Birdhouse Packages

About Birdhouse Kits

For bird lovers, building birdhouses are their ultimate goal. So, if you are one of them and want to purchase birdhouses for your loved birds, then you have landed on the right page! For many people, chirping songbirds, picturesque landscaping, and an ideal backyard of seating is the goal of the homeowners. You can actually fulfil your goals. Whether you are looking for birdhouse packages or garden products to let birds visit your house, you can shop online to avail some amazing deals too!

You can certainly make your property more appealing and captivating by adding a birdhouse package to your house. If you are searching for a birdhouse for your kids, then you search for birdhouse kits for kids. People also look out for birdhouse kits for sale online in the UAE. The best part of shopping online is that you can grab deals and offers. However, you can also make your own birdhouse kit of inexpensive and endlessly creative just at your home. But buying online will let you explore some of the fantastic designs and colours of your choice. So, let’s understand various types of birdhouses for kids to make them happy this season.

T ypes of Birdhouses

The first thing to know before buying a birdhouse is the varieties available in the marketplace. You may already have certain ideas in your mind but exploring products online can give you a wider view. You can add more features or your preferences to the purchase. Although you care about animals which is why you are buying a birdhouse package, the product can also grab the eyeballs of your guests. You can keep this specification in mind before hitting the buy button. In order to narrow down your purchase, here are some of the best birdhouses which are available online that will fulfil all your needs and requirements. Keep reading on to know more.

Bluebird house boxes

These bluebird house boxes are ornithologically designed, which is quite appealing to bluebird desires. They are easy to open, and you can easily clean them when needed. They come with assembled wooden pieces and are rust-resistant. When you shop online, the Bluebird house box comes mounted ready. They have a small entrance hole but have a large roof for extra protection so that bluebirds feel safe and relaxed. You can place a bluebird box in the sun or about 4 to 6 feet off the ground. You can lookout for the best birdhouse kit on which is your one-stop destination for all your garden and birdhouse package related products. It has over 500 brands such as Hobby Lobby, Trixie, Melissa & Doug, where you can choose your ideal birdhouse kit products.

Purple martin birdhouses

Purple martin birdhouses generally come in round shape and feature a protective roof to provide safety to birds. It comes with a pole adaptor which is made of aluminium material. This birdhouse package is completely constructed from aluminium and has specifically sized entries for purple martins to protect them from predators. They are compatible with mounting on the PMHD 12 pole and are starling resistant. Also, one of the best ways to captivate purple martins is to use appropriate purple martin houses. For that, you will need to have a birdhouse kit as well. Without any doubt, you can buy DIY birdhouse kits online in UAE. But in case you do not want to make a hole in your pocket, you can search for a cheap birdhouse kit to fulfil your desires.

Wrens and chickadees

The most important aspect of attracting the wrens is to buy a birdhouse package with a hole in it. These birds are attached to a tree or a pole. Make sure the birdhouse should have a diameter of 1 ¼ “, which is large enough for all types of wrens and chickadees. You need to consider the placement of the birdhouse boxes. Make sure to place them close to or within some cover. You can order the height from 3 feet to 10 feet off the ground. They are made up of natural cedar with a copper roof. You can also hang it on the walls for giving a nice decor to your room. They are ornithologically designed for these birds with the hole and interior cavity for them. You can find wrens and chickadees houses on our product search engine so, have a look at them.

Robin birdhouses

If you want to watch robins visit your house, you will need to order a birdhouse or birdhouse kit online. Robins are often considered as a bird of spring. They begin their breeding cycles shortly just after returning to their summer range. Fun fact, their iconic pastel-coloured eggs are unmistakable as well. Robin birdhouse packages are easy to install under eaves or on the side of your house. They come with wood material. These birdhouses are quite popular with bird species and have open-front nesting boxes. You can also get your hands on robin birdhouse kits online to avail some great offers and deals.

Tips on how to buy Birdhouses Kits

Whether you are buying a birdhouse or thinking about building one for yourself, there are certain things you will need to consider. Below we have presented some of the best tips and pieces of advice to follow when you buy birdhouses or birdhouse kits online. These tips will help you make an expert while shopping online.

  • Material – Birds mostly like to stay in a cosy and warm environment. They hunt for safe houses. So a wooden birdhouse can attract many birds. Also, to captivate them towards your birdhouse, you can use things like leaves and twigs.
  • The size that matters to birds – Birds need more space under the birdhouse to sit and relax. They should feel comfortable. However, the birdhouse should not be huge so that the preying birds can snatch away the bird’s nests. So, keep this factor in mind.
  • Hole – The entrance hole from where birds can enter and leave the house should be adequately sized and closed. For small birds, the hole needs to be approx. 1 ½ inch wide or less. Whereas for the bigger ones, the entrance should be around 2 ½ inches.
  • Ventilation matters the most – When you buy a birdhouse online, make sure that it should have proper ventilation. It should have holes or slits on the roof crafted adequately for fresh air to enter. Without much air, birds can feel suffocated inside the birdhouse. Likewise, the birdhouse should have the proper drainage.
  • Understand bird species – It’s very important to understand the kind of birds so you can buy the right birdhouse online. You will need to do a whole lot of research to find out the nesting habits of the birds which you want to attract.

Hope these above mentioned tips and advice will help you in finding the right birdhouse for your birds. Don’t hesitate to apply these tricks to your birdhouse kit shopping too. The more you know the trick, the better you own things. Happy shopping.

Question & Answer

Where to buy a birdhouse kit online in UAE?

You will find various online shopping stores where you can buy a birdhouse kit. But if you want to buy the best and cheapest options for birdhouse kits and packages, then you are in the right place. On our product search engine, you can explore hundreds of brands offering birdhouse kits and birdhouse packages products. Also, our store is offering some great exciting deals and offers. So if you want to buy the cheap and best quality birdhouse kits, you already know where to shop. So, what are you waiting for? Visit now to not miss any of the best deals in the birdhouse packages and kits.

How to build a birdhouse kit?

To build a birdhouse kit, you will need to follow some procedures. When you purchase birdhouse kits online, it typically comes with pre-cut wood pieces to construct the birdhouse. First, you will need to add drainage to the floor of the house and add ventilation near the roof under the eaves. You can remove any perch peg from the front of the house. Now, adjust the entrance hole to make it more suitable. Add an extra metal or thin wooden plate with the hole over the kit’s pre-drilled entrance hole. You can also alter the design to make it a removable roof for easy cleaning. And we would recommend leaving the house in its natural tones to provide camouflage.

Which birdhouse kit to choose?

Choosing a birdhouse kit all depends on your bird species and their behaviour. Mostly birdhouses that are made of wood attract birds. So, you can invest in buying a wooden birdhouse kit online. However, each bird species has specific habitat requirements, so you will need to select the birdhouses wisely. When you shop online, make sure to invest in the right size, material, and height. Don’t be worried! We have already got you covered in the tips and trick section, where we have presented some of the best tips and advice to follow when you shop birdhouses online. You can go through it and make a wise decision.