Rain Boots

About Rain Boots

Let’s face the ugly truth—the rain can spoil the best of plans and, of course, our outfit. If you live in a place where rains are frequent, you know that the struggle is real. The good news is, rain boots can save the day! A chic and durable pair will help you step out in style as you walk on the wet and muddy lane. We want you to maintain your poise and keep yourself protected during the wet season. So, we will reveal everything you need to know when shopping online. 

But wait. Why do you need waterproof rain boots in the first place? Well, they are inevitable to keep your feet warm, dry, and protected in wet and cold weather. They also prevent the risk of having trench foot, a painful condition that causes the feet to become numb, cold, swollen, and discoloured due to prolonged immersion in floodwater. Aside from this condition, walking through the flood also gets you exposed to contaminants. These include pesticides, raw sewage, toxic substances, high bacterial counts, chemicals, and animal waste. In fact, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, these contaminants are associated with health issues such as flu symptoms, headache, upset stomach, and intestinal problems.  

Things you need to know about rain boots  

Now that you already know the benefits of rain boots, let us discover how they came to be. History books claim that they first appeared in Britain in the 19th century. Duke of Wellington Arthur Wellesley used to wear Hessian boots, which were a standard in the military. They featured leather construction, a semi-pointed toe, and a tassel on the top. Wanting to enhance them, he commissioned his personal shoemaker to create a variation for him. Per his instructions, the shoemaker got rid of the trim around the calf, cut the boot closer around the leg, and shortened the heel. The masterpiece resulted in Wellingtons, which instantly became a hit amongst the aristocratic people. Today, these are one of the most iconic and functional rain boots worn by people from all walks of life.  

How to pick stylish rain boots for women  

Who says you cannot add a pop of colour to the gloomy rainy days? It just takes the best rain boots for women to do that. Rain wedges with pleating and buckle detailing feature a feminine touch. If you want to unleash your hidden style diva, go for a pair with colourful, playful prints. You can also opt for women’s rain boots with removable sheepskin insole and fur lining to keep your feet happy all day. In stormy weather, rock your outfit with tall and durable hunter rain boots. Featuring an ultra-protective and slip-resistant sole, these enable you to walk in rain and mud effortlessly.  

Men’s rain boots for sale online  

Unlike what many people think, waterproof boots are not only popular amongst women and children. In fact, there is now a growing selection of fashionable options for men. These are generally available in two types: one that can be worn on its own and one that slips right over a shoe. They are also constructed either of PVC or natural rubber, which is a durable material. With the wide array of options available in the market, it can be quite daunting to make the final choice. Well, our advice is to go for the men’s rain boots that you fancy, so you would be happy wearing them in the long run. Of course, it is also essential to verify its quality and longevity by checking out customers reviews.    

How to choose the right size when buying rain boots online 

There must be adequate space at the tip of the boots to move your toes comfortably. It is also crucial to ensure that the heel lifts with ease. However, if it slams when you walk, then that means the boot is too large for your feet. There must also be ample space for an extra pair of socks, but make sure it won’t be too tight. This will particularly be useful on those cold, rainy days where an extra layer of insulation is required. Moreover, the opening at the calf must be wide enough so your legs can slip in with ease. Check the shoe size chart when shopping online to get the pair with the right fit. Most importantly, read the product description carefully to know which one suits your needs best.  

Tips on how to buy Rain Boots in the UAE

There are a lot of rain boot options available in the market. Thus, it’s important to choose wisely when shopping. Knowing the factors to consider is the best way to have an informed buying decision. You deserve happy feet, comfort, and of course, the highest level of satisfaction. That’s why we have compiled below some points to keep in mind when hunting for the best rain boots.

  • Traction and slip – Walking on a wet surface increases your risk of slipping. Waterproof boots, such as Timberland boots, UGG boots, and Palladium boots, come with rubber or strong grips to ensure superior traction and solid slip resistance on any surface. Thus, they are your best pick.
  • Shock protection – Waterproof boots are also worth investing in, as they protect you from downed power lines, which are life-threatening. Several types of waterproof boots have antistatic properties, which help reduce the risk of electric shocks and prevent an electrostatic charge.
  • Comfort – Most types of rain boots are lightweight. Hence, you can comfortably walk on the dirty floodwater without getting your feet wet. That is why it is crucial to opt for a high-quality pair.
  • Weight – One of the downsides of classic rain boots is that they can be heavy due to their long shaft and thick sole. Therefore, it is important to opt for a lighter model, especially if you need to walk long hours in the rain.
  • Flexibility – We also recommend selecting a pair of boots featuring a soft sole. This will give you happy feet by making your strides comfortable, especially on a muddy or murky surface. So, choose wisely when buying in any of the stores here on our product search engine.
  • Insulation – The beauty of rain boots is that they are a versatile fashion ensemble. So, you can wear them any season. If you are a fan of puddle-jumping in summer, then we recommend you go for a rubber model.

With the right pair of rain boots, you can finally avoid getting your feet immersed in dirty floodwater. Hope the tips and tricks we mentioned above would guide you in making the best decision. And now, it is time for the real deal. Embark on your search for a high-quality pair of boots in any of the stores here on our shopping search engine!

Question & Answer

Are rain boots slip-resistant?

Yes, they are. You can tell this by examining the outsole. Choose a pair with a soft rubber outsole to ensure its slip resistance when exposed to oil, water, and other compounds. Don’t forget to read the product description carefully to verify the quality of the pair you’re setting your sights on. Moreover, it’s advisable to refer to reviews to get an idea of the shoes’ overall features. When it comes to the brands, most customers agree that amongst the best ones are Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, UGG, Ralph Lauren, and Coach.

Why buy hunter rain boots?

There are several reasons to consider owning hunter rain boots. Generally, they are aesthetically simple with solid and reliable construction. What’s more, they are offered in an array of sizes and colours, making them the leading choice for all age groups. Not to mention, their style and design are also versatile. Hence, they can be paired with almost any ensemble from stylish skirts to stunning snowsuits. However, though rain boots can also be worn in winter, they are not the warmest or most durable option available. So, it would be great to have different pairs for various weather and seasons. Whether you are searching for kids’ rain boots, baby rain boots, or Burberry rain boots, we’ve got them all for you. Check out more than 500 online shops here on our UAE search engine.

Why are hunter rain boots so expensive?

There are three main reasons why hunter rain boots are pricey. First, their classic appeal never goes out of style. Second, their durability and toughness exceed those of normal shoes available in the market today. Therefore, you can expect them to stand the test of time. Third, hunter boots are versatile and adaptable, as they are suitable for extreme summer or winter conditions. Though these are an expensive choice, their outstanding features are worth every penny you spend. Amongst the leading brands that offer a fantastic collection of these boots include Sorel, Aigle, Tretorn, Givenchy, Sam Edelman, and Sakroots.

When to wear rain boots?

Just because cheap rain boots are worn when walking in floodwater doesn’t mean they are only made for that purpose. They are perfect in dirty, marshy, muddy, wet, or soggy places. Other people also wear them when gardening or fishing. What’s more, you can find fashionable rain boots that can be used in the snow. Thus, rain boots are your best pick if you’re looking for versatile and adaptable footwear. However, opt for a high-quality pair to ensure that it stands the test of time. Of course, the best way to verify this is by checking out customer reviews and ratings.