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Cowboy boots, also known as Western boots, achieved massive popularity in the Wild West. With a timeless legacy that continues today, they claim an undisputed position in the fashion world. No wonder, they are a common sight in magazines, TV shows, movies, red carpets, and amongst fashionistas. Featuring a distinguishable design, they exude an irresistible charm.

If you’re captivated by the classic appeal of cowboy boots, is the best place in the online world to discover everything about this footwear. Here on our product search engine , a wide variety of styles and designs await you. Plus, you can explore over 500 online stores offering a broad spectrum of brands and collections to choose from. And here’s the best part—you can take advantage of a bunch of exciting deals and amazing prices too. If you are excited to embark on your shopping journey, so are we! However, it is imperative to equip yourself with knowledge before making the final decision. On this page, we will share some tips on how to find the pair that vibes with your style. So, without further ado, let’s get started below.

Interesting facts about cowboy boots

In the early 19th century, riding boots featured tall tops and distinctive heels that were specifically designed to bear the brunt of the American West’s harsh elements. They were later on called cowboy boots, and their features are still visible in the modern version we know today. In terms of design, this footwear comes with a signature look—a high shaft, a Cuban heel, and either a pointed or rounded toe section. Traditionally, cowboy boots lack a lacing system, but this is now prevalent in some contemporary versions. When it comes to materials, they are usually made of cowhide leather or skin of animals, such as alligators, buffalos, elephants, lizards, and snakes. Meanwhile, other manufacturers use faux leather in the shoemaking process to prevent the endangerment of species. Now that you have already discovered the history of cowboy boots, it’s time to know their various types.

Classic Western cowboy-style boots

This footwear features a simple and straightforward design, as well as a shaft that is typically 12 inches long. There are no laces, and a toe box gives the toes maximum protection if a horse were to step on them. What’s more, the part of the boot visible under the trouser cuffs can come in bright vegetable dyes, contrast-coloured stitching, and leather tooling. Therefore, you can unleash your quirky side by picking the pair that reflects your style and personality. Overall, if you want to wear an iconic pair of boots , go for the Classic Western style. Check out the wide array of selections offered by the online shops here on our product search engine. They also give amazing treats through their great deals and prices. Thus, every shopping experience becomes worth looking forward to.

Western Work boots

The heels of this boot are durable, comfy, and functional. Therefore, Western Work boots are suitable for men who are up on their feet for long hours. The material construction of their sole varies, but it is usually made with traction rubber and tread. Other varieties also come with midsoles that are cushioned for maximum shock absorption.  Hence, if you are looking for both style and comfort, you will never go wrong with a Western work boot. Plus, it comes in an exciting array of designs that enable you to showcase your taste and character. Some of the leading brands you can consider include Frye, Jeffrey Campbell, Crocodile, Calvin Klein, Lucchese Roper, and many more. Choose a pair that suits your taste and budget to enjoy a buying experience like no other.


Looking for cowboy boots designed for shows and entertainment? Then Buckaroo is the pair of shoes you need to invest in. Its shaft, which is approximately more than 14 inches, is higher than the Classic Western boot. What’s more, its stitching and design are more pronounced, making it well-loved by showmen, celebrities, and artists. If you are searching for something that will make you stand out at a party or gala, then this is your best pick. You will never run out of fantastic choices, as buckaroo boots are available in a wide range of colours and designs. Thus, you can rest assured that you will enjoy your shopping spree. Amongst the brands you can check out include Ariat, Zara, Isabel Marant, Harley Davidson, Tony Lama, and many more. However, when making the final decision, ensure that your chosen pair gives you the best value for money.

Other types of the best cowboy boots for men and women

Are you looking for something shorter and will make your feet comfortable all day? Then, the shortie boot is a great choice. As its name suggests, it is shorter than its Classic Western variety, which has a shaft height measuring 6 to 10 inches. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a pair that will provide your feet with superior protection, you can never go wrong with riding boots. These are widely common in both Western and English riding circles. Featuring durability and comfort, they are designed to protect the legs of horse riders from being pinched by the saddle’s leather. Furthermore, they hold the foot in a stirrup securely. Ultimately, you can also go for the stockman boot, which features a deeper throat, also known as scallop .

Tips on how to buy Cowboy Boots online

Once you find a pair that makes your heart skip a beat, don’t be hasty in buying it. Keep in mind that knowledge will help you make the right choice and get the best value for your money. Thus, it is important to know the things to need to consider before placing an order. Our mission is to help you experience the best in shopping. Thus, we have compiled the following tips and tricks that will serve as your guide.

  • Check out different toe shapes – Cowboy boots come with various toe styles and sizes such as rounded, square, and pointed. Go for the one that fits snuggly and suits your taste.
  • Decide on the height of the heels – By tradition, the heels of cowboy boots range from 1 1/2-inch to 1 5/8-inch. This is to secure the cowboys’ foot behind a riding stirrup and enable them to manoeuvre on the back of a horse safely.
  • Hey men, size down! – Usually, men’s size in cowboy boots is one size down from what they wear in dress shoes. Keep in mind that the former must be more form-fitted without discomfort.
  • Make sure it’s snug – You know you have made the right choice if the boot of your choice is extremely snug on the top and sides of your foot. In this case, refer to a shoe size chart online to know if your choice will fit perfectly.
  • Leather quality – If the boot of your choice smells like chemicals and plastic, then that only means it has poor leather quality. A good one smells like leather, comes with good stitching, and is smooth to the touch.

Cowboy boots are a fantastic choice if you want to be a crowd-stunner. However, to make that possible, it is imperative to determine the one that will best suit your style and preferences. Follow the tips we’ve mentioned above to have an easy-breezy online shopping experience. If you think you are ready to kick off your journey, check out the options that await you in more than 500 shops here on our product search engine. Have an exciting buying spree!

Question & Answer

Are cowboy boots comfortable?

Cowboy boots are sexy on men, adorable on women, and cute on kids. If you are wondering whether they are comfortable or not, the answer is YES. However, this will only be possible if you pick a good brand. The three key factors that will determine the boots’ comfort are an EVA-cushioned footbed, rubber outer soles, and a snug fit. Thus, it pays to read product descriptions and reviews before making the final decision. In doing so, not only you will experience satisfaction but also get the best value for your money.

How should cowboy boots fit on the calf?

The correct size is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing cowboy boots and any other types of shoes. Therefore, check the shape of the toes, the length of the footwear, the heel height, and the width of the calf. For length, measure from the longest points of your foot. Meanwhile, to determine your calf width, measure around the widest part of your calf. To get an accurate measurement, grab a piece of paper and draw around your foot. The figures can then be compared to the sizing chart of the manufacturer.

Which brand of cowboy boots is the best?

Several cowboy boot brands can meet your specific requirements, whether you are searching for high-quality show wear, a pair for horse riding, or something that can spruce up your fashion statement. Catering to men, women, and even kids, they are constructed to the highest standards. Amongst the best brands you can consider include Anderson Bean, Nocona, Dan Post, Frye Boot Company, Old Gringo, Justin, Stetson, Tony Lama, Ariat, Lucchese, and many more. With the myriads of selections to choose from, you can expect nothing but a fun online shopping experience.

What’s the best website to buy men’s cowboy boots online?

There are several websites to buy cowboy boots from. However, only a few offer a complete selection of products from different brands and online stores. Since you are here, that means is one of the best websites you consider in making a purchase. Your happiness and satisfaction are our top priorities. So, you can find here more than 500 online shops offering popular brands, great prices, and amazing deals. What’s more, we are a superfast and user-friendly product search engine. So, you can expect nothing but the best shopping journey.

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