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When it comes to motherhood, pregnancy is just the tip of the iceberg. After your delivery, breastfeeding is one of the most challenging experiences that you will have to go through. Thankfully, you can rely on this baby & toddler product. Yes, we’re talking about none other than the feeding pillows, to survive the journey. 

But what exactly is a feeding pillow? Also known as a nursing pillow, this ergonomically designed tool helps to improve the breastfeeding process by providing support for you and your little one. Moreover, it’s unique construction encourages correct breastfeeding position. When you place your little one on the breastfeeding pillow on your lap, it raises your munchkin up to your breast. This in turn helps you to easily feed your baby without much hassle. Since, you no longer have to lean forward, your position when breastfeeding becomes more comfortable. This way, you’ll have enough support for your neck, back, and arms. By the way, there’s a lot more to understand and explore these nursing pillows. If you’re a first-time mum, our guide below will give you insights on how to make the right choice. 

The different types of feeding pillows 

One of the best parts about these breastfeeding pillows is that you can use them even before you begin your breastfeeding journey. It acts as a buffer between your little one and your abdomen. You must’ve gathered by now that, an aching neck and back are synonymous with breastfeeding. This primarily happens because you bring your munchkin up to your chest during your feeding sessions. Well, By using a nursing pillow, you can finally say goodbye to any kind of pain and discomfort. That’s because it eliminates the need for excessive bending or slouching. Most breastfeeding pillows out in the market feature a raised platform to support your little one’s head. Let’s look at some of their significant types below.  

The bottle feeding pillow for twins

You see, twins are twice the fun, except when it comes to the feeding time. Feeding two babies at a time is a daunting task for new mothers. Therefore, if you’re a mom of twins, the feeding pillows specially designed for twins is your best pick. The great thing about these cushions is that they offer you immense support, particularly when you’re struggling with your wriggling babies. You can position each baby along either side of you, under each arm with the help of these twin pillows. This way you can nurse both of them comfortably. The pillow lets you feed in all those positions that a mother of single would do. Usually, most models of nursing pillows for twins are not lightweight. However, they come in soft materials to give you and your baby comfortable feeding time. 

The ergonomically ideal nursing pillow with back support

An awkward bend or a wrong angle can lead to indigestion for your baby, arm ache for you, and unpleasant feeding time for you both. Well, you can change all this by just getting yourself the feeding pillows with back support. Indeed, you can find feeding pillows of various sizes and shapes. Moreover, each has its merits. However, the O-shaped cushion comes with the best design that specifically supports your back. You can also find a crescent-shaped cushion, that’s perfect for offering your baby the right head support. Moreover, you can also get yourself firm feeding pillows for small infants, as they sink less. Most models of these types come in foam materials that gives them the firmness. In fact, with these nursing pillows, you’ll not be slumping over, and you can lean back confidently. 

The feeding pillow with strap

Breastfeeding is an art, and you undoubtedly require a lot of coordination and creative thinking to feed your baby successfully. Indeed, a nursing pillow with back supports and the ones with soft materials are fantastic. However, often you might struggle to keep them in place while feeding your munchkins. Well, worry not, as many popular nursing pillow brands offer feeding pillows that come with latch, buckle and Velcro. The Velcro makes it easy for you to fasten and unfasten the pillow. This peculiar feature that provides you with enough support and strength while you feed your baby. Besides this, the pillow also offers a lot of support to the back. Some models even come with a pocket, that you can use to store a bottle, balm, or even creams. 

The best feeding pillows for plus size moms 

You see, moms come in all sizes and shapes, and finding a perfect pillow that fits you perfectly is an essential aspect for moms of any weight. A boomerang-shaped feeding pillow is one of the best when it comes to providing utmost comfort to the plus-size mums. This pillow comes in a completely different design when compared to its other counterparts. Though the boomerang shape of the pillow offers you immense comfort, the model doesn’t have a back end that you can fasten. However, many mothers who’ve undergone a C-section delivery just love its design. That’s because, the pillows do not lie close to their bodies, unlike other models that irritate the sensitive incision area. Also, they come in soft fabric materials that both the baby and mother will enjoy. In short, they’re the best nursing pillow to buy. 

Tips on how to buy Feeding Pillows online

Indeed, you’re now familiar with their types and buying them will seem a child’s play now. Isn’t it? Well, these smart tools aren’t that easy to purchase, as several other factors come in to play when you set out to get the best feeding pillows for babies. Indeed, you need to get the perfect fit for you and your baby. However, that alone isn’t enough. Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind when you buy a feeding pillow online in Dubai.

