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About Butterfly Cabinets

Are there any more beautiful creatures than the butterflies? They’re not only majestic creatures, but also very beneficial when it comes to contributing to a healthy ecosystem. That said, the butterfly cabinets are definitely an attractive addition to your garden. More importantly, it is an interesting way to attract a variety of butterflies to your backyard. So, how do I get started? Where can I buy a butterfly house kit online in UAE? Well, fortunately for you, we’re going to discuss all this and more in this guide. So read on! 

Why don’t we begin with the most common question – what exactly are the butterfly cabinets? A butterfly house is a cosy and dark area that provides the butterflies with a safe place to rest, away from the birds and other harmful predators. And the best part is that there is not only one type of butterfly house. You’ll find several models. Some even help the hibernating butterflies have a perfect stay during the winters. Now, the availability of the sheer choices of butterfly houses for the garden might put you in a dilemma. This is why we’ve tried to list out a few best butterfly cabinets that you can install in your garden to attract many types of butterflies. 

The top-selling butterfly cabinets to choose from 

Of course, including a stunning butterfly house is a perfect idea to attract these majestic creatures to your garden. But for that to happen, you should have a perfect butterfly cabinet. Of course, you have many options to choose from. But, you should also know the best place to put a butterfly house for them to work. It is the key to attracting many. Ideally, the best place to put your butterfly cabinets is a spot where the cabinet receives full sun. However, it must someway be sheltered from strong winds. Also, make sure that you position them away from other birdhouses, birds or feeders. That said, let’s check out a few trending butterfly cabinets that you can consider investing in. 

The Heartwood mademoiselle butterfly home

The butterflies, in general, do not tend to own a property. But, with this house, you’ll easily lure these majestic creatures to your garden. Plus, you’ll also be able to offer them a nice and comfortable place to stay. Now, this obviously means that the butterfly cabinet is effective. And one of the main reasons for this is the design of the house. The house comes with three pre-installed elongated slots. The primary idea behind this design is to mimic the crevices in woodpiles that the butterflies tend to occupy. On top of that, the entire thing comes in cypress wood that’s rot-resistant and study.

The Gardirect small butterfly house

If you are an economiser and have limited space in your garden, then do give this butterfly house a try. They’re not only attractive but are also extremely affordable too. Their peculiar design saves space, yet provides the butterflies with an ideal space for you cosy stay. Besides, this product comes with a couple of hanging loops. This enables you to place them pretty much anywhere you want. That’s because of its small size. In fact, the whole thing measures up to a measly 6.1 x 3.9 x 6.3 inches of overall dimensions. Apart from that, it also comes with a welcome sign. 

The Gardener’s supply bamboo garden butterfly house

Though you’ll find quite a number of butterfly houses on the market these days, the one from Gardener’s Supply Company is surely a well-balanced model that you can confidently invest in. The balance that we mentioned here mostly rests on the shoulders of the brilliant design of the product. It puts every inch of the house’s ( the entire dimension of 10.1″ x 6.8″ x 6.4″) to good use. The whole product comprises sustainable bamboo. This bamboo material makes the butterfly cabinet both durable and stylish. In short, the house servers as a charming addition to your garden and a cosy house for your butterfly garden. 

The Niteangel wooden insect house for butterflies

Indeed, there aren’t a whole lot of retailers or manufacturers who do what they claim to. However, this butterfly cabinet is surely an exception. The sturdy structure, the unique design, and high-performing nature of the product provide a secure environment for butterflies, lacewings, ladybirds and a whole array of different insects. It creates an ideal place where they can hibernate, shelter, and lay their eggs in peace. The key to the excellence of the model lies in the versatile combination of high-quality materials and the sleek design adopted to build the house. Besides, the dry firewood makes it a perfect house for insects that consume aphids. 

Tips on how to buy Butterfly Cabinets online

Of course, you have so many choices. But, having several choices doesn’t mean you can easily buy them. Besides, by now, you must’ve gathered that each model has a different style and features. Therefore, you ought to be clear about what to look for when you’re buying the bat cabinets online. To make things easier for you, we’ve laid out a few quick tips that you can follow when you’re buying a perfect butterfly box online.

