About Hives

A hive falls under the category of the birdhouse. It is a special type of enclosed structure where honeybee’s subgenus Apis species live and raise their young.  

In common, the term beehives is used to describe the nest of any bee colony. These hives exist naturally (made by bees themselves) and artificially made. The artificial beehives are designed, made, and installed by men to welcome bees for nesting and making honey. The nest’s internal structure consists of a densely packed group of hexagonal prismatic cells made of bee wax. It is commonly known as honeycomb. The bees use this cell to store food (it includes both pollen and honey). It is also the housing place for the broods (eggs, larvae, and the pupae). 

Types and uses of bee boxes  

The beehives or bee boxes are used for several reasons. Primarily they are used for honey production. They also serve as a housing supply for bees for apitherapy treatment, pollination of crops nearby, and mitigating the impact of colony collapse disorder. The artificial beehives are incredibly portable and used for transporting bees from one place to another to pollinate the corps. Till now, we have got many successful honeybee nest designs that are used across the globe. Here are some of the most appreciated types available in the market.

Ten-frame Langstroth hive 

This is the most commonly used and appreciated hive box when people think of nesting honeybees in their backyards.  This design consists of square boxes stacked atop one another. a special vented rooftop then protects these boxes. At the bottom level, the boxes are structured to allow easy brooding space for the bees. At the same time, the upper boxes are structured to hold wooden frames for the bees to fill with honey and comb. By holding these boxes, you can easily find information and supplies support. They are also ideal for maximum honey production, but they are heavier in weight and can go up to 60 pounds. 

The eight-frame Langstroth hive 

The eight-frame hives work just like the previously mentioned type. Both share the same structure; the only difference is that the boxes are a bit smaller, and each holds eight frames instead of ten. With that said they weigh much lesser than the ten-frame hive. They are appreciated for their weight, organization, and easy to work with. However, a major setback is that here the parts are not interchangeable with the ten-frame equipment. And the system is relatively uncommon, which means that you will face some difficulties to find replacements, supplies or any other aid. 

The top bar hives 

They are becoming more popular with backyard buffs as well as sustainable farmers. This is the oldest the most commonly used honeybee nesting style in the world. Here a set of horizontal bars is set across the trough-shaped hive. A removable or hinged cover protects it. In this setting, the bees build their comb downward from the bars, which is a very natural activity. These bars are normally wooden strips or wedges that slide into slots. They are the cheapest item for beekeeping, and the design is suitable for beginners and people with disabilities.  

The Warre hives 

They are often known as top bar hives that are set up vertically. This style incorporated stacks of small, square-shaped hive boxes with top bars rather than frames to hold the comb. It also comes with a unique style of hive cover which is a quilt fitted with sawdust or wood shaving as the vented angled roof. In this design, the bees make the honeycomb from the top bars move downwards into each box. These designs require minimum inspection by the beekeepers, and the foundationless system is much natural for the bees to feel comfortable while nesting.   

Tips on how to buy Beehive boxes online in the UAE

The beehives for the garden come in a wide range of styles, sizes, materials, and feature options with some mentioned above. So, if you are willing to start a bee nesting venture in your home backyard, start by assessing what size of the beehive will fit in your space. Remember that the best beehive boxes come in a wide range of sizes, so for sure you can find an appropriate item for the available space in your garden. Once you are clear with the space size available, start exploring to find the best beehives for sale online in the UAE. Here is what else you need to consider while making a purchase.

  • The versatility of hive – Start by considering the basics. Does the hive allow you to use standard equipment? Having a hive that can allow you to share the hive accessories like honey frames or broods can be a plus. The design must also be easier to add more frames if the bee fully utilizes the installed frames.
  • The production – A good hive will be the one that can make it easier for the user to harvest the fruits of your labour as well as honey. Likewise, you need to consider a hive that inhibits drone production while maximizing the production of both honey and brood. To find one such option, you need to study different types before picking one.
  • The hive design – The hive you choose to buy must have a design that provides the bees with the right aeration and temperature. Moreover, the design must protect the bees from other elements of nature like cold, rain and temperature changes. To find one such item you will need to do some market search and look for different designs online before buying one.
  • Budget and material quality – The beehive boxes are built using various wood, but the best one will always come in high quality that will stand the test of time. If you head to buy one such item, you should consider that the quality and other features will come with higher costs. So, look at a variety of options before making a purchase.
  • Setup and transportation – Always try to choose a box with an easy setup. It will be the one where joints on the wooden components will interlink nicely. The easy installation will also come in handy when you plan to transport the hive from one place to another. You can read the product details to know about the assembling and disassembling mechanisms.

Beehives can be a fun hobby with endless health and financial benefits. But it can all start with a fine quality hive for a small garden. With you can easily find amazing design and size options from top global brands. These brands can also offer you a variety of options for commercial bee nesting. All you need to do is find the most appropriate item for you to consider as per your needs, experience, and else.

Question & Answer

What is the best beehive to buy online in the UAE?

Some of the best beehives you can buy for your new venture in the garden include Valley Bee Supply 10-Frame Beehive; Happy-buy 2 Layer Beehive  10-Frame Beehive Starter Kit; or VIVO BEE-HV01 Complete Hive Kit. Other considerable options include Pop-sport Beehive Wooden House 20-Frame Complete Box Kit; the Best-Equip Wooden Honeybee house; the Flow Hive Classic Langstroth 6 Frame Beehive; and the Goodland Bee Supply GL3STACK 3 Tier Beehive Kit.

How to set up a beehive?

Start by selecting your apiary location. Try to pick a place near nectar and pollen sources and abundance of water. Also, make sure space has enough exposure to sunlight and sufficient protection from wind. It is important to keep the hives dry. In terms of installation, you will need to read the user manual and follow the instructions. For added help, you can look at the DIY tutorial videos.  These tutorials can help you install the hive even more carefully and easily.

When to spray beehive?

Experts suggest respraying the hive several times over the week or two. Sometimes it can be longer than that. Commonly bees are more active during the day. Therefore, the best time to spray is at night when they are dormant. Also wearing protective gear is the most important thing while spraying. This is because the bees will not go away at once. And it just takes seconds for the swarm to agitate the bees to sting you.

Where to buy a beehive online in the UAE?

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