you place your infants in the right position. So, relax, take a deep breath and then feed your babies.

Tips on how to buy Breastfeeding Essentials online

Breastfeeding baby gears are essential, and you must’ve gathered that by now. However, you must also know by now that there are several types, styles and models of these gears on the market today. Each of their functions and characteristics are different. Therefore, picking out the perfect one can be quite a tricky task. However, that needn’t be the case if you have a few tips and tricks up your sleeves. Well, check out a few key elements to look for when purchasing the breastfeeding baby essentials.

  • Consider your nursing environment – Well, the first and foremost things to consider the place where you’ll do most of your nursing sessions. Especially in the first few weeks of your feeding period, it is better to set up a comfy and quiet environment for your baby to enjoy. Therefore, understanding this will help you get the right gear for the situation. A supportive chair, a feeding pillow, and a table nearby will do.
  • Explore the types of gear available – Once you know your aesthetics, you then need to examine several types, models and gears. This way, you’ll be able to pick the one that best suits your requirements. For instance, if you’re an on-the-go mama, you’ll undoubtedly feed your babies out in public. Therefore, you can consider having the nursing covers to make you and your baby feel comfortable.
  • Consider the materials – Materials are vital when it comes to baby products. Indeed, breastfeeding baby is pretty much sustainable and eco-friendly, but the gears might come in several materials. For an instant, you’ll find plastic-wrapped disposable nursing pads convenient, but it can make anyone make self-conscious about the waste disposal. Therefore, you can go for cotton pads.
  • Check out the portability – Well, if you are an on the go momma, you’d want to get the breastfeeding baby gear that you can carry along easily. Whether be it the nursing covers, or the breast pumps, ensure that the product you buy is lightweight, easy to carry and store. Moms who stay at home need not consider this.
  • Consider the cost – Just like any other product, price is of prime concern here too. With so many options out there, that also at different price points, it is best to set a budget and then get the gears for yourself. However, remember that you must never value quality over price. As good – quality products are imperative for all the breastfeeding baby products.
  • Consider the quality – Indeed, the price of the product is an essential factor. However, you must never compromise on quality. Hence, it is always better to get your nursing essentials from popular brands. Brands like Lansinoh, Medela, Playtex, Nuby, Vitabiotics, Chicco, Disney, Philips Avent, Dr Brown’s, Chicco, and Hakka offer you a wide range of premium quality nursing essentials.

Undoubtedly, on the face of it, breastfeeding baby couldn’t be any simpler. However, moms quickly learn that some primary gears are imperative to carry out breastfeeding without any hassle. We hope the above tips and tricks will help you pick out the right nursing gear for you and your baby. However, in the end, it is all your personal preference, the materials you choose, the brands you pick and the model you select. Nevertheless, just make sure that the gear makes you and your baby comfortable, regardless of what you choose.

Question & Answer

How to slow down baby breastfeeding?

First thing first, confirm that there is indeed an oversupply of milk. Leaking of breasts is not always the symptom, which most of you may be thinking. Observe your child and you will know. If you see coughing, clamping and him holding the breast loosely, that may be the real symptoms of oversupply. In such cases, you may want to slow down the supply. Some of the methods you can try include laid-back feeding, and relieving pressure. You can also avoid lactation teas and drinks. If these natural methods do not work, you should consult a lactation expert soon.

How to get a breastfeeding baby to take a bottle?

The breastfeeding baby gets finicky about taking up a bottle. Well, you cannot blame, as, after months of safe, cosy and fresh warm source, it must be shocking for them to latch on to a new source. Well, you can make things easier for them by making sure that it’s the right time to feed them with bottles. You could also offer the bottle after you’ve nursed them. Also, make sure that you pick a breastfeeding baby friendly bottle. Apart from this, you can customise your milk and try different positions while feeding it.

How to unlatch breastfeeding baby?

Latching issues are pretty common in breastfeeding baby. However, you can avoid that, by unlatching your baby safely. For that, it’s essential to break the suction action first, before pulling your baby away from your bosoms. This way, you would not hurt your nipples and avoid having sore nipples. By the way, one of the best ways to unlatch your baby is to stick a finger between your breast and your baby’s gums to break the suction action. Once you do that, you can then guide your baby away from your chest.

Where to buy breastfeeding products online?

Do you want to check out the best breastfeeding pillow to buy online? Or perhaps want the best nursing cover for summer? Well, either way, is your perfect destination to go on a shopping spree. Our product search engine not only offers you nursing pillows and tops, but also a range of baby & toddler essentials from over 500 online stores. Don’t let the lack of items in your infant care arsenal make breastfeeding a real challenge.