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Every kid loves to play with balls whether it’s throwing, rolling, grabbing, dribbling or kicking it around. The playing with balls might seem to be hours of pure fun. But it plays a vital role in your little one’s life. Thus, play balls improve your toddler’s motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and timing. Moreover, the balls are available in different colour, sizes and textures to attract the attention of your toddler.

Play Balls are must-have toys. It not only creates playtime for your little one but also develops a sitting balance. Your little ones reach forward or lean to the side to get the ball. Moreover, they develop the eye movement of tracking and judging the distance, as the ball move. However, the to and fro movement of the ball rolling is similar to the turn-taking in the conversations. Your little one learns to speak fast with the repetition of the words like roll the ball, your turn, and roll to daddy.  Moreover, many of the toddlers take their first attempt at throwing between 12 and 18 months. While catching comes later around 3 years or 4 years.  Therefore, if you are looking to buy soft plastic kids play balls, then you are on the right page to seek guidance for the right pick. So, read on.

Different types of kids play balls for their playtime!

If you are looking for birthday decoration for your little ones, then you can choose this kids ball pit. It’s made with ultra-safe polyethene balls which are entirely safe for your kid. Moreover, the balls are available in a smaller size without any rough edges but with vibrant colours. It is used for toddlers to play around, colour counting, or shape games. And the best thing about this product, it is easy to clean, crushproof, and air-filled. So, are you looking for the play balls for babies for sale in Dubai? But before that learn the different kinds of ball toys to make an easy pick while shopping online.

Baby Pool Balls

It is fashionable, and widely use balls that provide endless fun not only for parents but for the kids. However, it is used for indoor or outdoor playtime, decorations where children play, and much more. And the ball pit comes with a zipper design for easy cleaning, smooth surface and non-slip bottom which provide a comfortable place for your little ones to play. Moreover, the ball made with non-toxic material which is safe for your kid. Thus, if you are looking to buy soft play balls online in the UAE, then you can choose to shop from our reputed online search engine.

Ball Pit for Kids

Are you looking playful unit that can engage your child for long hours? Then, nothing can be more effective than this ball pit. It is a vast playground for your little ones either set up indoor or outdoor. Moreover, it has basketball hoops to keep your kids busy for a long time. However, the design is innovative, simple and easy to collapse which ensure portability. And the unit consists of 5 pieces of interconnected chambers. The pit is spacious and contains around 200-1000 balls for your little one’s joy. So, if you are planning to buy soft plastic kids play balls, then choose Velcro powered dartboard. It is also an exceptional game to keep your kid busy.

Kids Playing Balls

It is the best gift which every kid loves it. And this product is a football toy which is best for toddlers of 12 months or above to play. Moreover, it improves grip strength, skills, flexibility, and boost your kid’s physical activity. It is convenient for your little ones to play it as easy to pick up and throw which helps your child to exercise. However, these kids’ beach balls built with high-quality material and durable to use. And the best thing about this product, it’s suitable for outdoor, beach, school, and playground. So, buy soft play balls online in the UAE which is entirely safe to play as it’s made with soft materials.

1000 Ball Pit Balls

It is best for home use purposes for your little ones. And the balls are soft, smooth, and safe for the young toddler. Moreover, it is durable and crush-proof, which make it perfect for parents as well as kids of all ages.  The ball pit balls are available in different bright, colourful balls and built with BPA free. Moreover, the balls are non-toxic and smooth non-porous surface which prevents the growth of harmful bacteria & fungi. So, are you looking to buy a bag of 100 plastic play balls? Then, you can check out the eminent brand’s product. And they are Vtech, Fisher-price, Bright starts, Bestway, Playkidz, Intex, Molo, 3D Light FX, and much more.

