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For many, the sight of bats conjures up creepy ideas of bloodsucking Draculas! But everything may not be as it seems. In fact, bats are a blessing to your garden . They feed in on night-flying insects and pests that damage your crops. And the best part, you can easily attract these pest controlling creatures to your yard by simply installing the bat cabinets. To my garden? Why on earth would I want to put a bat house on my property?! I am no lunatic. You’ve got to be crazy!

Bats are scary, aggressive, and suck your blood. Well none of this is true! They eat mosquitos, fruits, and bugs. No blood and of course not humans. Still, why would you want to invite these creatures to your yard? Well one of the main reason to install a bat box at your place is to deal with the pesky pests that eat up the healthy plants in your garden. Besides, they pollinate plants, distribute seeds, and lastly they’re cute. But, remember to buy bat box online in UAE is never an easy job. There are several things you ought to know about these bird houses before you start your search. In this guide, we shall take a look at all that you need to know about the bat cabinets and a few tips on how to purchase the best type of bat box.

The various bat house models for your backyard

You can find several bat box for garden, but none of them are same. There are bat cabinets that come in stylish designs and good-quality. However, you may also come across a few that are poorly designed and are unlikely to attract many residents. According to the International Bat Conservation Organisation, an effective bat box must at least be 20 inches tall and 14 inches wide. Besides, it should also have numerous roosting chambers inside. If you’re still confused about which ones to buy and which ones are currently trending that you can invest in, then check out the list below.

The Audubon bat boxes in trees

If you want to gather up many bats in your backyard, then go ahead and purchase the bat box from Audubon. You can not only mount them onto the trees but also place them anywhere that’s suitable for the bats to come. The structure of the bat cabinet stands out for its generous size. The enormous size allows up to 100 bats to stay in the box. Apart from their sheer size, they also have a sturdy built that keeps them going for a long time. With so many amazing features in place, these models tend to be slightly expensive when compared to the others. However, they’re a well-made choice.

The Coveside mini wooden bat house

A compact small bat box is always a great option when you have limited space in your garden and still want to invite these tiny furry birds. If you’re planning on buying such a kind, then look no further than the mini bat cabinets from Coveside. The product is sturdy, affordable, and compact. Apart from that, they’re well-constructed to stand the test of time. Moreover, thanks to their robust pine wood construction that them highly immune to several external climatic conditions. Furthermore, you’ll find an installation manual plus instructions. This makes them a user-friendly product too.

The evergreen natural wood solid bat house kit

If you’re an economiser and want to buy the perfect bat boxes along with some other essential bat house supplies them go ahead and pick this model from Evergreen. This product tends to be small and basic but comes with lot of other bat supplies. The kit includes the maintenance tools as well as the bat box cover. Moreover, the robust and medium built makes them a perfect choice to house a handful of bats. Furthermore, it comes with grooved walls that make it easier for the bats to enter. Besides, the groovy structure makes the installation process easy too.

The various other DIY bat box plans

Buying the bat box is one thing and building one is another. Building a perfect bat cabinets gives these creatures somewhere safe to roost, raise their pups, and rest during the day. You can build up a bat box anytime. But, it’s best to get them up and ready by the winter months when the temperatures tend to be cold. Some of the common tools and materials that you’ll need to build the box includes wood piece, ladder, drill, saws, nails, and screws. Make sure the wood piece you choose to build your box with has a measurement of 15cm wide x 1.1m long x 1.5cm thick or more.

Tips on how to buy Bat Cabinets online

Of course you have so many choices. But, having several choices doesn’t mean you can easily buy them. Besides, by now you must’ve gathered that each model has different style and features. Therefore, you ought to be clear about what to look for when you’re buying the bat cabinets online. Keeping this in mind and to make things easier for you, we’ve laid out a few quick tips that you can follow when you’re buying a perfect bat box online.

