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When you embark on the journey to motherhood, you want everything to be as comfortable and functional as possible. This is true, especially when you start to breastfeed your baby. Thankfully, with the vast array of nursing tops out in the market, you can do the breastfeeding session anytime, anywhere without taking a toll on your privacy and your little one’s comfort.

But why exactly do you need a nursing top? Well, every mother wants to be comfortable while feeding her baby. These dedicated nursing tops are suitable for both sleep and even for breastfeeding your little ones outdoors. Since it doesn’t come with metal and plastic parts, it doesn’t cause any discomfort. What’s more, it’s also fashionable and functional, so you get the best of both worlds. With the advancement of technology and fashion, today you can find a plethora of nursing dresses and tops. However, this also makes it difficult for you to purchase the best one from endless choices. But, that need not be the case, you’re well aware of the product. In this article, we shall check out a few trendy nursing tops and certain tricks to choose them wisely.

The different types of breastfeeding clothes

Breastfeeding tops are a must-have for nursing mothers. For this reason, you can find an endless list of nursing tops and dresses out there in the market. From V-necks to wrap tops and tops with vertical cuts, you can choose them from a wide variety of options. Also, each of these types has a specific design and use. In short, there’s a nursing top for every mother, regardless of your style and size. However, exploring the types and understanding their characteristics is the best way to make an informed buy. With this in mind, we’ve compiled below a list of trendy and useful nursing tops for mothers of all sizes and shapes.

The nursing wear with a cut under the breast

This is ideally a shortened upper top that ends under the breast. This feature is very convenient for mothers. That’s because all you need to do to is to pick the upper top up and expose your breasts for breastfeeding your baby. A few models also come with elastic bands that give a snuggly fit. This design is perfect for home and frequent attachment of the baby for breastfeeding. You could consider them as a universal top that is suitable for all women. However, if you have a large breast size, you might need an additional breast support form, like a bra may be required.

The maternity nursing tops with zippers and crossover splits

Having zippers sewn onto your nursing tops is the best thing a nursing mom can experience. When you have these hidden zippers attached to the long vertical slits, you no longer need the additional upper layer of the top. Such secret of feeding is common in warm clothes that come in dense fabrics like nursing tops, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc. However, ensure that you can quickly zip and unzip the top, typically with one hand, since you’ll be holding your little munchkin on the other. Also, pay attention to the length of the zippers, as you’ll find zippers at different lengths. Women with larger breasts require shorter zippers, particularly 15-20 centimetres in length.

The wrap breastfeeding dresses and tops

The design principles of the wrap nursing tops are similar to the ordinary fashionable blouses. Well, such nursing tops are a stylish mom’s favourite. Usually, these types have an inner lining that’s short and narrow enough to be easily moved from the breast to the centre. You’ll see the outer layer looks like the wrap. Indeed, this is one of the most optimal feeding secret. Hence, it suits all body types. Most importantly, these nursing tops remain relevant even after the end of breastfeeding. That’s because they’re highly similar to ordinary clothes.

The nursing tops with vertical sloths in the lower layer

The nursing tops with vertical curs is another option that comes with a T-shirt on top. In such designs, you need to raise the edge of the item and then feed the baby. At the same time, you could also hide your little munchkin’s face from the prying eyes, light, or noise with the upper part of the top. However, not all are comfortable with these vertical cuts. For those mums, you can find models with a long inner layer – a deep armhole that moves away from the armpit, and you can fasten the lower part of the top with buttons on the side. While feeding, you can just put this part upward and release your breasts for feeding.

Tips on how to buy Nursing Tops online

Indeed, you now know that there are many different types of nursing tops for baby & toddler , and not all the tops are equal. Each one has a specific design and function. Therefore, it is essential to get one that best fits your needs and not just anything. Indeed, understanding their types takes you one step closer to a wise purchase. However, that alone will not do the job. You need to consider many other factors too. We’ve listed out a few significant factors that’ll help you to buy nursing tops online in the UAE effortlessly.

  • Consider their types – As mentioned earlier, understanding their types plays a significant role in making the right choice. Indeed, the right product is imperative. Only if you know their characteristics, features, and styles, you’ll be able to make a good purchase. Having ample product knowledge is always a bonus point, particularly if you’re purchasing the tops online.
  • Go for the right fit – Just like types, the fit to is a vital factor that you should consider when you set out to purchase your tops. For instance, too tight-fitting clothes when you’re breastfeeding will reduce your milk supply and may also cause mastitis. Also, make sure that you do not go for too loose clothes as they too can become uncomfortable when you feed your munchkin.
  • Check out the design – Yes, the primary function of the nursing tops is to help you breastfeed your baby easily. However, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the femininity and style for breastfeeding. You’ll find many designs and styles that closely resemble any of the ordinary clothing that you used to wear before pregnancy. Some best nursing tank tops are an excellent example.
  • Assess the material – Surely the style is important, but nothing is as important as the material. Trust us; you do not want to be balmy in those nursing tops when the summer arrives. Choose materials that give you room to breathe. Moreover, you also need to look at your babies comfort, as you’ll be covering their faces with part of your tops while feeding. Go for cotton materials, as they’re one of the best.
  • See for ease of access – You’ll find an endless list of these tops with different types of cuts. Well, not all those kinds will suit all of you. Therefore, look out for the placement of buttons, zippers and clips in the tops. Makes sure they’re at a spot from where you can easily access them while feeding your baby. This way, you can avoid any unwanted hassles, particularly when you’re outdoors.

Nursing tops are particularly everything a feeding mom would want when outdoors. It doesn’t have the traditional look of the nursing clothes and is much similar to the ordinary ones. However, the trick here is to choose the right one for your body type. Be it the style, material or the design. You need to carefully weigh every aspect of the top to get the right one for yourself. We hope the above tips will guide you in shopping for nursing tops online in Dubai without any hassle.

Question & Answer

Are nursing tops really necessary?

Yes, some mothers do not mind doing without specific nursing clothes. However, others shall benefit significantly from it. As sighted earlier in the article, the nursing dresses look like regular clothes. However, they come in specific materials, designs, and styles that help you feed your baby effortlessly. Apart from that, you’ll feel much more comfortable in them, particularly if you want to breastfeed when you’re outdoors. That’s because the openings on them are virtually invisible and easily disguised within the design.

Why are nursing tops so expensive?

The maternity clothes arena is a vast market. You’ll find an ocean of nursing tops that come in different styles and models. With this difference comes along the price variation. In other words, you’ll find various tops priced at different rates. Therefore, you’ll find one for those of you who do not mind shedding a few bucks, and you’ll also find some cool tops for the ones who want to put a leash on their expenses. Several online stores offer you an extensive collection of cheap plus size nursing tops and more.

How to use nursing tops?

As mentioned earlier, you’ll see several kinds of nursing dresses out there in the market. And apparently, each has a peculiar design, style and stitch. This is precisely why the way you use them also differs. For example, you wear the wrap tops in a different way when compared to the vertical cut tops. Moreover, you’ll also find tops with different cuts. Remember, pick the one that’s most user-friendly and easy to use. You do not want to be fiddling with your tops when your baby is super hungry.

How to choose nursing tops?

As seen earlier, several factors come into play when you head out to purchase nursing clothes online. The design, materials, type, style, price, and cuts are just a few of them. However, the vital thing to know here is that, if the top adheres to all these factors and suits your requirement, then indeed it is the best one. By the way, do not leave out quality, as it is the prime factor to determine your perfect choice. You can find top brands like N&J, Seraphine, Mums & Bumps, H&M, GAP, and more here on our superfast product search engine .