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These days, it is hard to get kids to stay away from the electronic screens and get them to play some real sport outside. But if they can have some insane fun with pogo sticks, they would love doing just that. So, know more about jumping sticks in this article to have fun with your kids. 

Pogo sticks are exactly what the name says it is; sports equipment that lets people jump up and down. But they are also called jumping sticks. Despite it being a physically demanding thing to do, what keeps children playing with it is because of how fun it is. Pogo sticks are nothing new either. They have been around for a long time. It was in the last two decades that it rose in popularity, though. Nowadays, this is a major entertainment activity for kids. Kids with a flair for adventurous activities in them will absolutely love pogo sticks. This article will tell you all about these toys and also gives you a few tips that you can use when you are shopping.

Everything you need to know about jumping pogo stick

We can understand being a parent is a tough job for you to look for a perfect jumping stick for kids. Especially when you come across varied kinds of pogo sticks in the market of the different price ranges so, when you seek the best jumping sticks for kids, keep in mind certain factors. Some of them are the age of your children, their choice of colour and design, materials etc. There are more for you to explore! So, let’s study the different kinds of pogo sticks and tips to purchase the right one.

Understanding a pogo stick, aka a jumping stick

All pogo sticks follow one equation: fun and physique. Although this first came into the market as a kids toy, these days, you will find even older adults hoping on pogo sticks in parks. The main parts of a jumping stick is a powerful spring and a stainless-steel rod or ‘stick’. The foot of the stick will have a gripping rubber covering to help in balancing and avoid slipping on hard surfaces. It will have a stand in the lower end so that the person riding can stand and a handlebar on the top end of the stick. The challenge and the fun part of using a pogo stick are bouncing and balancing at the same time.

A regular jumping pogo stick

Traditional pogo sticks are pretty barebones without any extra bells and whistles. These have a single point base with a rubber cap for grip. The footholds of them are skewed inward so as to keep the feet centred on her stick. The bottom fork of the stick goes inside the wider upper fork. Inside this fork is the spring that does all the hard work. But the problem with a regular jumping stick is that it has a steep learning curve. Kids who are just starting to learn the trick will find it too difficult to master. For people who don’t know how to use them, these sticks can be dangerous as well.

Pogo sticks for kids

Kids who are new to the sport needs something that is easier to learn. That’s why there are assisted pogo sticks. The main difference is that they have a wider base that helps in balancing the stick. And because these sticks tend to be shorter, the foothold and the base are mostly merged together as one. The wider base and shorter height make it safer for younger kids. But these aren’t something they would use for a long time. Once they learn how to balance themselves on a jumping stick, they can move onto the next level. You cannot use this for older children, though.

Foam Master pogo sticks

This is what you need for older kids. The first thing that you will notice is the wider looking shaft of the pogo stick. This is because they have a layer of foam surrounding them. This is there to protect the stick from impact damages and rust. As a matter of fact, the first time pogo stickers will drop the stick many times before they learn to balance. Therefore, this foam layer is a great addition. Unlike a regular jumping stick, you will be able to find this type of stick in several different patterns and colours. The average jumping stick for older children can support up to 72 kilograms.

Tips on how to buy Jumping Sticks Online

Although you might feel like pogo sticks are not safe for kids, you don’t have to worry much if you get the right type for them. With the right stick and proper assistance, they will learn to balance on a jumping stick fast enough so that you can let them play alone. Here are some tips that you should follow when you are shopping for them.

  • Consider your child’s age – Even Though getting toys of the right age are important in any category of toys, this is even more important when it comes to pogo sticks. Getting a learner jumping stick before a regular pogo stick will keep your children safer. These pogo sticks are also less prone to breaking from falls.
  • Choose the right height – Jumping sticks are available in different height ranges. Kids that are taller will need a taller jumping stick and vice versa. For older kids who are really tall, it will be difficult to find a beginner jumping stick even if they are not accustomed to using one.
  • Select the cost – Price ranges of pogo sticks depends on the quality of the build and also the features that come with it. Basic pogo sticks are not that expensive. But there are also really expensive ones as well. Therefore, you have to decide on your budget before you go shopping.
  • Pick the durability – While the durability of a jumping stick is important, not all of them have to be durable to the same degree. For instance, a kid will only use an assisted pogo stick for a few months before he learns to move onto a regular pogo stick. Therefore, you don’t want to spend a lot of money buying an assisted pogo stick for your child.

Apart from the jumping stick itself, you must also give them proper safety gear. These include a sturdy helmet, elbow protection, and knee protection. You will find some good quality safety gear for kids in However, with the use of the shopping search engine, you can also compare the prices and features from renowned brands. And enjoy the brilliant collection of products under play balls sections. Hurry! Start shopping!

Question & Answer

What is a jumping stick?

The basic working of a jumping stick is that it helps people jump off the ground with the help of a really good spring. Well, why would anyone need spring to do that? Can they do it with just their legs? Yes, but a pogo stick makes jumping so much more fun. With the aid of a jumping stick, people can jump three or four times higher than they could with only their legs. The stick will also have a foothold and a handlebar so that people can stand on them without any difficulty. Some people have taken the jumping to a notch higher, and they prefer to do tricks while they are up in the air. It will take a lot of practice for a person to do tricks, though.

Are pogo sticks safe for children?

It is a fact that there is some inherent safety risk associated with using pogo sticks. But with proper precautions and safe practices, you can reduce the risk to a very nominal level. Firstly, kids who cannot balance on a regular stick should not get on one. Instead, they should start with an assisted pogo stick. After they find it easy enough to ride them, then they can slowly transition into using a regular stick. You should make sure that the kids are always using proper safety equipment. Kids should not compete with each other on how high they can go on a pogo stick. This will lead to reckless behaviour and, eventually, cause accidents.

What are the benefits of playing with pogo sticks?

Pogo sticking is a very physically demanding sport. They can give an intense workout to every part of the body, from the shoulders to the lower portion of the legs. They are especially good for the core. Another benefit is that your kids can improve their gross motor skills by partaking in pogo-sticking. This is the skill that contributes to the overall athletic performance of an individual. Because this sport requires them to balance on top of a stick, this will help build confidence in them. Learning to balance on the pogo stick will give them a feeling of accomplishment, as well.