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Black Small Notebook Cover
Black Small Notebook Cover
Notebooks should be just as well dressed as their owners. Designed in Paris, Montroi's is the perfect solution. Made from the finest European calf leather with suede lining, it will stylishly withstand daily wear and tear. Insert a new notebook as often as required and enjoy this cover for years to come.
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About Notepads & Notebooks

Whether you are at school, workplace or on a trip, a writing pad works as an excellent repository for your thoughts, to-dos, schedules, and everything that you want to store or remember. So, let us explore various notepads & notebooks along with their uses in our day to day lives.  

A notebook or notepad is a stack of pages used for recording notes, to-do list, writing, drawing, and noting down anything you want to remember. We have been using notepads & notebooks since our childhood to study, take notes, record thoughts, and do a lot more things. However, as we grew up, we could find them in a lot of varieties. They are companions for some people whereas a time management tool for others, especially at workplaces. Address books, guestbooks, notebooks, sticky notes, and cashbooks are some of the prominent forms in which you will find writing pads at offices or personal spaces. If you are planning to buy notepad online in the UAE, then here is the guide that will help you.

Things you need to know about notepads & notebooks

Writing pads come in a wide assortment depending upon individual requirements. From big ones to pocket-sized ones and from hard-bound to softcovers, you can find them in any variety. If you like journaling, you can go for the best journal notebook whereas, in an office environment where you need to write schedules, to-do lists and take notes while meeting with prospects, a notepad becomes a necessity. Address books are another pad that lets you record the name, address, contact details and more information of stakeholders in one place. If you are planning to buy a writing pad, read on to explore more details.

Blank notepad or notebook

It is one of the prime choices of artists, writers, thinkers, and everyone who needs a clean slate to work on. These notepads or notebooks come with blank pages. The same makes them apt for everything from musing to taking notes and even sketching. If you go for high-quality pads, you will get quality pages that remain unaffected by air and light. Moreover, the hardcover will protect the pages and also doubles as a convenient writing surface. Some pads even come with bookmarks that can lay between the pages you are working on. It makes it easy for you to pick from where you left. Also, look for an elastic closure so that the book remains protected when not in use or while you are travelling.

Ruled A4 & A5 notepads

A4 and A5 are two of the most common sizes of notepads you will find in office spaces. These office supplies will usually come in a ruled format so that you can easily take notes or write down a to-do list. You can find them in various binding options like padding, perfect, spiral, comb, disc, etc. The type of binding decides how the notepad will lie on the table when they are open. If you are unable to decide between the size options, then we must tell you that A5 is an appropriate size for taking notes while meeting and even prepare the to-do list. But, if you are in search of a writing pad that can accommodate most of your details, then you should better go for A4 sizes as they are spacious.

Leather refillable notebook

A refillable notebook is an excellent innovation in the world of stationery. It allows you to easily add, remove and reposition papers based on your requirements. If you purchase the leather cover book, you also get an aesthetic appeal along with fantastic functionality. If you are a prolific writer then you must be completing one notebook in a month. Buying a new journal every month can be expensive if you like maintaining a leather cover book. So, it’s great to go for the best refillable notebook from which you can pop out the old pages and include the new inexpensive inserts.

Pocket size notebook, Steno notepad & other popular varieties

Apart from standard notepads & notebooks, there are other varieties as well. Whether you are heading to school or work, a pocket-size notebook, say 5.5 inches high can perfectly fit your purse, bag, backpack, or anything you are carrying. It can be a go-to pad for you to take quick notes. Another popular variety is steno notepads that were used by news reporter and secretaries before voice recorders become popular. An address book is another popular type that helps you keep a record of names, contacts, addresses, email and more details of employees, customers, clients, and other stakeholders. Guestbooks, sticky notes, and cashbook are other varieties that serve different personal and business purposes.

Tips for purchasing Notepads & Notebooks in Dubai

Notebooks or notepads seems to be a straightforward purchase. But when you head to the market for purchasing one, the high amount of options out there may confuse you. Some notepads come in standard A5 size, apt for taking notes in meetings. On the other hand, some are pocket-sized to keep in a purse all the time for taking quick notes. You may even go for journal diaries, apt for prolific writers. If you are having a hard time selecting one, here are some tips that will help you.

  • Consider the number of pages– This is the most important and obvious consideration. While choosing your writing pad, you should know how many pages you are going to require. The notepad you purchase can have 50, 100 or more pages whereas notebooks can have more number say 365, one for each day. It can also be more or lesser. Your choice depends on your requirements.
  • Consider the size– You can find notebook and notepads in any size, eg., A5, A4 and even bigger or smaller options. If you want to keep it all the time with you then go for pocket-sized or A5. However, for journaling, sketching, or doodling, you might require a bigger size like A4.
  • Consider binding options– The binding of a notebook plays a crucial role in its life and usage. Sewn binding is strong and durable, however, the books with spiral binding can open flat. There are types as well like glued, PUR-glued, and lay-flat binding. There is even a binding through which you can remove or replace pages.
  • Consider the purpose of purchase– This is again an important consideration. You might require writing pad or notebook for journaling or sketching or doodling. However, a diary apt for journaling or taking notes might not be apt for drawing. So, take your purpose into consideration.

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Question & Answer

Can a spiral notebook be recycled?

It depends upon the pages, cover and spiral binding materials of the notebook. You need to separate the pages from the spiral binding material and cover first. The white or light coloured papers can be kept in normal recycling bins. About the spiral, if it is made up of metal, then it can be recycled with other household metals. You have to also check the cover material as well. If the cover is of paper or cardboard then it can go in the bin but if it is of plastic, then the case becomes doubtful.

What notebook is best for bullet journaling?

If you have just started with bullet journaling, then you should keep your selection simple and minimalistic. Look for the features like preprinted key and index page so that you quickly and effectively organize your bullet journal. Also, go for the flat designs so that you can write or draw on all the angles easily. You can choose from any patterns like grid, lined, squared, or plain pages depending upon on how you plan to use your bullet journal.

Which notebook is best for notes?

If you are planning to buy a notebook for taking notes, then you should keep certain factors in mind. The best notebook will be the one that gives you lined sections for dates, notes, and actions to keep your to-dos organized. The papers should be smooth and bleed-resistant so that you will not have to worry about the ink being transferred to the next page. The best notebook will also lay flat on the surface so that you feel no trouble taking notes.

Where is the best place to buy notepads and notebooks online in the UAE?

If you are in search of the best notepads and notebooks online in the UAE, then you are in the correct place. Here at, you can find a range of options offered by brands like Mead, Oxford, Montblanc, Sanrio, and Ted Baker. Moreover, you can find over 500 online stores to buy notepad stationery and notebooks from. So, go ahead and grab the best ones before the latest collection ends.

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