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Outfits are the most vital elements of fashion. But what seals the deal is the right pair of shoes. And amongst the various types of footwear, boots have been and continues to be the most popular choice. If it’s time to refresh your wardrobe, then consider buying a snazzy pair.

It is right to say that boots are a very underutilised form of footwear. Part of the reason why some people don’t shop for them is that they are not sure how to pair the footwear with different outfits. This happens despite the fact that they are available in a wide variety of types, colours, designs, heights, and materials. These include biker boots, riding boots, Chelsea boots, to name a few. But before you start shopping online, read this article first. Having a good understanding of the different styles of boots will help you make the right choice. And that means you will experience satisfaction with your purchase. So, let’s get right into it.

Different types of boots

The first step to understanding boots is learning about the different styles that they come in. Trust us, there are a lot. The good news is, it’s possible to classify every boot out there based on its designs and purpose. And that means you can easily differentiate work boots from fashion boots. Our goal is to provide you with the best online shopping experience. Hence, we have compiled a list of the four most popular styles of this iconic footwear. On this page, you will also find a few useful tips that you can follow to find the best pair that meets your needs, budget, and preferences. And, of course, we recommend you check out customer reviews as well. 

Brogue casual boots

These actually came into being as farmers’ boots. They had some nifty features that were useful for people walking on wet and muddy terrains. One noticeable feature of brogues is the holes in front of them. The original purpose of these holes was to let bog water flow out. The high ankles are also a mark of their history. But when it comes to the design of the shoes, they are extremely versatile. That’s also the reason why they are one of the most popular footwear out there. Brogue shoes go well with traditional and vintage clothing like washed jeans and heavy wool. You might even be able to pair them with a thick sports jacket without any issue.

Work boots

If you want to look good without drawing too much attention to your shoes, then you should wear some mild tone work boots. These used to be the staple of construction sites before the existence of modern safety shoes. The rugged design and robust materials mean they can last for a really long time. Brands like Timberland and Woodland focus more on work boots, although they make other types of footwear. And having a couple of pairs from these brands is truly an achievement. That’s because they are built to last. Plus, you can easily pair them with most types of casual wear. These include t-shirts, jumpers, or even flannel shirts.

Oxford boots

Some people think that there are only casual boots. But that’s far from being true. You can pair good tan or brown leather boots in Oxford design with any formal clothes. But the main difference between casual boots and Oxfords is that in most cases, you don’t display the high ankle above the trousers. People might only see high ankles when you sit. Otherwise, it looks like you are wearing regular formal shoes. So, deciding whether or not to wear Oxfords instead of regular ones depends on your level of comfort. We recommend you check out a few pairs on physical stores. If they look and feel good, then you can indulge in an online shopping experience. 

Hiking boots

The main peeve people have about boots is that they are bulky and heavy. And that is true to an extent. Most of them indeed are on the heavier side. But that shouldn’t stop you from wearing the footwear altogether, as there are very good alternatives. Hiking footwear strikes a good balance between functionality and style. Probably, that’s the reason why they keep rising in popularity recently. You can find them in a wide variety of height shafts and designs as well. There are hiking boots with relatively low and high ankles. And if you are going for a rugged and tough look, pair your high-ankle boots with wool trousers and a leather top. Explore online magazines and websites to check out other style inspirations.  

Tips on how to buy Boots online in the UAE

It might be easy to pick out a pair of boots that looks good. However, you need to look into a few factors to assess its comfort and durability. In order to find one that ticks all the right boxes, you need to know the features and qualities to consider. Here is a list of tips that you can follow for a fantastic online shopping journey.

  • Shop in the afternoon – Interestingly, the size of your feet changes slightly depending on the time of the day. Feet are smallest in the morning, and they keep expanding throughout the day. So, if you buy a pair with a perfect fit in the morning, you might find that it gets a bit too tight in the afternoon. Therefore, it is better to shop towards the end of the day.
  • Go for maximum comfort – Comfort is one thing that you shouldn’t compromise when it comes to your shoes. Unfortunately, it is the first thing that is butchered in poor quality shoes. Make sure that the inside of the shoes, as well as the sole, don’t hurt your feet. Even if a pair is extremely durable, that doesn’t make it the most comfortable one to wear.
  • Choose the material – Earlier, leather used to be the only type of material for boots. But these days, you will find heavy-duty ones made of fabric. It’s not right to say that leather is better than fabric or vice versa. It entirely depends on your taste and comfort. But you should also consider how you use the pair when choosing the material.
  • Consider the weather – You should also factor in the weather when purchasing boots. A pair that is ideal for summer might not be great for winter. Furthermore, if you want to wear boots on wet ground, choose something that withstands water.

One handy tip that you can follow after buying boots is to wear them indoors for a few minutes. That way, you will be able to determine if they are a snug fit. Also, check out shoe care accessories that will enable the footwear to last a good couple of years. Whatever you are searching for, our shopping search engine has got you covered. So, browse and buy today!

Question & Answer

How to take care of leather boots?

Leather boots are not cheap. Therefore, everybody wants them to last at least a couple of years or more. The good news is that leather, when taken care of, is pretty resilient to the elements. A waterproof spray on the surface will protect it from any unexpected weather or snow. However, you should still dry the shoes completely before putting them away even if they come with a coating. Over time, leather will lose its original shine as the moisture content reduces. Good thing, you can restore this using a leather conditioner that restores the moisture. That’s why it is essential to invest in high-quality shoe care accessories.

Can guys wear women’s boots?

In most cases, it is not advisable for men to wear boots that are designed for women. But if a person has particularly narrow feet, then they might find it difficult to find the right fit of boots for men. In that case, it is better to go for women’s boots instead of wearing ill-fitting ones. But there are a few things you should know before doing that. First, check the size conversion between men’s and women’s boots. Usually, the sizes for women are 1.5 more than that of men. Again, this changes depending on the size convention. Second, this only works for some casual shoes. So, always refer to the shop’s size chart for the right buying decision.

Can boots be worn in the summer?

Sandals and flats are often linked to spring and summer. As a result, people tend to have an aversion to boots during these seasons. But in reality, there is no reason to stop wearing your favourite boots just because of the time of the year. Quite the contrary, they can be a great addition to most of your summer outfits. But make sure that your pair features plenty of room for air circulation. What’s more, it must be made of thin materials. This way, you’ll have happy feet all day. We recommend you check out customer reviews online to know the best brand that offers a collection of boots perfect for the summer season. Amongst the few good ones you can consider include Nike, Dr Martens, Gucci, Caterpillar, and Lee Cooper.

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