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Nipple Caps

About Nipple Caps

Nipple shield, nipple caps, or nipple covers are alternative names used for protective breastfeeding products. These covers or caps are used in special situations.

A nipple cap is a soft, fragile piece of rubber or silicone that will cover the nipple and areola of a feeding mother. There is a small opening at the tip of the nipple area that allows the breast mill to smoothly flow from the breast, through the shield, into the mouth of your newborn. This device is helpful in certain situations. Using a nipple cover when you don’t need it can cause some serious breastfeeding problems. It can also hurt the health and growth rate of the newborn. Therefore it is always important to consult a doctor or an expert before deciding to use these small latching devices.

Times when you can use a nipple guard

A breastfeeding shield is highly recommended when you are having some serious breastfeeding issues. However, in any case, the core intention is to deal with any latching difficulties. These shields are mostly helpful in providing comfort to the newborn you are having trouble with sucking milk from the mother’s breast. In many cases, experts and mothers claim to earn benefits from these devices. Therefore for varying needs of mothers and babies, you can find a lot of nipple shield types, each with different nipple shield sizes available in the market. Here are some times when you can consider using a nipple shield for nursing.

Flat, short, inverted nipples

When your newborn feels a firm nipple against the roof of the mouth, it will trigger the sucking reflex (even if the baby is sleeping). This reflex will help to focus the baby’s latch. This process follows if the mother has inverted or flat nipples. Here the baby may find it difficult to trigger the latching needs if its mouth cannot feel the nipple. Location flat nipples can be even more difficult for the baby who sleeps after a medicated or stressful birth. A well-fitted nipple shield can provide the much needed firm touch to trigger the baby’s palate and get the feeding process going in all such situations.

For premature babies

Arriving early in the world brings a lot of challenges, including breastfeeding issues in premature babies. Some babies can find it hard to latch at first. In such cases, kangaroo or skin-to-skin care can be of great help for these babies. It can help them stabilize the body system and prime their instinctive feeling attitude. As a result, they can concentrate on learning to suck from the mother’s breast. A finely fitted nipple cap is a possible tool to offer a firm sucking trigger and help the baby to maintain a healthy latch and suck.

For sore nipples

If a mother is experiencing severe pain, she might have some sore or cracked nipples. Once again, a nipple guard can shield the mother from pain. This cap will work as a protective glove on the nipple, allowing some pain relief while she gets some help for latch or the nipples heal. If used this way, the caps can help to keep the feeding process going without causing any further health issues to both mother and the baby. However, it is still important to solving the real cause of the sore or cracked nipples as the cover is just meant to offer some comfort and not heal any health issue.

Nipple confusion and tongue exercise

If, unfortunately, your baby has got used to the bottle teats, he will be confused about latching to a breast. In some cases, the baby refuses to latch to the breast at all. Using a nipple shield can help to transition the baby back to breast milk. Likewise, sometimes nipple shield can be a helpful training exercise for babies who are not using the tongue properly. But in such cases, you should consult your lactation expert and get your baby checked first. Use an appropriate type of nipple only if the expert recommends it.

Tips on how to buy Nipple Caps for newborn online in the UAE

Baby products always need serious attention from parents. No matter if you are going to buy baby clothing and accessories for the first child or it’s your third, you need to be careful every single time you head for purchase. Therefore it is important to look at every aspect of the shortlisted product before adding it to the cart. By buying on a trusted retail search engine, you can make half of the process easier. These online shops guarantee to offer you the best nipple shield for breastfeeding along with everything else that you need. Below are some additional tips to help you deal with buying like a pro.

  • The material of nipple – As these products will come in direct contact with your newborn, they must be of high quality. And with soft, high-quality material, you can easily get over the problem. Make sure you are buying a reliable product with the material that is approved by health authorities.
  • The size of the nipple – This is where you need to do some homework before heading to shop. You will also need to consult the experts to find what size of nipple cover sits well on your breast. The right size is the secrete of enjoying a perfect nipple cover.
  • The need – Nipple covers are a practical item in many cases. If your baby is not having any trouble latching via normal breastfeeding methods, you should avoid the idea of using nipple covers. Likewise, for special cases and issues where the baby faces a latching problem, find an appropriate product type by consulting the doctor.
  • The comfort – Experts recommend choosing a nipple shield that is comfortable for use. If a nipple shield is uncomfortable for you to use, but you still keep using it, you may have to face serious health issues, including pain and rashes in the nipple area. So attentive while buying and using.

It is always better to consult experienced mothers around you or seek advice from your doctor before buying and using a nipple cover.  If they recommend using the additional protection while latching the newborn, explore the best possible item in the market. You can start by looking at the bestselling items or the one with at least three out of five-star rating. Even then, you must read each shortlisted product carefully and find what other buyers have to say about the product’s quality, size, or performance.  You mustn’t be compromising on the quality.

Question & Answer

How do I choose the correct nipple shield size?

The nipple shield should be chosen based on the size of your baby’s mouth. 16mm is the ideal size for small and/ or premature babies. If your baby is a newborn, then 20mm is designed for that purpose. For older babies or large nipples, you might want to use the 24mm size of the nipple shield.

Are nipple shields good for sore nipples?

Yes, the nipple shields are perfect for sore nipples. Sore nipples are one of the reasons why nursing mothers prefer having nipple shields on their shopping lists. So if you are experiencing too much pain while feeding the baby, you might have sore nipples. Otherwise, the nipples are cracked for one reason or another. In any such case, a nipple shield will add a protective layer and will make the nursing process less painful for you and secure for the baby.

Why are nipple shields not recommended?

In some cases, the milk supply may decrease because the nipples are not directly stimulated. And you become at an increased risk of developing blocked milk ducts. It can also cause mastitis because of lower milk transfer. Any such situation can be difficult to wean the baby off of the nipple shield. Also, using these covers for a long time can cause some serious health issues to the baby.

For how many times you can wear a nipple cover?

It depends on the type of nipple you are using. There are two main types of nipple covers available in the market: single-use and reusable covers. The reusable covers are made of silicone. You can use these covers up to 25 times before the time comes for a new pair. On the other hand, the single-use covers are lightweight and thinner. These covers are meant to be worn one time only. You can read the product description section or user manual in the final arrived packaging for more details.

Is it ok to use a nipple shield for a long time?

A nipple cover is meant to be used for a short time, but occasionally they are suitable for long term use. The longer usage is common when you have to breastfeed a premature baby. After a specific time, the baby becomes able to breastfeed without the nipple shield. Also, as long as your baby is gaining weight using the nipple shield, it is ok to keep using these covers. But if you are not getting any such benefits but still want to use these covers, consult your doctor for advice.

Where can I buy nipple shields online in the UAE?

When it comes to buying baby & toddler products, you should choose trusted manufacturers only. You can go online on any retail search engine to find a list of such sellers. Here on, you can find top trusted brands like Medela, Avent, Lansinoh, Nuk, or Ameda. These brands and known, trusted and recommended by mothers from around the globe. Also, by using the price comparison tool on, you can easily find economical baby product deals to give the best growing years to the newborn.