Mama over-the-knee boots
Mama over-the-knee boots
Elevate your new-season edits with these over-the-knee Mama boots from Paris Texas. Crafted from black fabric, they feature a side zip closure, a stiletto heel and a sharp pointed toe that elongates the silhouette. Show them off with mid-length hemlines.
Emilie over-the-knee boots
Emilie over-the-knee boots
Illustrative of Stella McCartney's low-impact approach, these black Emilie boots are crafted from buffed faux leather and rest on a sustainable wood platform sole. The upper is shaped to a classic over-the-knee profile with a zipper fastening and distinctive deep-grip rubber sole.
Mama over-the-knee boots
Mama over-the-knee boots
Elevate your new-season edits with these over-the-knee Mama boots from Paris Texas. Crafted from brown suede, they feature a side zip closure, a stiletto heel and a sharp pointed toe that elongates the silhouette. Show them off with mid-length hemlines.

About Thigh-High Boots

Flats are for summer while boots are for winter. Specifically, thigh-high boots can do the trick if you wish to experiment with your style during the cold season. They are a perfect fusion of style and elegance, making them a great addition to your shoe collection. We know how excited you are to start your buying journey. However, let’s first get started with the basics to equip you with knowledge in choosing the right pair. Below, we will disclose everything you need to know about thigh-high boots. 

Thigh-highs, which are also called thigh bootsover-the-knee boots, or thigh-length boots, extend above the knees to at least the middle of the thigh. Historically, the term has been used to pertain to men’s riding boots in the 15th century. Today, they are a worldwide hit amongst women who value class and sophistication. When it comes to material construction, it typically ranges from different leathers to synthetics such as microfibre, polyester, or silk. The heel height also varies greatly, so you can take your pick from flats to heels that are greater than 3 inches. What’s more, you can choose from chunky to spiky styles. And that means you can showcase your personality through your footwear.  

Shop for thigh-high boots suited to your personality 

The golden rule when it comes to buying boots is that you need to choose based on your character and personality. Wearing a pair that’s chic and snazzy won’t mean a thing if you don’t know how to carry it well with confidence. That is why it is essential to be comfortable with what you’re wearing. In this case, you need to answer a few questions to determine the boots that will perfectly suit your physique, style, and preferences. What kind of girl are you? What’s your lifestyle like? Does your work require you to travel a lot or just to stay in the office? Do you want to be on the classy or cool side? Do you love to experiment with your everyday get-up? Let’s discover the answers below to help you select the right pair that’s perfect for who you are.  

The classic gal  

Does 1960’s fashion have a special place in your heart? Then you can slay vintage glam at its finest by pairing black thigh-high boots with a chic mini dress. Pull off an oversized coat to finish off your look. It’s also important to play with colours and patterns since you are aiming to achieve a classic look. Being as monochromatic as possible is the best way to do this. Hence, opt for neutral shades such as black, white, maroon, burgundy, or tan for your tops and bottoms. Meanwhile, go for bold-coloured boots if you want to make a statement at a party. You can also pull off a chequered blazer or blouse to add zing to your OOTD. Of course, don’t forget to doll up to sweep everyone off their feet.  

The sporty lady  

Who says you cannot pair flat thigh-high boots with shorts? If you are the kind of gal who’s active and always on your feet, you can never go wrong with this fashion statement. Showing a flash of leg gives you a cool, laidback aura. However, ensure that your shorts fit nicely and are in decent length. You can also add a dash of playfulness to your outfit by opting for ripped denim or studded leather shorts. When it comes to your tops, just keep them plain and simple. Keep in mind that the boots are already a stunner. So, it would be great to tone your outfit down a bit. If you are searching for something that will suit you perfectly, amongst your best picks, include Forever 21, UGG, Chanel, Asos, Louis Vuitton, and Puma.   

The career woman  

Is career your top priority in life? Don’t compromise your everyday look despite your hectic schedule by being as stylish as ever. Make a signature fashion statement in the office by opting for a pair of thigh-high heel boots. You can also experiment with various fabrics, colours, and materials to achieve a classy but business-like get-up. However, make sure that your chosen pair will perfectly complement your office clothesline. In this case, leather or suede can do the trick, as they are versatile enough to match anything in your wardrobe. When it comes to the colours, play safe by keeping them as neutral as possible. Keep in mind that colour coordination is the key when aiming for a corporate look. So, opt for black, tan, shades of brown, maroon, and white.   

