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About Receipt Books

Generating receipts is an essential practice for all businesses. It helps you keep accurate records, serve customers expertly and maintain transparency. If you have such business ethics, you cannot overlook the importance of having a quality and professional receipt book. Let us explore more!

A receipt book is a book that contains receipts. To understand it, you should be well-versed with the concept of receipts and their types. A receipt is a written or printed acknowledgement that some value is transferred from one party to another. Receipt for payment comes in different forms as per the business type and requirements. However, some of the standard components include the name or UPC of the product, its quantity, price, total price with tax included and date of purchase. You will also find the business details like the name of the business, address, email address and contact information on the receipts. It works as an official sales record for a company. So, if you are in need of a new one or want to replace the old and unprofessional one, here’s the guide to get a new one.

Things you need to know about payment receipts

If you are making a huge amount of sales, shipping products, taking payments and sorting taxes on a daily basis, then it might be difficult for you to keep track of things. An excellent way to sort all the activities is by having a receipt book. A receipt is an umbrella term for all kinds of documents and even electronic references that record transactions. For example, sales receipt, order receipt, purchase invoice, credit card slips etc. However, all these are not the same. Like, a full invoice has every sales information you can think of, but in a simplified one, you can just let some details go like the quantity of each item, rate of discount per item etc. If you are planning to buy a receipt book online in the UAE, go through the below guide.

Difference between official receipt & sales invoice

A lot of business owners remain confused about these terms. Sometimes, you will find people using them interchangeably. However, they are different! So, in simple terms, an invoice is used for the sales of goods. On the other hand, an OR, i.e. official receipt is used for the sale of services or leasing of properties. It also works as an acknowledgement that the payment has been collected. If the service was on credit, then the service provider can issue a billing statement of service. On receiving cash, an official receipt is issued. So, you need to bring a receipt/invoice pad as per your business requirements.

Understanding cash receipt & cash voucher

As the name suggests, a cash receipt is a printed statement for the cash received in a transaction or sale. Usually, sellers give a copy to the customer. Another copy remains with the seller for accounting purposes. It would generally include the date of the transaction, amount of cash received, name of the purchaser, a unique number that identifies the document etc. Cash receipt books play a crucial role in the financial transactions of a business. A cash voucher is a standard form that people use to document a petty cash payment. They are useful when someone needs to withdraw cash from the petty cash fund. In this case, the person fills out the cash voucher and mention the reason for the withdrawal.

Benefits of sales receipts or bills for a business

Not just customers, sales receipt is a valuable tool for businesses as well. It helps you perfectly keep financial records. This is a way to know how much your business earns in a week, month or year. If the receipt book is numbered, then it will serve as proof to tax agencies and accountants that all the sales have been recorded. It also helps shopkeepers stay protected from potential scams and shoplifters. For example, a shoplifter may steal a product and later return it to earn cash or credit points. However, if you issue receipts in your daily business process, then you can save yourself from such risks.

Tips for purchasing Receipt Books in Dubai

A sales receipt is essential for both customers as well as the seller. Being a seller, if you are in search of a professional receipt book, then you must know about the essential inclusive based on your business. You can find them in a wide assortment varying on fields, the number of pages, size, and more factors. So, here are some tips that will help you.

  • Know your business requirements– The selection of receipt books depend hugely upon the type of business you have. You may have a retail store or a property that you provide on rent. The retail store will have fields like the quantity of product, price, unique number etc. On the other hand, the rent slip will have the tenant’s name, the duration for which rent is taken, date, mode of payment etc.
  • Understand its type– There are different types of receipts you can choose from like official receipts, invoices, simplified invoice, window tag, rent slips and more. All are a bit different. Like, a full invoice has every sales information you can think of, but in a simplified one, you can just let some details go like the quantity of each item, rate of discount per item etc.
  • Know if you need custom designs– Some sellers provide customized designs of receipt books as per your requirements. By choosing such sellers, you can get your design customized your way. The customization may include additional of business name, logo and additional/deletion of fields.
  • Choose good brands– If you know what exactly to look for, but do not have time to find an appropriate design, you can leave it popular brands. They have expert designers working with them that make sure no detail is missed out. FIS and Adams are two of the best brands of receipts books.

Keep the above considerations in mind to buy an appropriate receipt book for your business. You must be wondering where to find the best options. Well, you are in the right place already. At, an extensive collection of receipt books awaits your presence. You can find products offered by the best and trusted stores of the industry. You can even set your preferences for price and brand to find product suiting your requirements and budget. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly go ahead and grab the best ones before stock ends!

Question & Answer

Where to buy receipt books online in UAE?

If you are planning to buy it online in the UAE, then consider that you have reached the right place. At, you can find over 500 online stores that sell well-designed receipt books at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for rental one, retail invoice, or shopping bill book, you can find many varieties here. Also, find other types of notepads & notebooks right here. So, look no further and buy the best ones while stock lasts.

Which receipt book is best?

The best receipt book for you will be the one that has the required fields and features according to your business requirements. If you are in search of a well-designed and professional one, then you must go through the collections of FIS and Adams. You can find a variety of books offered by these brands right here. Moreover, it’s easy to set preferences for price, sellers and brands for quick searching.

Where is the best place to buy a receipt book in bulk?

If you are planning to buy receipt books in bulk, then you have reached the right place. Here, you can find more than 500 online stores that sell the best varieties. Through, you can explore their collections at one place. Moreover, you can compare prices to find books that suit your budget. So, look no further and embark on your browsing journey.

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