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Running a business isn’t a bed of roses! In fact, there are so many nitty-gritty details that play a huge role in running your business successfully. For example, an organised way of bookkeeping is an indicator of a successful business. And one of the essential items to consummate this is to keep the order books handy. However, like every other notepad & notebook, you’ll find several options of duplicate books out there. In this article, we shall introduce you to their various types, their uses and features. Besides, you also get to take away a few smart hacks that’ll help you buy the duplicate books online in UAE effortlessly. So, read on!

So, have you been operating for decades? Or are you new in the industry? Either way, you have to build your brand identity to target your customers. Order books are a great way of doing this, other than the traditional marketing methods. But how? Well, with custom printed duplicate books, you can increase your brand exposure. You can readily put your brand logo, address, phone number, and even your motto on them. But, many a time, you might not want a customised model. Well, so that you know, there are hundreds of different types of duplicates out there that you can consider investing in. Let’s have a look at a few significant kinds of order books next.

The different types of order books to choose from

You can classify the order books based on the method of duplication, the book style, and professional branding. The process of duplication is crucial when you’re selecting an order book. In fact, at one point, the only way of duplicating your documents was to create a carbon copy. This does create a duplicate, but it’s also quite ineffective. It creates copies that are hard to read. This is why carbonless printing, known as NCR, is a good option. Similarly, when it comes to booking style, you can choose between duplicate and triplicate. Above all, it is highly essential to consider professional branding for any business. Let’s have a detailed look at the various types of duplicate books, their features, and their uses.

The A4 invoice book

A4 sizes are prevalent in many office supplies. For instance, you use them for printing your regular documents. This is why it’s also a great option when it comes to ordering books too. The A4 size is not a conventional method but also gives you adequate space to fill in more details. The A4 invoice books are one of the top choices of many business owners. One of the primary reasons, among the many, is that they cut down the cost of printing. You can cut down the number of copies, as more details can be included in a single A4 paper. Of course, you can certainly go for other sizes, but there’s nothing that can beat this size.

The personalised invoice books

What makes the custom duplicate books so likeable is that they can build a professional image for your business. You can not only have your address, phone number and logo on your personalised order books, but you can even rely on essential messages to your clients and consumers. Besides, it offers you an opportunity to experiment with different designs as per your needs. Moreover, it would be easier for you to deal with your accounts if you had a personalised duplicate book handy. Above all, it greatly helps you in maintaining good business relationships. You can give them a copy of the receipt easily, thereby reassuring them of the fair deal.

The NCR triplicate invoice book printing

The carbonless paper, or the NCR paper, allows you to easily transfer handwritten information from the top sheets to the paper underneath them. The printing technique usually uses an ink capsule and clay that react together under pressure. This copying technique leaves an accurate copy that’s neater than old-fashioned carbon copies. Choosing these options is better, as it creates three copies at a time. Much better than duplicating, isn’t it? Besides, triplicate books come in the highest standards and can also feature your personalised design. There are hundreds of potential uses of NCR paper, but creating triplicates for the carbonless invoice book is the most common one. 

The carbon copy invoice book

In the 1800s, the business relied on copy clerks to create handwritten copies of important documents. Indeed, it took a lot of time. But, soon, inventors came up with the idea of carbon copying to make duplication an easy process. The carbon paper came with a sheet of paper. It had a layer of black carbon soot bound with wax on one side. When you place them between an original and the second piece of paper for copying, carbon paper will transfer marks made by the pressure applied by a typewriter or pen. This simple process helped to make a clean, legible copy of the original. Even with carbonless copying on the trend, we still see people using this conventional method often.

Tips on how to buy Order books online

Having a thoughtfully chosen order book that elegantly conveys your brand identity isn’t as easy as you think. Indeed, it’s partly because of the sheer options. But, it’s also because you do not have the required knack to pick out the best one among the lot. Here are a few smart tips that’ll help you buy duplicate books without any hassle.

  • Figure out what you need – Even before browsing and shopping online for your order books, you should figure out what your requirements are. Do you need a personalised receipt book? Or do you prefer to buy a readymade version? Either way, you must choose a book that best suits your business requirements.
  • Look out for the size – The duplicate books are available to you in various sizes and formats. Some of the common ones include A4 and A5 sizes. However, you can also find pocket-friendly models. If you’re an individual who’s on the move while giving out receipts, then the pocket-friendly models work the best.
  • Keep an eye on the book style – There are different options of book styles available to you. You can find simple, cheap duplicate receipt books with a standard set of columns and rows for data. Apart from that, you can also choose between duplicate and triplicate models. Pick a model that fulfils your business requirements.
  • Choose between carbons or carbonless – Checking out the method of duplication is critical when it comes to purchasing the order books for your business. Typically, there are two methods available to you. One is the conventional method of duplicating documents through a duplicate book with carbon paper. In contrast, there’s also a carbonless printing, NCR, option.
  • See if you need a personalised one – Indeed, you can purchase general duplicate books from large wholesalers. However, most of these come with poor design and quality. Besides, they also lack a catchy design. The personalised ones offer you branding options. You can include your logo, address, phone number, and any other branding details.
  • Assess the quality – Nothing beats a high-quality order book. Make sure that the one you purchase is durable and long-lasting. Check out the paper and cover quality. Ensure that the product doesn’t wilt away when exposed. Try and pick from popular brands. Some of the renowned names in the field include Silvine, FIS, and Universal.
  • Pick an affordable model – With so many options, it’s quite apparent that you’ll find duplicate books in different price ranges. You can find the expensive ones, as well as cheaper, standard books too. Your choice depends on how much you’re willing to spend. If you’re a spendthrift, then go ahead and look out for cheaper options available on sale. This way, you can secure the best book by spending less.

You see, even with these pint-size items, you need to be careful while selecting them. Why? Because they play a prodigious role in successfully running your business. You need to weigh the pros and cons of each model carefully and then make a thoughtful decision. We hope the tips above will guide you in the right direction and help you achieve a good buy.

Question & Answer

How to use a duplicate invoice book?

Using a duplicate book is relatively simple. However, it depends on which method you’re taking up to create your duplicate or triplicate copies. For instance, if you’re using a carbon copybook, then all you need to do is to place a carbon paper between the original and the copy. Next, fill in the required details on the book, and you’ll get a copy. You can also go for customised ones. With these books, you can increase your brand exposure. You can put your brand information such as logo, address, phone number, and even your motto on them.

How does a carbonless duplicate book work?

Creating a carbon copy is a standard method to duplicate your documents. However, with the updated technology, you can create carbonless copies. In the carbonless copying method, a chemical reaction between two different coatings produces the copy. You generally apply these coatings to the front and back of a base paper. The pressure causes a colour reaction. Carbonless copy paper is common in many business offices where one has to make multiple copies of a document. Since its inception, they have been developing better.

Where to buy the duplicate book online in UAE?

Several online stores and wholesales offer your different types of order books. You can also find a few stores that provide customisable options. However, if you wish to buy from the best of the bests, then go ahead and have a look at the options available in This product search engine brings you an extensive range of duplicate books in different sizes and styles. You can find over 500 online sellers and brands selling them here. You can also compare prices to find affordable packs. So, go ahead and explore now!