  • Know what the majestic creatures want – Your primary concern should be what butterflies need. They like a landing pad, which is why almost all bat boxes extend below the actual roost area. Once they’ve landed, they need to be able to cling on and climb inside. A series of horizontal grooves are usually provided, though some use a fine mesh or another textured surface. The large, open mesh is not a good idea because it can trap their hands and feet.
  • Keep an eye on the entry – Butterflies can get through surprisingly small gaps — which is why people found them in their attic when they thought they’d sealed them out. The entry to your butterfly house should be no wider than one inch. This stops rats and other predators from getting in.
  • Size is important – Most low-cost models have a single chamber, but larger butterfly houses have anything from two to four. Like us, butterflies seem to prefer a house with more rooms. For them, it’s about regulating the heat of the habitat and potentially providing a nursery area for mothers and babies. Think about the number of butterflies the house can accommodate and how this affects the physical size. Check dimensions before buying.
  • Assess the material – Most butterfly houses are made of wood, with cedar and pine being good materials. Exterior-grade plywood can also be used and is a less expensive option. A butterfly house that’s screwed together rather than nailed is usually a sign of quality and is likely to last longer.
  • Look out for the roof and coating – Roofs should not open in case they let in water. While it’s tempting to want to check on butterflies, you don’t want to disturb them once they’ve taken up residence. In cooler areas, you can paint or stain your butterfly box a dark colour to improve heat retention. Only ever use outdoor, water-based latex paints or stains. Anything else could poison the butterflies.
  • Go for mounting models – You can find several types of butterfly boxes. Some butterfly boxes come with mounting kits, so check when ordering. A few high-end models even have poles to fix them too. See which one suits your garden set up before you.
  • Set aside a budget – You can get a cheap butterfly house, a single-chamber butterfly house to provide a roost for around a dozen butterflies for as little as $25. There’s a wide choice from $40 through $80 that can hold anywhere from 100 to 300 butterflies. Large multi-chamber models can be as much as $200. You can also purchase butterfly houses for sale online in UAE if you’re a serious economiser.

Indeed, setting up a butterfly house is an ideal option to consider. That’s because you can easily build the house if you have the right materials. However, there’s nothing as convenient as buying one online. It not only saves time but also is a budget-friendly approach. We hope the tips above have offered you the right direction for your online buying process.

Question & Answer

What do you put in a butterfly house?

You can provide flowers from your garden for it to feed on their nectar. Some butterflies also like really ripe fruit; you can add some fresh orange slices or sprinkle some sugar water on the leaves. You could also offer them Elm, Willow, nettle, and hops. They serve as host plants for butterflies. Also, you can plant a variety of nectar plants around your butterfly cabinets to attract them.

Where is the best place to set up a butterfly house?

It’s best to place your butterfly cabinets in a sunny area. However, make sure that you also adequately shelter the cabinets so that it doesn’t fly off during harsh winds. Further, you must make sure that the house sits around four to six feet above the ground. Also, place the cabinets near the nectar-rich flowers that will act as a good source of food for the butterflies in future.

Why build a butterfly house?

These beautiful creatures seek an ideal shelter during the late fall or winter months. During those times, it’s a great idea to offer them the much-required shelter. This not only helps the breeding of the butterflies but also creates a beautiful environment in your backyard. Besides, offering the right shelter for their breeding might help support the species of butterflies and protect them from going extinct.

Where to buy a butterfly house online in UAE?

Several online stores in UAE bring you a huge collection of butterfly cabinets online. However, if you wish to have a quick, reliable, and affordable online shopping experience, then go ahead and check out Our product search engine houses some of the best butterfly houses boxes from popular brands. What’s more, you can buy them from your favourite online stores too.

Are you convinced to invite these majestic creatures into your garden? Hopefully, you’re now seeing these fascinating creatures in a whole new light. If you do not have butterflies in your backyard yet, then go ahead and install a butterfly house. Get them from!