About Birdhouses

Birdhouses don’t only accommodate birds but also offer an aesthetic appeal to the garden. You can use them for decoration or may leave hanging on the tree and hope that birds start living on them. Whatever the reason but if you’re planning to have a beautiful backyard, why not set the moon on the garden with the birdhouse.  Let’s know about them more here. 

Placing a birdhouse in your garden is an excellent way of attracting shelter seeking birds, but not all the species choose to live in an enclosed house for raising their families. But there are many bird species out there who love to be in readily used nest boxes. However, a brief knowledge about the bird’s preference can make it an easier task. You can easily prepare or purchase a house for them and be ready to make them your tenants. So if you want to become proud landlords for the birds, let’s start having knowledge about different types of birdhouses and how you may choose specific types of houses for particular species. 

Different types of birdhouses 

The type of birdhouse you’ll choose for your backyard can make all the difference. No doubt nestboxes are an excellent way to add shelter to the bird-friendly backyard. But a question left us wondering that if there is no nesting for the birds, how do we make them come? We know that there might be a wide range of difficulties with birdhouses, but don’t worry, you can fix this by choosing the right house for birds and make it attractive for nesting. Here we are posting every detail that you must know about the type of nest boxes.  

Bluebird house

Bluebird houses are the simplest one with a small entrance hole and large roof for added protection. Bluebird houses are mostly taken over by little birds like sparrows, and because their population is declining, it’s good to include this in your garden. It’s a highly desirable garden resident for bluebirds where they can have an insectivorous diet, attractive plumage, and melodious songs. You can place a bluebird box in the sun about 4 to 6 feet off the ground. Make sure the area is surrounded by an open field, where they can eat insects and feed their newborns who are waiting in the small nestboxes. 

Owl houses

We spend time, energy and money, hoping that birds will come and live in our garden so that we can watch these feathered friends. But not all of us got lucky, especially when it comes to owls. Or maybe our beliefs stop us that owls will come and live in the nest boxes. But this is not correct; you just need the right type of house and create a favourable environment for them to attract. You must buy large birdhouses with at least 6 inches entrance and six by 7 inches square. It also depends upon the size of the owl, but mostly they’re bigger as compared to other shelter seeking birds. So if you choose a small birdhouse for them, it’ll not work.

Hanging birdhouses

When it comes to mounted birdhouses, understanding how to hang at the right place makes it more attractive for nesting. Accurately hanged nestboxes are more comfortable to monitor and take care of when nesting season comes. It’s not necessary to hang them in the garden; you can also use windows with one way or clear mirror panels. A sturdily mounted birdhouse on the window of a quiet room can be the best place to hang a birdhouse, so birds don’t scare away. You may use rustic birdhouses made up with wood to give an aesthetic appeal to your window, balcony or garden. Birds love to live in the wooden birdhouses.

Tips on how to buy Birdhouses online UAE

You might think that picking up a birdhouse is not a big deal. It might seem easy, but picking up the right birdhouse for specific species, the material of the house and other factors can make all the difference. You should not select nestboxes based on their looks; you need to know different things before making a purchase. So here we are with a list of tips and tricks that you can follow before starting shopping for them.  
  • Select the right entrance  – If you want to accommodate a specific species, you must keep their needs in mind before buying. For example, sparrows love to live in a house with a small entrance and a large space inside, but owls want a large entryway and more area inside. So it’s crucial to pick the appropriate design for the specific breed.
  • Use the right size – In general, small birds seek small birdhouses, and large birds seek large houses. So for a little bird 8 inches tall nest box is appropriate but for bluebirds, you can choose a nest box with five by 5 inches base and 10 inches height. However, if you want to accommodate owls, you need ten by 10 inches base and 24 inches height.
  • Choose the right material – Wood is the right material for the birdhouses. But make sure that they’re not only made up of wood but also porous enough to allow moisture and heat to escape during summers. The best wood for birdhouses is cedar or redwood because they’re naturally weather-resistant and durable. Plastic or metal can get too hot and harm the birds.
  • Don’t be too creative – Yes, you read it right, birds don’t like too much creativity. They avoid unnatural and bright colours because these colours are too apparent for predators. Use unpainted wood or natural colours instead and preserve the wood with linseed oil. You can also buy rustic birdhouses to keep it natural and attract more birds.
With so many available options online, you may spend hours selecting nestboxes and still not go through all of them. Make sure that you pick wisely and are very knowledgeable while buying them. Make sure you choose the location and bird species before buying the shelter. Additionally, keep in mind that never substitute quality products with the low-quality ones. Always prefer renowned brands such as B and Q, Hobby Lobby, Lidl and many more to ensure quality.

Question & Answer

Are metal birdhouses safe for birds?

Metal or plastic houses can be too hot and cause harm to the birds because they can’t resist heat. It would be best if you chose wood houses because they’re naturally weather-resistant and durable. Cedar or redwood is the best for birdhouses. They’re safe for young ones and don’t get too hot from inside. It’s cost-effective, and you can easily find cheap cedar birdhouses online in UAE. You can put a metal sheet on the top to make the house secure so that predators can’t break it and hunt.

Where to hang birdhouses?

You can hang birdhouses on a window’s panel or the tree in the garden, but you need to keep some point in mind. Firstly make sure that the entrance hole should be away from the prevailing winds. Entrance must be facing south, east or north. You can use a pole to keep cats, squirrels and other predators away from the birds. Slippery facades are another safest location and of course tree trunks – the most ideal and favourable location. Make sure they’re sturdily mounted.

When should birdhouses be cleaned out?

Ordinarily, in mid-August, the breeding season gets over, and after that, you can clean the birdhouse. You must start by removing old nesting and then scrub the house with one part bleach and nine parts water. After this rinse it well and leave open in the sun. After this, you can paint it with linseed oil to keep it strong. For birds like robins or bluebirds, who have multiple broods, you may clean them between the broods. To keep the cleaning process easy and handy you can buy the house with easily opened one side.

Which types of birdhouses attract birds?

Birdhouses that are made up of wood, not have gaudy colours and on the right location can attract birds. Each bird species has specific habitat requirements so you must choose the location and house’s design wisely. Ensure that they’re of the right size and hung at the right height. So many times after doing all the things right birds don’t attract to nest boxes, in this case, you hang multiple houses of different types to make sure they start living in them.

Where to buy birdhouses online UAE?

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