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About Guestbooks

Guestbooks or visitor's logs are the books which are provided to you at the counter when you visit any shop or hotel. And you need to fill up your details like name, postal address, phone number, the time you visit & leaving, and initial signature. Often, they ask you to provide your personal details along with comments or feedback. 

Guestbooks are a broad shape book or electronic means for the guests or visitors. It's done to acknowledge a visit on the place or site, by providing your personal details. Sometimes, you are asked to leave comments, feedback, or remarks. You must have seen it in churches, weddings, schools, parlours, and other private facilities open to the public. Moreover, many dignified people around the world keep the visitor's book. Thus, it helps to keep a record of the people visiting their house. There is also a book of condolence which employs at funeral homes. And often it's used after popular public figure death like death of President or monarch & public disasters like an aeroplane crash or flood etc. Thus, in the next section, we will discuss in-detailed manner about these office supplies and the tips to buy a guest book online in the UAE. Have a look!

Know all about Wooden Guest Books for your visitor’s or guests

A wedding or an engagement party is the time to celebrate. And gather best wishes from friends and family. Thus, wooden guestbooks are kept at the reception table or somewhere near the buffet table. So, all the guests present at the party, write their name and drop best wishes to you & your partner. This might look trivial thing, but it holds loads of memory. Especially when you turn those pages later and go through them. But there is no one design for these cheap personalised guestbooks which you can fall for but many. There are wooden hearts which the guests can write their name and best wishes, drop that on the frame. Study more about the different kinds of these notepads & notebooks for other events.

Funeral Guest Books- a celebration of life

The funeral registry books employ to record the names of the people who all have attended the funeral services. Or they have stopped to pay tribute to the deceased person. However, the people who attend the funerals sign the book with details and comments. It is a way to express your gratitude or love for the deceased who have touched your soul & affect your life for good. However, there are many visitors’ books which are available online differ in size and design on the page or cover. There are some books which feature printed message, star design written silver foil accents. However, there are guestbooks for the funeral which come with 4x4 photo of the deceased attach on the cover album.

Wedding Guest Books- a celebration of togetherness

Wedding day is a special day in everyone's life. You have years or months of planning to make your special day memorable. And then the day arrives & it just passes away like a whirlwind. However, your family and friends will be important aspects of your day and they are here to celebrate your union. Thus, through the wedding guestbooks, you can remember who all have attended your wedding and make it special. Besides, you can go through their best wishes which have penned down for you both.  So, it entirely depends on you whether you want a classic yet stylish design log or minimalistic & cheap creative guestbooks design.

Birthday Guest Books- a celebration of the first day on earth

You are never too old to celebrate your birthday or the special day of your life. So, whether you are on your 60s or 70s, a huge party celebration with family & friends can make it more special. It gives the utmost happiness and excitement to go through the notes. However, there are many designs available on the visitors' book, which might match with your taste and choice. There are some of the visitor's logs which come with personalised photo and text.  Whereas some come signature poster where your guests write a small note about you along with the name. Thus, buy these guest books for sale online in the UAE to showcase it on your drawing-room.


Tips for shopping Guestbooks online

Choosing a guest book for yourself can seem to be a daunting task. And why not? There are varied kinds of books that are available online, which differ from one another in size, design, number of pages, theme, and lots more. Besides, you choose these books depending on the events you wish to purchase. You can choose from polaroid guest books, photo visitors log, personalised visitors’ book, and lots more. So, while choosing cheap graduation guest books online, it becomes a complicated task. However, without knowing the factors to scale the products, it becomes tough. Thus, check out the below guidelines to search for the best one for your purposes.
  • Pages- After you are done selecting the style of the photo guest books, you need to decide on the look of pages of the book. So, if you are looking for the list of your visitor’s names who all attended your event or store, then for that purpose you need lined pages. However, you need to capture messages from the guests, and then you might want a section for comments or write messages.
  • Size- It is the foremost thing to consider while selecting the polaroid guest books for wedding purposes. Besides, facts show that you need space for 60-70% of your visitors as families and couples usually fill up together. Suppose if you have 100 guests, then make sure your visitors’ log has the capacity of 70 messages or signatures.
  • Binding- It is another factor to notice while shopping for photo guest books online. Usually, for the scrapbook or photo album, post binding is done to add the right number of pages and style. Besides, it is bound with binder’ post and screw. Thus, you will be able to add or remove the pages. And you can also add or reduce the pages like a combination of lined and unlined pages.
Thus, these are the crucial factors which need to be considered while picking the visitor's book for particular events. However, the price remains a vital factor, and you need to shop economically rather than lavishly.  So, what are you waiting for? Commence with your shopping trove along with And explore the amazing collection of products. Plus, enjoy the best offers and deals in the market exclusively for you. Hurry!

Questions & Answers

Where to buy Guest Books for the funeral in the UAE?

Guest books for the funeral are to pay tribute to the departed soul. It is kept to record on the numbers of mourners who have come for the services. And the visitor's fill the details on it, including writing a short note about the demised person. Like, how she/he has influenced their life or how they touched their soul. Besides, you might find it in on the church or the houses. Thus, if you wish to buy it, then you need to look for the popular shopping browser for a massive collection of visitor’s logs. Therefore, you can choose It is the best online search engines with 500+ stores allied with it. Some of them are Bloomingdales, Sprii, and lots more. And, scroll through the amazing collection of guest books.

What to write in Guest Books?

The guest books are available for different occasions or events. Like for wedding, birthday, funeral, and lots more. Thus, depending on the events, you need to pen down some messages on it. Suppose you are attending a wedding ceremony, and in the entry gate you been asked to write on the visitor's book. But you have no idea what to write. Then at that point, try to choose the messages based on your relationship with the groom & bride. And if you know them personally then prefer to try to write something about their personalities. You might also choose to advise them for their happily married life. Moreover, you can choose to quote some anecdote or some love quotes for couples. Else you can simply write straightforward congratulation on their big day.

How much is a Guest Book online in the UAE?

First, you need to decide for which purpose or event, you wish to purchase a visitor's book. Suppose if you wish to purchase for your wedding, then you can choose from the variety of design and sizes available online. However, the book designed for entry of spaces for 100 guests to share their best wishes for your wedding. Besides, it features professional frame pictures on the top of the cover to celebrate your day. The book contains many thoughtful pages like biographical information, courtship details, and much more. It also includes space for the invitation or program. And the pages at the back of the visitor's log is for scrapbooking, polaroid pictures, and lots more. Besides, it cost varies with design and size. Thus, it might cost you around $29.84

Where to buy Guest Books for wedding online in the UAE?

Wedding is special yet sentimental remembrance of your special day. And through the guest books, it stores the memories and looks back in the future to relive those days. This book can be as crucial as the invitation. But it still remains important to many couples as it contains memories and best wishes of family & friends. Thus, if you are looking to purchase one for your next shopping, then you need to choose a reliable shopping companion like It is allied with more than 500 brands. And some of them are Ginger Ray, Christian Lacroix, SMYTHSON, and many more. Thus, you enjoy a myriad collection of products with incredible price tags. So, what's more? Start filling up your shopping bag along with And explore the jaw-dropping collection of products with the best price in the market. However, you can narrow down your search to your choice of events, size, design, themes, and lots more. And shop from the topnotch brands like FashionCraft, Moleskin, Hallmark, Sass & Belle, and much more. Hurry! Shop today.