  • Know their types – Even before you start browsing for ideal feeding pillows, you need to know and understand your options well. Moreover, ample information about the product is the key to a successful purchase. Knowing and understanding the peculiar features of each product is important to choose the one that perfectly fits your needs and requirements.
  • Pick the right size and fit – The nursing pillow you pick must aptly accommodate your growing baby. Since you need to feed your baby exclusively for about six months to a year, you need to get yourself a pillow that fits in perfectly for every stage of your baby. Selecting the right fit is very important as there is no one-size-fits-all pillow out there in the market. Don’t go for extremely loose, or tight cushions.
  • Select the right shape – Does your pillow sink when you place your little munchkin’s head? If that’s the case, then your nursing pillow is not firm enough. We all love soft and mushy pillows. However, remember that a baby’s neck should always be held straight and firm at the breast level while you feed them. Only the correct shape and firmness of the pillow will give you this convenience.
  • Look for straps or belts – Velcro, straps and belts are handy when it comes to positioning the pillows correctly. For instance, the problem with crescent-shaped feeding pillows is that they tend to fall off easily when you move slightly. Belts and straps around the waist ensure that the cushion stays in place intact. Therefore, go for pillow models that have belts and straps.
  • Pick one that’s easy to wash – Leaky breasts or baby spits ruin your pillows in months. However, you can avoid this by getting a machine washable pillow. Also, it’s a good idea to opt for waterproof pillows and covers too. This, in turn, will help you prevent the baby milk spills and dribble from leaving stains and unpleasant odours on the pillow.
  • Choose user-friendly ones – If you’re an on the go mum, and who constantly travels, then you do not want a pillow that’s too heavy or bulky. In such cases, make sure that you pick the ones that are lightweight. The inflatable ones make a great choice. That’s because you can inflate them quickly and use them efficiently. Moreover, it is easy to carry them too.
  • Consider colour and style – When you’ve invested so much time in decorating your baby room, then why not pick a pillow that goes along with the theme. For many mothers, the style and colour of the feeding pillow is a huge factor while choosing a pillow. Indeed, it should be. You do not want to spoil the aesthetic sense of the baby feeding environment, with ugly looking pillows.

You see, the answer to ‘how to buy a nursing pillow?’ is an amalgamation of many things. Understanding their types, having a few tips up your sleeves, and knowing your requirements are some of the many things you must keep in mind. Remember, each model is different, and every persons choice differs too. Therefore, amidst considering the various factors, make sure you pick the one that’s most comfortable for your baby, and that fits your budget also. We hope the above tips will help you choose your ideal one.

Question & Answer

Are nursing pillows necessary?

Surely a new mom can easily get by without using a feeding pillow because women have managed to raise their kids without using them for hundreds of years. However, just because you can get by without one, doesn’t mean you should not get one. If you have the necessary budget, then they’re great to purchase. They lessen the strain off your lower back, arms, and shoulders while you’re holding your baby while breastfeeding. Moreover, they’re beneficial when your baby gets larger, and it becomes difficult to keep them in place while feeding.

How to use a Boppy breastfeeding pillow?

The way you use the feeding pillows largely depends on how you position yourself and your baby while breastfeeding. If you’re sitting down comfortably with the cushion on your lap, then you can use this pillow to support your baby’s head and neck. You could also use them to position your baby correctly when you place your babies on the side while feeding. Even if you choose to bottle feed your babies, these tools are very beneficial to position your babies correctly. Just remember, that all you have to do is to be careful while placing your baby and feeding them.

Can a baby sleep on a nursing pillow?

No. Though sleeping on the feeding pillow looks like a good idea, the fact that babies could easily slip off them poses a significant threat. Sleeping on the feeding pillows may result in close the airways and cause them to suffocate. Remember, babies must be put on a firm surface on their backs. Moreover, you must constantly supervise them when they sleep in the car seat or pillows, bumpers or even soft bedding. Therefore, it is best not to place your baby in the feeding pillows while they’re asleep.

How to wash nursing pillow?

It is best not to submerge any stiff foam pillow in water. Instead, you could just wipe off the surface with a clean cloth. You could even wash the cover if at all, it is removable. But you can choose to wash the pillows with softer coverings and fillings in washing machines. Make sure you put them on a gentle cycle cleaning process. You could also air dry them. This way, you could maintain its fluff and preserve its shape. Apart from this, it is always better to check the laundry tag on the pillow to follow the correct washing process.

Which nursing pillow is best?

You’ll find several types of feeding pillows out there in the market today. Brands like Leachco, Infantino, Fisher-Price, JJ Cole, Ergobaby, Justessentials, My Brest Friend, Mums & Bumps, Chicco, Dr. Brown’s, Bbhugme, Smart Baby, Itzy Ritzy, Feeding Friend, and Sunveno bring to a selection of excellent feeding pillows of premium quality. Not only that, you can find here a vast collection of pillows of different shapes, sizes, models and types.

Where to buy a nursing pillow online in Dubai?

Shopping online is the best choice to shop for all your essential items. It lets you shop at your convenient time & place. Besides, you get to shop from top-notch brands at the best price in the market.  If you are looking for such an online platform to shop for your baby, then your search needs here! From the best nursing pillow for tall mums to a Boppy nursing pillow for sale, you’ll find a wide selection of feeding pillows that come in various models in Our product search engine offers you numerous other products from over 500 online stores. So, browse our platform today and enjoy exciting deals all year round!