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About Calf Boots

Wearing calf boots is the perfect way to brave the cold weather while looking stylish at the same time. They hit somewhere between the ankle and just below the knee, making them one of the cutest footwear varieties available. However, they can be quite tricky to wear since they create a line across the leg that makes you look shorter.

Knowing the ways to pull off calf boots will make you confident in wearing them on any occasion. And yes, this includes mixing and matching your ensembles and accessories. On this page, we will unveil everything you need to know about this footwear. As a bonus, we will also share some styling inspirations that can bring out the best in your look. is a treasure trove of wide-ranging boots from more than 500 online stores and brands. Therefore, you can get a pair that perfectly flatters your physique. Without further ado, let us kick off the journey. 

Things you need to know about wide-calf over-the-knee boots 

Most women with wide calves think that they won’t look sexy and stunning in boots. If you are one of them, do not lose your confidence. Large calf boots are the ultimate solution, as they come with a distinct design that creates an illusion of slimmer calves. What’s more, they provide you with extra legroom for supreme comfort. No wonder, they are highly in-demand amongst plus-size women around the world. Don’t you have wide calf boots in your wardrobe yet? Then, it is about time to join the bandwagon. However, before you enjoy a shopping adventure, it is important to know more about this iconic footwear first. 

Transform your style from boring to alluring  

When embarking on your online shopping journey, you will discover a whole new world of options. Whatever you pick, ensure that they will flatter your best features and reflect your personality. Also, mixing and matching your choice with the right outfit is the key to slaying your OOTD. With the vast array of shops here on our product search engine, shopping won’t be a chore. Transform your look by checking out the styles and designs that the best shops have in store. You can also explore the offerings of high-calibre brands such as Vince Camuto, Tommy Hilfiger, Clarks, Dr. Martens, Calvin Klein, and White Mountain. 

Spoil your feet with comfort  

Style does not mean a thing if you are not comfortable. Thanks to the space offered by wide calf thigh-high boots, your feet get more room to breathe and move. This is just what you need, especially when you have to be up on your feet all day. However, if you have short legs and want to make them look a little bit longer, try a heeled pair. What’s more, wide calf boots are designed to provide your legs and feet with the ample space they need. Thus, you no longer have to squeeze them into a pair that does not even fit and suit you. For more exquisite selections, check out the models that Aldo, Franco Sarto, Asos, and Kurt Geiger have in store. 

Styling ideas with mid-calf boots  

When buying wide calf boots online, do not forget to check out mid-calf boots as well. You can pair them with cropped jeans. However, ensure the hem of your trousers hits the top of the footwear to avoid any dull-looking gaps. Alternatively, you can wear them with skinny jeans, as they create the illusion of longer legs. A pencil cut or skater skirt also looks fabulous with mid-calf boots. For a chic and classy vibe, pair them with colour-coordinated tights. Now that you already have an idea of how to look your best with boots, it’s time to check out the tips on making the right choice. 

Tips on how to buy Calf Boots online in Dubai 

Beauty is one of the essences of being a woman, and we understand that you want to look your best from head to foot. Whether you are plus-sized, petite, simple, or quirky, we’d love to help you find the right calf boots that can unleash your confidence. We compiled below some guidelines to make your online shopping an easy-breezy experience. In a nutshell, everything boils down to quality, fit, features, and style.

  • Go for slouch styles – The best way to balance out your body’s proportions is to wear calf-length boots that slouch, as they are more flattering. By adding volume to the lower leg, they bulk up a narrow calf and flatten out a wider calf.
  • Got short legs? Go for mid-calf boots – Heeled pairs add some height and length to your legs, making them a great pick for those who have not been blessed with long legs. A narrow wedge heel or stiletto is ideal for slim figures. Meanwhile, if you are on the curvier side, go for cone heels, chunkier wedges, or stacked heels. They perfectly create an illusion of elongated legs.
  • Search for your sweet spot – Bear in mind that calf-length boots come in different shaft heights. Some styles look perfect when a little higher on the calf while others are great when the tops finish under it. Experiment with different outfits to figure out the pair that works best for you.
  • Mind the colour tone – Keeping your boots tonal means choosing shades similar to your legs, jeans, tights, or hose. Doing so creates a continuous flowing line, as the two have the same colour intensity. So, we recommend you choose wisely.
  • Consider features with function – Several tall boots come with elastic goring at the sides, top, or back of the leg to accommodate a fuller calf. Basically, this is designed to ensure that wide calf boots won’t gape. You can also opt for those with buckles and laces, as they can be adjusted to fit your feet.

There are several things to look for when searching for a pair of calf boots. However, what matters most is how you slay the shoes and what you feel about yourself. By being confident in your skin, you can look good in any outfit. Hope the tips above have given you some ideas on how to make a smart decision. Experience a fantastic shopping journey at any of the stores here on!

Question & Answer

How to stretch calf boots?

Boots can complement any outfit, but having curvy calves will make it a bit difficult to search for a pair that fits right. Don’t lose hope, as if you have zippered boots that are a little snug in the calves you can still stretch them out. We will share with you an effective hack that works. All you need to do is insert a calf stretcher into your footwear. Then, spray it with a stretching spray if you prefer extra stretch. Next, widen the boot stretcher by twisting its wheel or handle, and leave it overnight. Give this a try, and you will be wowed by the result.

Are mid-calf boots flattering?

Recommended for women with rectangular body shapes, mid-calf boots create an illusion of a sexy physique and curvy calves. Whether you are tall or short, the design of these boots is designed to add some volume to your ankles and calves. So, yes, they are flattering. Meanwhile, for a more feminine look and extra length, opt for heeled calf-length boots. Now that you know the tricks in styling mid-calf boots, you can say finally say goodbye to awkward mismatched outfit combos. For more ideas, check out how your favourite celebs rock a pair.

Can you wear mid-calf boots in summer?

Of course, you can. That is because mid-calf boots can be combined with sheer, flowy dresses of any length. However, there is no need to add a denim jacket and a pair of tights to your outfit. Since it’s summer, keep your look as minimal as possible. If you want, you can also accentuate your get-up by experimenting with simple accessories. Boho-style ornaments always do the trick. Meanwhile, if you want something plain and simple, gold rose and silver jewellery pieces are an awesome choice too. Whichever you pick, what matters most is that you are confident and comfortable.

Where to buy wide calf boots in the UAE?

You are blessed if you live in this country and you love calf boots to bits! That’s because there are a lot of online shops that offer them at amazing prices and incredible deals. Where else can you find them but here on Aside from the myriads of choices that await you, there are also exciting offers and deals that are too good to miss. Thus, you will enjoy your shopping spree all year round. So, you’d better get started today while the best options last!

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