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Feeding is the best yet most draining time of motherhood. Therefore experts keep coming with ideas and products likes nursing pillows and feeding pillow cover (also known as food cushion covers) to ease the pain and stress of mothers. Such products also let the mother develop a better connection with their newborn.

A feeding pillow is often known as a nursing pillow and consists of two parts, the cushion and the pillow cover. These pillows come in a variety of shapes and styles. They go around your waist to support the back, spine, arms and neck while nursing or feeding. They help the mum to support the baby in the proper position while feeding. A nursing pillow is not only for breastfeeding . They also help mothers who are bottle-feeding their babies. These pillows can be of great help while recovering from C-Section. Here is what you need to know about these helping gadgets.

Everything a mum needs to know about a nursing pillow

Are you about to have a baby soon? If yes, you might wonder if you should add a nursing pillow and some catchy nursing pillow covers to your shopping list. We know your list contains all the “necessary items” like clothes for babies, nursing bras for you, bathing and feeding items and the likes. Is a nursing pillow a necessity? Well, you will come to know that your parents didn’t use one. And you might have seen many using the regular pillow for the purpose. And with such observations, you may think that they are just a fancy luxury. But, read this article before you take this item out of your newborn item shopping list.

Feeding pillows: A great investment

If you are a first-time mother, this might be exciting news to you. But if this is not your first child, you know the drill already. Breastfeeding your baby is not a walk in the park. It is a long exercise that will consume 15 to 20 minutes each session. And in some cases, it can long for up to 30 minutes per feed. Now this drill is frequent round the clock. So it won’t be wrong to say that you will be feeding the baby all day and night. A nicely made, high-quality baby nursing pillow will help you deal with the drill without putting any unnecessary stress on your shoulders and back. Just put the pillow in your lap, lay baby on it, and hold his head the right way and TADA! You are all done; sit and enjoy feeding your offspring.

Using feeding pillow the right way

A nursing pillow can make the feeding process relaxed only if you are using it the right way. At first, always find a quiet place where you can actually bond with the baby without interruption. Now sit on a comfortable flat surface (prefer a little back support for you) and place the pillow in your lap or around the waist (depending on the design of the pillow you own). Adjust the pillow’s height according to your comfort level (prefer a pillow that comes with a belt and fasten it for better support). Now keep the baby down on the pillow but make sure the head is a little higher than the rest of the body. Such a position will help your baby to latch on properly while you adore him.

Benefits of using a feeding pillow

At first, they are helpful for the baby to latch well. If the baby is not having enough milk, he will remain hungry, and you will end up with sore and cracked nipples. A good feeding pillow comes with suitable heights to help the baby get a good latch. Besides, for mothers who had been through C-sections, these pillows are of great help. These pillows can take the pressure off the stitches and make nursing far less stressful activity. Besides, these pillows also ensure that the baby is propped up correctly and, thus, reduced reflux instances that reduce colic and gastric problems.

Common issues associated with feeding pillows

Everything comes with pros and cons, and nursing pillows have theirs as well. A major issue that mums report is that they are not handy. This is because they are bigger in size and much bulky to carry around – hence difficult to clean. So you can only use them inside your house and cannot carry them around with you. In the meantime, they come in a universal size, and there are chances they might not fit you. Also, while most babies find these nursing pillows comfortable and have a good time with these cushions, many will not take them well. Unfortunately, there is no way you can predict if the baby will be comfortable with these pillows or not until you buy and use one.

Tips on how to buy Food Cushion Covers online in the UAE  

As we just mentioned that these pillows are of great importance for the security of both mum and baby, experts highly recommend them.  You can use them while at home and even make them a catchy item in your baby collection with the help of unique pillow covers.  When one cushion is enough for the entire time breastfeeding time of a baby, several covers can help you enjoy versatility. So when you have decided to buy a feeding pillow, look for a nursing pillow cover to buy. Here are some tips on how to buy cheap boppy pillow covers smartly.

  • Consider branded items – Nothing can be priceless than your newborn. Therefore when it comes to buying baby products, look for nothing less than quality brands.
  • Consider the shape of the pillow while buying cover – Some new models are smaller in size and look like neck cushion for adult. So when it comes to buying covers, consider the shape of the cushion you own or plan to buy.
  • M ake sure it has enough cushioning – Branded pillows come with standard cushioning. Therefore there is nothing much to worry about. However still, you should look at the size of the cushion before placing an order.
  • C onsider price cap – We know branded items are expensive, but with you can use the price comparison tool to search for cheap branded items to fit in your budget without going low on quality.
  • K now what mum s have to say – Once you have found a reliable item, look into the customer review section. This is where the mums share their opinion on the performance and durability of the pillow cushions and covers.

However, if you are still confused, we will suggest you consult an experienced mum. That can also be your own mother, and she might have better advice for you, and you’re newborn. Otherwise, any child specialist can be of great help in deciding what type of products will suits your child better and whatnot.

Question & Answer

How many nursing pillow covers do I need?

It depends on how often and roughly you are using the pillow for feeding. Besides, if you are careful enough to place the pillow at its place, away from high traffic areas when not in use, in such cases, 3 to 4 pillow covers will do just fine for the time. You can proceed to buy new items when they are torn or lost their feel and look. These covers are also available in the packing of two to more pieces. These packs are economical as compare to buying an individual piece.

Where can I buy a boppy pillow cover online in the UAE?

Explore any retail search engine to find top quality branded items for sale. At, you can find quality products from global brands like Chicco, Ikea, Dr Brown’s, My Best Friend, and Summer Infant. Besides, you can also use the price comparison tool to find the cheapest options from these brands. Mums from around the globe trust buying products for their infants because of their durability, colour consistency and high quality.

How to make a boppy pillow cover?

Start by laying out the fabric and fold it in half. Now fold the old boppy pillow cover in half as well and place it on the fabric. Cut the pattern of the old cover on the new fabric but make sure you are leaving an extra 1” on all sides. Not cut the piece to another identical piece so that you have two of them. Now place the two pieces one over the other and sew them from the outside and rounded edges. You will need to add a zipper on the inner side of the cover. Don’t forget to add a few more stitches at the end of the zipper, as it will secure the zipper and ensure the durability of the cover.

Which is the best feeding pillow cover to buy?

Although the choices depend on your preferences, taste or gender of the baby, there are some bestselling items you can consider if nothing surprises you. These include Minky Nursing Pillow Cover Set, Boppy Original Nursing Pillow Slipcover, and Clevamama ClevaCushion Combo of Nursing Pillow and Baby Nest. You can look into the Kinder Valley Star Donut Nursing Pillow, IKEA – LEN Cover for a nursing pillow, SEFROMAS Nursing Pillow Cover, and Zenoff Products Nursing Pillow Slipcover.

Moreover, here on, you can find the entire range of baby & toddler products available in shops known for the best baby products and accessories.