The on-the-go chick 

Does your work or lifestyle require you to be out and about all day? Do you live and breathe travel? Then, it would be wise to invest in flat thigh-high boots. These are comfy and stylish enough to help you move around with ease and, of course, class. Not to mention, they are versatile enough to suit different body types. Plus, they are also easy to mix and match with any ensemble in your wardrobe. Whether you go for a simple white shirt and blue jeans or a mini black dress, you will look stunning in flat boots. That’s why they will always be worth every penny you spend. Some of the leading brands that you can rely on when searching for flat thigh-highs include Steve Madden, Balenciaga, Fendi, Stuart Weitzman, Gucci, Louboutin, and Aldo.

Tips on shopping for Thigh-High Boots online

Boots have got you covered whether you’re going to a girls’ night out, aiming to look smart at work, or want to be classy on a date. They can spruce up different outfits in unimaginable ways. It is, therefore, imperative to choose the right pair that complements your style. Use the pointers below to be on the right track.

  • Stacked suede heel – Aren’t you a fan of high heels, as they take a toll on your comfort? Medium-heeled boots are a great alternative. They are versatile enough to achieve a casual or formal vibe, so you can never go wrong with them.
  • Stretch velvet – Do you want to be a scene-stealer at a bar or a party? Stretch thigh-highs boots in velvet are a perfect option for women who have big thighs and legs. Aside from their stretchy fabric, they also come in different feminine colours that can take your stylishness to the next level.
  • Faux leather tie-up – The beauty of tie-up leather thigh-high boots is that they give you an illusion of slimmer calves. They are also roomier than standard ones, so they can fit your legs snuggly. Plus, they are a great option for layering over jeans.
  • Sock-fit – Several stretchy boots loosen over time and ultimately begin drooping past your knees. Well, the good news is, sock-fit boots feature a string at the top to secure them in place.
  • Lace-ups – These are considered the most versatile type of boots, as they adjust to fit any leg. However, one of their downsides is that they are quite difficult to take off.

Thigh-high boots are adorable. Featuring an iconic design, they are one of the favourite ensembles of women in their closet. What’s more, they are versatile enough to be worn in casual, smart casual, and formal settings. Now, you have already discovered the ways on how to purchase a stylish pair that flatters your best features. So, kick off your shoe shopping journey on any of the stores here on Have fun!

Question & Answer

How to keep thigh-high boots up?

Probably, one of the common issues you encounter when wearing thigh-high boots is how to keep them up. Well, you are not alone. The good news is, there are quite a few simple hacks that you can try. One of them is opting for a pair of tights with a bit of texture, so the boots have something to grip onto. You can also use a fashion tape, which sticks to the inside of the boot and then to your leg. Ultimately, you can use boot clips to hang your footwear in its own space. They also keep the boots upright and prevent them from folding over.

Are thigh-high boots appropriate for work?

Of course, you can. However, you need to follow some guidelines to rock a decent yet stylish business attire. Pair your boots with a neutral shade of coat, a skirt with decent length, and a chic button-down to polish your look. Thigh-high boots are also available in varying heel heights. Are you attending a very important business meeting? Go for high heels, as they add a touch of sophistication to your outfit and smarten up your posture. Don’t be afraid to wear boots at work. As long as you keep your outfit as formal as possible, you will always be confident and ready to face the world.

What to wear with thigh-high boots?

Just like any other type of footwear, thigh-high boots can work wonders for any outfit. They are perfect for bringing out a casual, formal, or business vibe to your get-up. However, you need to properly mix and match them. If you’re in the mood to be casual, then jeans and shorts are the best ensembles to go for. For formal or business attire, you can opt for slacks, button-down blouses, dresses, and coats. It’s also important to colour-coordinate your look to make a lasting impression in the workplace.

Where to buy thigh-high boots?

The UAE is the best place to shop for chic and trendy thigh-high boots. No wonder, it is considered by many as a treasure trove of the best fashion ensembles. Aside from the wide array of options to choose from, you can also get a chance to indulge in amazing prices and great deals all year round. In case you’re searching for the best places to buy thigh-high boots, you can browse various shops here on They carry renowned brands and genuine products at delightful prices. Whether you’re searching for plus-size thigh-high boots, men’s thigh-high boots, or cheap thigh-high boots, we’ve got you covered from A to Z. So, explore our product search engine today to enjoy your buying spree!