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About Plush Balls

Kids love to play with balls. But a stitched leather soccer ball is not the safest option to give to a baby or a young toddler. Plush balls, on the other hand, are soft, durable and completely suitable even for babies as young as six months.

All of you will have seen stuffed teddy bears and other animal toys. They are soft and adorable and come in many different vibrant colours. Kids have a special liking towards toys that they can cuddle and bite. That’s why you need to get them some plush balls. As they do not cause any harm to children, you can let them play alone with them and have peace of mind. Kids will also love the bright colours of them. Another benefit is that you can wash these balls as many times as you want. Because kids are not known for keeping their toys clean, this will always come in handy. This article will tell you everything you need to know about plush balls.

Different types of plush balls for kids

Even though all plush balls use similar material, they do come in a variety of different shapes, colours and sizes. Some of them also have additional features that make it attractive to children. It may be a difficult decision for you to choose the right one. Thus, for your clarity, here is a list of four different types of plush balls for infants and toddlers. But keep in mind that there are other types of balls apart from those on the list. In this article, you will also find some really useful tips that you can follow while shopping for them online.

Colourful plush balls

Babies like bright colours. So, what is better than a bright coloured plush ball toy? A ball in many different colours. The soft ball is completely safe for the infants to play with and even to chew on. Because there is no plastic in the ball, it is free of any toxins like BPA or benzoin. A multicolour ball can also simulate the visual sensation in babies. Some of these balls will also produce some sounds when the babies play. Because these balls can provide so many different types of sensations, babies will love playing with them.

Sensory plush balls for babies

Babies explore the world around them using all their senses, including touch, sight, smell, hearing, and even taste. Sensory plush balls have an outer surface that provides the kids with a variety of tactile sensations. Kids will find this toy amusing as every part of the ball will give them a different feeling. Sensory balls also come in different bright colours as well. Because infants only see the world in primary colours, these balls will help them get accustomed to those colours. Sensory balls will have a diameter of four inches that will fit perfectly in a baby’s hands.

Plush snowman balls

Toddlers are the happiest when it starts to snow. Without exception, all of them love throwing little snowballs at each other. But what would they do if it is not winter yet or there is no snow? They recreate the feel of a snowball fight even in their bedrooms with a bucket of snowmen plush balls. Yes, you will get a small bucket full of soft white balls that look very similar to an actual snowball. One bucket will have six such balls each having a diameter of 4.5 inches. These are perfect for two or three kids to play together at the same time. And the soft balls make the play completely safe.

Pokémon plush balls

This one is not for kids younger than three years. That’s because these balls open up to reveal tiny Pokémon like they do in the cartoons. Young toddlers might try to put these Pokémon in their mouth and cause choking hazards. There are also weighted beans in these balls that help the ball to always land upright. These balls have a diameter of five inches. But unlike regular balls, all the details of a Pokémon ball are stitched in using colourful embroideries. Both the outer shell of the ball and the Pokémon toy inside is soft enough for the kids to cuddle.

Tips on how to buy Plush Balls Online

Finding a good plush ball for your kid is relatively easy. There are only so many different types of them. But there are a few things you have to look for in them to make sure that your kids will end up playing with them. In order to make sure that you are buying the right kind of balls for your kids, you should know what factors to consider in them. Here are some tips that you can use when you are shopping.

  • Choose the right size – These balls are mostly for young kids. And for that reason, choosing the right size is important. You have to make sure that the ball will comfortably fit in their hands. This is especially true for babies. They won’t be able to play with balls that are larger than their tiny hands.
  • Choose the colour – Although the colour of the ball might seem like a trivial matter to grownups, kids will have a strong preference for certain colours. Therefore, make sure that you are choosing a colour that they will like. You can either base this on your previous experience, or you can just ask the kids which colour they would like to have.
  • The theme of the ball – Plush balls come with different themes. It can be based on different animation characters, or fictional superstars, like Pokémon. If you already know all of their favourites, you can look for a ball that features any of them.
  • Safety – Some balls tend to have tiny pieces of plastics in them. Sometimes these pieces will be inside the balls or may come attached to them. For kids younger than three years of age, these pieces can cause choking hazards. You also have to make sure the component used to make the ball are free of toxic materials.

Because plush balls are soft and cushy, there is no risk of any danger even if you let your young kids play unassisted. They are weightless as well. These balls are also washable, which means you don’t have to worry about your kids dirtying the ball. You can throw it with your laundry in the washing machine to clean it. The best way to find all kinds of play balls easily is to look for them using our shopping search engine. This will also let you compare the prices and features of the products against each other and find out the best one among them.

Question & Answer

What is inside in plush balls?

Like all other plush toys, the inside of the plush balls is also filled with soft synthetic fibres. Rather than using just one type of stuffing material, plush toy manufacturers often use a mixture of things like batting, straw, cotton, etc. The quality and softness of plush toys vary depending on the quality of the plush inside the toy. When making large plush toys like teddy bears, they try to make it bottom-heavy to keep the animal stay upright when kids are playing with it or hugging. In order to do that, they use heavier plush at the bottom and lighter plush at the top. But for balls, it will be a homogenous mixture.

Can a plush ball be washed?

Probably the main advantage of plush toys is that you can wash them thoroughly. It doesn’t matter even if your kids have found innovative ways to make them dirty; it is possible to clean them inside out. But if there are other decorative items on the ball like sequins, then you cannot wash them in a laundry machine. Also, check if those items are removable. Placing the toy in a mesh laundry bag will help protect it from damage from the metal parts of other clothing items in the machine. Avoid using heavy wash cycles as it might damage the delicate stitches of the plush toy. After washing, you can hang dry the toy.

How long does a plush ball last?

Unlike other toys that your children play with, plush toys can last for a really long time. But in the end, it all comes down to how well you take care of it. Even though they are washable, they start to lose their colours after a few cycles of washes. Damage due to washing will be more if there are other decorative items on the ball that can snag on to other clothes in the laundry machine. The best way to ensure long life to these toys is to keep them clean and minimise the number of wash cycles. Moisture is also bad for the toys as it will cause the growth of mould on the surface.

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