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About Juggling Balls

Juggling is not only a fun activity but has many potential benefits of using it. Juggling Balls are commonly used in the circus. Thus, the kids who have juggling skills are a great way to develop gross motor skills, balance, and coordination.

The best thing about this ball, children of all ages group as well as grown-ups can have loads of fun using it. Moreover, the ball comes in an array of bright colours, sizes and weights.  It is interesting to know that the word juggling comes from a Middle English word. And it means to entertain while performing tricks. However, on young toddlers practising juggling helps to improve eye-hand coordination, rhythm, timing, and develop problem-solving ability. Studies show that kids who learn this skill increases their brain size and focus. Luckily for you, today in this article, we shall look at everything you need to know while looking for the best juggling balls to buy.

Different types of professional juggling balls for you & your children

It allows your kids to learn jungle like a pro with this starter pack. Moreover, it is a perfect stocking stuffer for a would-be magician and a fun way to learn a new skill. However, it is moulded in vinyl for an excellent grip and has a high gloss finish.  It is the first choice while learning juggling for the first time due to its easy grip. And the product is available in three different colour professional balls along with the instruction booklet. So, are you looking to buy juggling balls online in the UAE? Then, you have landed up on the right page to seek help. But before that, learn about the different kinds of prop balls to choose from.

Duncan toys juggling balls

It is durable and convenient to use, which makes it the best choice for beginners and professionals. Moreover, the perfect size of Duncan juggling ball and no-bounce construction ensures comfortable juggling. However, it comes with brightly coloured vinyl shells and fills with plastic beads. Thus, it is able to eliminate bounces and makes catch easy. However, the product comes with three multi-coloured balls with a smart design, perfect weight for hassle-free juggling. Hence, buy juggling balls with lights for the kids of 6 years to 10 years toddlers.

Juggling balls for beginners

Are you looking for a birthday gift for your kid? Then, you need to check out this product. These full-size balls are an excellent way for the novice to learn. The bright coloured balls have high visibility which can withstand some clumsy throws. And best of all, the ball is designed to stop and not roll away. Moreover, it has impressive quality, durable and strong stitching. And available in different eye-catching colours and is best for the 3+ years kid. So, if you are searching for the juggling balls for sale in Dubai, then you can check out the product from the best online shops! And scroll through the brilliant collection of products.

P rofessional j uggling b alls

This outstanding juggling beanbag is built with unique artificial PU leather. And the balls come along with a travel bag that can fit up to 6 balls. However, the thuds are filled with millet seed that provides a firm round shape. It helps while juggling three or more balls on air. Besides, it has a durable lining and unique PU leather fabric that makes the balls hard-wearing. However, it improves balance, technical skills, and is ideal for great performances. So, it is the best juggling balls to buy to attract the attention of the audience, stable patterns, low weight, and much more. Thus, makes it an ideal choice for kids as well as adults.

Contact juggling balls

The coloured translucent acrylic balls are made with high-quality material. However, the coloured pigment diffuses so brilliantly throughout the ball that retains the illusion of the ball floating around and not rolling. Moreover, it is lightweight and looks better in the sunshine and under-stage lights. And the perfect size for both single and multi-ball is 75mm. So, are you seeking to buy juggling balls with lights? Well! Then, you can choose to shop from the eminent brand’s product. And they are First-Play, Global Gizmos, Henrys, Zeekio, Firetoys, Home of poi, Marvel, and many more.

Tips on how to buy Juggling Balls

Some people think that all balls are equal for juggling, but it’s not true. Take a tennis ball, for example. However, the juggling balls come in an array of sizes. And the jugglers choose the correct size based on the number of balls they plan to juggle and the dimension of the hands. Moreover, these balls are made in metric sizes. Thus, it adds more complexity in choosing the right ball, as we are more comfortable measuring in inches rather than millimetres. So, you need proper guidelines to follow up while shopping juggling balls for sale in Dubai for your little one. We have compiled some of the important factors for you to consider while shopping. Check out!

  • Choose as per skill level – While choosing the right professional juggling balls for juggling, pick it as your skill level. For a novice, you should select bean bags. As you become an expert, you can try hybrid prop balls which is a combination of the beanbag and traditional balls.
  • Check for quality – It’s an essential factor while picking up the juggling balls for beginners, your kid or yourself. As the balls need to withstand a lot of use if you are going to perfect the art. Therefore, looking for high-quality plastic or PVC leather with great design can be a perfect gift for the juggling enthusiast.
  • Pick ball as hand size – To know the size of your hand is an essential factor that helps you in picking the right contact juggling balls. Thus, you need to measure your hand. Start measuring from the tip of your index finger to the bottom of your palm, just about your wrist.

However, the price & colour depends on your choice and budget. So, what are you waiting for? Commence your shopping spree with us. And explore the mind-blowing collection of play balls for juggling from top-notch brands & shops. Plus, you get surprising offers and deals with every hour of shopping, which makes your shopping more happening. Hurry!

Question & Answer

W hat are j uggling b alls called ?

Juggling is a physical skill that is performed by the juggler. And it involves the movement of objects for recreation, entertainment, art, or sport. However, toss juggling is the most popular form of juggling all around the world. Moreover, the juggling can be manipulated by one or many objects at the same time. Often, juggling is used with one or two hands but also with feet.  Moreover, jugglers often refer to the objects they juggle with as props. Before, it used to be made from balls of twine, stuffed leather bags, wooden spheres or other metals.  But nowadays, they are available in different kinds and made with PU leather fabric.

What weight is juggling balls?

The weight of juggling balls also plays a crucial role in picking the right-sized ball. Moreover, the larger the balls weigh more than the small balls. And, people with little hands and bodies for them, it’s crucial. Thus, if you are a small juggler and have low strength, then you should choose a small size ball. However, a perfect ball weight shouldn’t be more than 125 grams. And a ball weight of 150 grams would be heavy to practice.

What are the best juggling balls?

The jugglers use these prop balls, mostly to amuse us. But you or your kid can try to expertise on it with the right balls. Moreover, if your kid has expertise in numbers juggling, then you should lead them to try small balls or beanbags. So, that they can be able to throw as well as catch as many as possible. Therefore, if you are looking to buy the best prop balls, then you can choose to try Firetoys balls. It is made from the fake moleskin type material, which is durable, soft and grippy. It is perfect for practising juggling. Moreover, the balls are slightly filled with sterilized millet seed to make sure the sacks flop into your hands. However, you can also check out other popular brands’ products. And they are First-Play, Global Gizmos, Henrys, Zeekio, Home of poi, Marvel, and many more.

Where to buy juggling balls online in the UAE?

Juggling is one of the rewarding hobbies of all time. It is a fun activity for both the audience as well as for jugglers. Moreover, there is no particular size for these balls. But what makes it a perfect fun time activity depends on the level of the skill and the type of juggling they are doing. So, when you are determined that you need to focus on the quality and the balls you wish to buy should last longer. You need reliable stores to get these prop balls for your little one and make them happy. So, if you are wondering where to get these balls, browse!

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