Bouncing Balls

About Bouncing Balls

Children of all ages enjoy playing with bouncing balls. Although these power balls are not typically useful for regular sports, kids do enjoy watching those small balls bouncing off surfaces. Also, such balls tend to be much more colourful than other kinds of balls.

One feature that sets power balls apart from all other balls is the fact that they bounce. Well, you might argue that literally every single ball out there also bounces in one way or the other. But the way power balls bounce is quite different. Because of the special kind of rubber or polymer in the superballs, they can bounce much higher than any other type of ball. Only a fraction of their kinetic energy will be lost to heat. All the rest of it gets preserved as the ball bounces back in the opposite direction. Read this article to find out more about bouncing balls.

Types of magic bouncy balls to look for your children’s playtime

Kids have different demands. Everyone has certain priorities in terms of colour, size or more. In order to satisfy the needs of every kid, there are several types of bouncy balls available on the market. Power balls come in many shapes and sizes. The smallest of them can look similar to a ping pong ball, and the larger ones can be of the same ballpark as a cricket ball or a golf ball. However, because of their bounciness, these balls are not suitable for sports. Instead, people use super balls for small indoor and outdoor games, mostly involving kids. Here is a list of the four most popular bouncing balls on the market. Even if you are not going to buy exactly these balls, learning about them is going to be helpful.

Waboba bouncy ball

The Waboba ball is a small, 2.5-inch ball that you can use for bouncing with a paddle or bat against walls. This ball will bounce in the air up to a height of 100 feet. The way this ball bounced off the wall is interesting to watch and also helps kids improve their hand-eye coordination. Waboba balls come in a single piece per packet. So, if you are looking for a lot of similar balls, this might not be the one. However, playing with a Waboba ball is going to be fun, exciting, and challenging for your child. This will be a perfect learning tool, as well.

Narwhal Novelties plastic bouncy balls

The power balls from Narwhal Novelties are one-inch power balls that come in a number of colours and designs. They are suitable for both outdoor and indoor games. That being said, don’t use it in a room full of fragile objects. These bounce balls are basic small round balls. You won’t notice any interesting shapes or patterns in the ball, apart from the bright colours. In a Narwhal ball kit, there will be 250 bounce balls. This is suitable for a large gathering or activity that involves many children at once. That way, you don’t have to worry about losing one ball.

Juvale party favours small bouncy ball

Juvale bouncy balls are the favourite of party-goers. This is a small ball designed specifically for chasing sports. The elastic material of the polymer produces an incredible amount of recoil, rendering it not suitable for indoor use. The ricochet of the ball can be powerful enough to break glass and glassware. One packet of Juvale balls contains 100 balls. The main attraction of this ball is the high level of bounce itself. In all other departments, the ball is pretty basic and unremarkable. One downside is that all the balls in a packet will be of the same colour.

Pinky Premium rubber bouncy ball

The pinky premium rubber ball is a 2.5″ rubber ball with a high bounce. Compared to other balls in this list, this is on the bigger side. Regardless, this ball is perfect for hitting with a bat or stick, tossing to buddies, or simply bouncing against a wall. This ball makes use of a very flexible synthetic material called sponge rubber. So, that is where the bounce comes from. Sponge rubber is also lighter than most other polymers. The lightness of the ball can be a disadvantage when you try to play with it outside on a windy day. Inside one packet, you get a pack of 24 balls.

Tips on how to buy Bouncing Balls online

On the market, there are a lot of different types of balls, and it can be difficult to choose the correct power ball. There are literally thousands of different balls out there. Even the ones that look similar can have different physical characteristics. However, it is not impossible to find the right ball either. There are several things to remember in order to select the best ball for the needs of your kids, though. Here are a few tips to follow while shopping for these power balls online.

  • Size – First, you should decide what size you want the ball to be. For bouncing against walls, tossing around with friends, or hitting with a bat, a larger ball is the better option. Smaller balls are tailored to chasing the ball after it has bounced, and because of their lightweight, they also have a greater bounce than larger super balls.
  • Types – Next, think about what kind of power ball you want. A round power ball is more effective at bouncing. But some of these balls are also very unpredictable in the way they ricochet. In the case of a flatter ball, it will change its direction as it touches the ground.
  • Bounciness – Also, the amount of bounce you get from the ball depends on the material, size and shape of the ball. Some of these balls can bounce off a surface while only losing a fraction of the energy. Also, keep in mind that the number of balls you get in a bundle can be different.
  • Colours and experience – Power balls are all about the experience. Some super balls are great party fun. You can get your guests engaged in silly yet fun games with these small balls. Children also find colourful super balls interesting. Because of the peculiar way they bounce, they can be fun to watch and play with.

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Question & Answer

Which is the best bouncing ball for toddlers?

There are a couple of things you have to consider while buying balls for toddlers, or anyone for that reason. One of them is the size of the ball. The size of the ball should be suitable for where you want to play and what type of game you are playing. Secondly, the bouncing characteristics of the ball should be suitable for a toddler. If the ball is too bouncy, a toddler might have a hard time controlling it. The colour of the ball also matters. Most toddlers like balls with bright colours. It is easy to find a power balls kit that includes balls of all colours.

What are bouncing balls made from?

Initially, superballs were made of natural rubber. In fact, rubber was the only naturally available material that had enough bounciness. But now there are plastics and polymers that have better performance and are more widely available. Power balls were invented by a chemist who played with rubber (as a toy). When he squeezed rubber together below around 3500 pounds per square inch (psi), he discovered that the result was a very robust sphere capable of bouncing extremely high. Other factors that influence the ability of a ball to bounce are temperature, outside coverings, various bouncing surfaces, and whether or not the ball is solid or air-inflated.

Where to buy bouncing balls online in the UAE?

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