  • Know what the bats need – Your primary concern should be what bats need. They like a landing pad, which is why almost all bat boxes extend below the actual roost area. Once they've landed, they need to be able to cling on and climb inside. A series of horizontal grooves is usually provided, though some use a fine mesh or other textured surface. Large, open mesh is not a good idea because it can trap their hands and feet.
  • Keep an eye on the entry – Bats can get through surprisingly small gaps -- which is why people find them in their attic when they thought they'd sealed them out. The entry to your bat house should be no wider than one inch. This stops rats and other predators from getting in. Having the entry at the bottom also means guano drops to the ground below rather than collecting inside where it would attract parasites.
  • Size is important – Most low-cost models have a single chamber, but larger bat houses have anything from two to four. Like us, bats seem to prefer a house with more rooms. For them, it's about regulating the heat of the habitat and potentially providing a nursery area for mothers and babies. Think about the number of bats the house can accommodate and how this affects the physical size. Check dimensions before buying.
  • Get the exclusion tubes – Bats are delicate creatures. If you need to evict them from an area of your home, you should never try to handle them -- in fact, in some areas, you would be breaking the law. The best idea is to buy bat exclusion tubes. These allow them to leave, but not come back. Seal all other areas, and when you're sure they're gone, remove the tubes and finish sealing.
  • Assess the material – Most bat houses are made of wood, with cedar and pine being good materials. Exterior-grade plywood can also be used and is a less expensive option. A bat house that's screwed together rather than nailed is usually a sign of quality and is likely to last longer.
  • Look out for the roof and coating – Roofs should not open in case they let in water. While it's tempting to want to check on bats, you don't want to disturb them once they've taken up residence. In cooler areas, you can paint or stain your bat box a dark colour to improve heat retention. Only ever use outdoor, water-based latex paints or stains. Anything else could poison the bats.
  • Go for mounting models – You can find several types of bat boxes. Some bat boxes come with mounting kits, so check when ordering. A few high-end models even have poles to fix them to. See which one suits your garden set up before you
  • Set aside a budget – You can get cheap bat boxes, single-chamber bat house to provide a roost for around a dozen bats for as little as $25. There's a wide choice from $40 through $80 that can hold anywhere from 100 to 300 bats. Large multi-chamber models can be as much as $200. You can also purchase bat box for sale online in UAE if you’re a serious economiser.
Putting up a bat house is as simple as a quick construction project or inexpensive purchase, and a few thoughtful plants, and you’ll have the winged weasels pollinating, fertilizing, and cutting down on insects in your garden in no time.

Question & Answer

How to install a bat box?

Once you have your bat cabinets ready, it’s important to know how to install them. You must also know the best place to put a bat box. Now, how and where you put a bat box depends on the style and size of the bat house. You can install the bat houses on wooden posts, steel poles, pivot poles, or on the sides of buildings. Generally, it’s best to mount the houses in an area that get 6-8 hours of direct sunlight. Also, make sure that you locate them near to a place where there’s a large water source.

Which direction should a bat box face?

Choosing a sunny location to put your bat box is imperative. Therefore, it’s best to install them facing east or South of your house. Bat houses work best when you place them in area that receives at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight. But, if you cannot find a place like that, then you can put them in a partial sunlit area that receives the morning sun.

Why put up a bat box?

There are several reasons why you need to install a bat box in your backyard. Apart from conserving the bat species, the bat houses tend to keep the mosquitoes, pests, and other small flies at bay. In fact, bats can eat up to 1,200 insects per hour. Besides, bats may be the best form of natural mosquito control available. Above all, they also help keep your garden pest free, facilitate plant pollination and seed distribution.

Where can I buy bat boxes online in UAE?

Several online stores in UAE bring you a huge collection of bat cabinets online. However, if you wish to have a quick, reliable, and affordable online shopping experience, then go ahead and check out Our product search engine houses some of the best bat boxes from popular brands like Kenley , BCI, and Vivara. What’s more, you can buy them from your favourite online stores too. Are you convinced to invite bats to take up residence in your backyard? Hopefully you’re seeing these fascinating creatures in a whole new light. Do you have bats in your backyard yet? No? Go ahead and install a bat box. Get them from!

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