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Breastfeeding indeed is one of the best things that a mom can do for her baby. However, often it seems that most women feel awkward about feeding their little one in public spaces. If you’re one of them, then the breastfeeding aprons will never let you down. These little nursing covers enable you to do the feeding sessions as discreetly as possible.  

Surely, they are one of the essential items, every breastfeeding mom needs. That said, what exactly are these? Well, breastfeeding aprons, also known as nursing covers, is a piece of fabric designed to cover the bust when you feed your baby in public. It mainly eliminates the apprehension of being exposed. Moreover, it offers a comfortable way to feed infants anytime, anywhere. Today, they’ve become synonymous among the new moms, and therefore you can find several types of them on the market. Today we’re going to look at some of the best breastfeeding aprons out there that the new moms favour the most. 

The different types of breastfeeding cover 

You see, surely there are different types of breastfeeding covers, but you’ll also find several styles of breastfeeding covers. One of the most common ones is the apron design. Indeed, the regular aprons have been trending for decades now. That’s because they cinch to use and get the job done efficiently. However, the infinity designs too are great. You can call them the master of disguise. It acts as an infinity scarf and also as a nursing cover when you need it. A simple poncho too can act as a nursing cover. Well, apart from these, you’ll see several popular brands offer many different kinds of breastfeeding aprons. We’ve compiled a few popular types that you can consider when you set out to buy the best apron nursing cover.  

The premium cotton nursing breastfeeding aprons

Indeed, breastfeeding is an exceptional time for mom and her baby. It is during this feeding time that the baby and mom forms a strong connection. Well, a nursing cover is vital for you when you’re out and about. These soft baby covers allow you to see your baby and your baby to see you while feeding. This breastfeeding aprons come in the highest quality cotton fabric and includes patented end caps. These caps prevent the corners from poking your little one. However, some models even come with an open neckline that stands out. This unique design allows the cover to be flexible but rigid enough to stay away from your body. It also promotes breathability and airflow. 

The four in one nursing aprons for breastfeeding 

Well, a nursing cover is imperative. However, if you’re in search of all-round protection, then you might want to focus on those that you can use in multiple ways. In other words, even after feeding your baby, you can still use them for several different purposes. You can use them as a sun cover for your baby stroller, handy wrap for car seats, or general-purpose hanky and more. The four in one breastfeeding apron works best when it comes to versatility. It works well to block wind, on shopping carts to keep germs off your baby, or as a scarf for yourself. Generally, most of the models of these types come in soft and lightweight materials. Therefore, it will stretch. You could easily store them. 

The muslin cloth baby feeding apron

You do not want to bundle up your child when it is hot and sultry outside. They’ll feel miserable and hot, and so will you. Therefore, you need to have a soft, light and airy fabric breastfeeding aprons that lets the air circulate so you’ll both be comfortable. Well, often moms feel comfortable wearing this in hot summers, as they offer high breathability. Many models of such material come with a rigiflex neckline that keeps the cover away from the neck and upper chest. This way you can check your baby and also let the fresh air inside the cover. Some models also come with interlocking cap system and neck straps to keep the apron in place. By the way, on the sunny summer days, you can drape them over the strollers. 

The 360-degree nursing cover for breastfeeding

Do you know? Ponchos make a great breastfeeding apron. They are roomy and airy, so your baby feels spacious and comfortable in any seasons. In fact, with ponchos, you have a lot of space to work with, and you can continuously peek in and make sure your baby is doing well. In other words, the nursing ponchos give you complete privacy when breastfeeding your baby. But, the thing that makes them stand out is the airy and huge armholes. These unique armholes eliminate that awkward reach around thing mom has to do while wearing other covers. If you feeding mums do not reach-around properly when grabbing something, there are high chances of flashing any unsuspecting people in the vicinity. With this cover, that’s never going to happen, and you have the freedom to reach anything. 

Tips on how to buy Breastfeeding Apron online

You usually say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But a mom’s best friend is undoubtedly the breastfeeding covers. Therefore, you should be prepared to buy nursing cover online in UAE that you can rely upon without a doubt. However, how do you pick the best baby feeding privacy cover in Dubai? Well, it’s simple, consider a few significant factors, and you’ll have the best pick in your hand. Luckily, you do not have to go around searching for those factors. We’ve compiled them. Check them out below.