Tips on how to buy Play Balls online

Kids love to jump, but sometimes they fall and get hurt. Thus, to prevent them from getting hurt, you can gift them play balls pit. They can jump, drop, and play as much as they want with their playmates or siblings. Thus, the softballs of different shapes, sizes, and colours attract your young ones for a longer time. And you can’t miss this opportunity! So, picking up the right ball pit for your kid can be tough. Choosing among the myriad options isn’t easy. But you can change it. Wondering, how? Find out the few factors to quickly access your product. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list to consider when you move to buy soft play balls online in the UAE. Have a look!

  • Check weight capacity– The measurement of these kids play balls gets decided according to the average weight and size of the kids. However, all toy manufacturers mention the measurement of the product along with the age group. Plus, it’s suitable age on the packaging or user manual. So, read the details before you buy.
  • Decide on materials- While shopping for the baby pool balls, look for materials that are non-toxic and BPA-free. However, purchasing an excellent quality product that meets the toys safety guidelines is pays off in the long run. Moreover, make sure that the material is easy to wash and clean. 
  • Check the convenience- You need to check whether the 1000 ball pit balls come with the zipper storage bag or not. However, a zipper ball pit is easy to store when it’s of no use. Moreover, easy to travel with it when you plan to go out for a picnic or vacation on distant land with family. Your kid can still have a fun time.

So, have you decided which play balls you wanted to add to the shopping cart? We are confident that with the help of the guidelines provided, you will land up picking the right ball for your little one. However, choose to shop along with us! And enjoy a massive collection of toys offered by the reputed brands operating in the industry. So, without stopping your oomph factor, start shopping today! Hurry!

Question & Answer

What are play balls made of?

Play Balls are one of the toys which provide never-ending fun and excitement to toddlers. It doesn’t matter whether they are playing hide and seek or simply throwing the balls to one another. Moreover, these bright, colourful balls are the perfect addition to your little one’s playroom. Not only the balls provide a fun activity to your child but also allow them to learn new colours, coordination, and able to recognise the shapes. However, you need to choose the perfect ball for your little one keeping in mind their safety. Thus, the fun balls are made with non-PVC plastic, lead-free, and BPA free. And each of the balls can withstand around 90 pounds of weight and comes with crush-proof. Thus, if you wish to purchase this fun ball pool for your kids, then you can check out the renowned brands. Among them are Vtech, Fisher price, Bright starts, Bestway, Playkidz, Intex, Molo, 3D Light FX, and much more.

Are ball pits safe for babies?

Yes! It’ safe for babies to play in ball pits. But, according to the recent study, the ball pit is also full of germs and bacteria. Moreover, the majority of the bacteria is found on children’s skin, mouth or even in the gut. However, this isn’t hazardous bacteria. Thus, for the most part, it’s safe. And precaution should be taken if a child has a weak immune system or they are on medications which weaken the immune system to fight infections.

Where to buy plastic play balls online in the UAE?

Plastic play balls are popularly called as a ball pool or ball pits. However, the ball pits are simply a large pool containing small, hollow playballs or ball pit balls. On average, these balls have a diameter ranging between 5.5 and 6.5 cm. Thus, they are filled with air. Plus, they come in a wide range of colours and sizes. And you are likely to find ball pits in daycare centres, nurseries, amusement parks and other play areas for kids. Moreover, you can even build your ball pit at home. So, if you are planning to purchase or construct a ball pit at home, then you can choose! It is the best online store in Dubai with 500+ notable brands & shops allied with it. Besides, you scroll through the excellent collection of products with the best price tag.

How much does a colourful 100pcs play ball cost?

You probably must be working round-the-clock to feed them, do their laundry, tidy things up and lots more. But you can give yourself that long-deserved break by getting a ball pool for toddlers.  Moreover, it will keep your little ones engaged for a long time.  And the good thing is that a ball pit also has benefits to children. However, they offer a platform for your kids to engage in activities that foster physical and mental growth. These balls are soft, squeezable balls to avoid injuries with hard plastic, non-toxic, and no smell. Moreover, its build with high-quality plastic which would not hurt your baby. And the price of the sets is around AED 16.99.

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