  • Consider the material – Material is one of the prime factors to consider when it comes to buying the breastfeeding aprons Trust us, you and your baby do not want to be sweating when breastfeeding. Therefore, it is best to consider the season and then choose the appropriate material that feels most comfortable for you and your baby. Muslin is best for summers, wool blends for winter and heavier cotton for spring and cooler months.
  • Consider versatility – You see, your munchkins keep growing. Therefore, look for something that you can use even after you’ve stopped breastfeeding your kid. For instance, multipurpose items that do not make up much space in your diaper bags are an ideal option. Similarly, go for covers that double as a scarf. This way, you can keep using them even when your baby has stopped breastfeeding. Moreover, you can save a lot of bucks if you opt for such kinds.
  • Look for modesty – Even before you pick out your ideal model of breastfeeding aprons, it is best first to consider, what level of cover you’re comfortable with. If you’re on your fourth baby already and do not give a damn, you can then surely go for scarfs. However, if you’re big chested and a bit more conservative or merely a little shy, then get yourself full-cover aprons or ponchos. These full-cover nursing covers make you feel more comfortable while feeding.
  • Consider your baby’s comfort – Some babies do not mind even if you cover their faces while feeding. However, several other babies just hate it. Therefore, experiment to see what your babies are comfortable with. Do they like soft and light fabric coverings or dark and thick ones. Either way, make sure that you do not give them a reason to fuss over something or have them yanking over the breastfeeding aprons and nursing covers out of frustration.
  • Know your requirements – Are you a mother who prefers pumping over breastfeeding? Well, if you’re pumping milk from both sides, it is best to get a full-cover apron or a poncho. However, if you’re breastfeeding from only one side at a time, then you can easily get away with a scarf or s simple wrap. But make sure that you and your baby feel comfortable in the cover you choose. You do not want your baby to feel uncomfortable at any point while breastfeeding.
  • Consider the style – You’ll find several styles, designs, models, and types of breastfeeding aprons out there. If you’re an on the go mum, then you’ll surely want to pick the best prints, designs and models. However, remember that whichever you choose, you get the best one and makes you and your baby feel comfortable.

Though it may feel a little strange and a bit out of your comfort zone at first, breastfeeding in public is all about your attitude. You need to be calm, confident and know that you’re doing the best for your baby. Simply smile at the curious onlookers, most of them are polite and understanding and will let you get on with it. We hope that the above tips and tricks will certainly help you pick the best apron for baby feeding among the lot.

Question & Answer

How to use a nursing cover?

You must’ve gathered by now that there are several types of breastfeeding covers. And therefore, you use them all in different ways. For an instant, if you’re using breastfeeding apron style cover up with a stiff hoop at the top, practice wearing them at home to feel comfortable. You could also check yourself in the mirror after wearing them. Similarly, if you’re using an infinity scarf style cover, the first step is to drape the scarf over your shoulder. You can then wrap a front piece of your scarf over your baby and the arm with which you’re holding your baby. Once you wear it correctly, you can then feed your baby.

How do you cover breastfeeding using apron?

You’ll find different styles of breastfeeding aprons out there in the market. Each comes with unique functions, and therefore, you need to use them differently. Usually, an apron comes with a sturdy hoop at the top, precisely at the neck. You could just wear it over, and you’ll see that it gives you the best coverage when compared to the others. Make sure that you check yourself in the mirror and practice a couple of times at home before you start using them outside. This way, you’ll be expert while feeding your baby when out of the house.

What is muslin cloth used for babies?

Muslin cloth is one of the most lightweight, airy and comfortable materials for babies. It is for this reason that many baby items like hankies, blankets and even clothes come in muslin materials for babies. Usually, the muslin cloth is a square piece of soft fabric that you use while you breastfeed your babies, especially to wipe away milk from their mouths. You could also use them on your shoulders when you hold your baby up against your shoulders. Well, last but not least, these materials also make up one of the best materials for breastfeeding aprons.

Where to buy nursing cover in UAE?

You’ll find several stores and online stores in and around the UAE that sell fantastic breastfeeding covers. However, none can compare to Why? Well, our product search engine is a complete package that every shopper would need. In other words, from cotton breastfeeding aprons to 360-degree nursing covers, you can find them all here. What’s more, you can shop them from some of the popular online stores!

What nursing cover is best?

So, are you wondering about where to buy nursing cover in UAE? Well, surely know that there are several kinds of breastfeeding covers in the market. However, some of the best breastfeeding apron brands like Lamaze, Medela, Boppy, Amscan, Bebe, Itzy Ritzy, Dr Brown, Infantino, Seraphine, Spring, and Bebe Au Lait bring you a comprehensive range of nursing covers that make you and your baby feel comfortable in all seasons. You can pick from several designs, styles, models, and types.

With over 500 online shops here on our shopping search engine, you can choose from the widest variety of breastfeeding aprons including nursing cover from Mothercare, nursing cover with wire, Bebe Au Lait nursing cover, and more. While you’re here do not miss to check out several other premium quality baby & toddler products right here!