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The focal point of any bedroom decor is the bed. Only after that come things like a curtain and other furniture. Therefore, you have to get the bed right first before moving on to another less important aspect of it.

Just like tables and chairs, people have been using beds for thousands of years. These days, it is also an essential piece of furniture in every home. Even though the bed itself will not affect the overall sleeping comfort as much as the mattress, it does play a significant role in it. Therefore, finding a bed for your home involves a lot of things, and you have to consider all those aspects while getting one. Read this article to find out more about them. Having a better understanding of these furniture items will help you make the right choices when you are making the purchase.

Beginner’s guide to buying a bed

When it comes to furnishing a bedroom, the bed plays the most important role. Besides the main item in the room, they also play an important role in adding comfort to your life and better health.  All other furnishings, like the curtains, dresser, and wardrobe is less important than that. Luckily, there are different styles available in the market. You can set the tone of your room by choosing the right option alongside other furniture. However, in order to do that successfully, you should be aware of the different types, their materials, and more. This guide will give you a basic understanding of them.

Types of beds

All options can be classified into three different categories: canopy, platform, and traditional. Traditional ones include footboards, headboards, and side rails. They come in a wide variety of designs. However, they all follow a traditional look themselves, and therefore such options also give the same aesthetics to the room. Canopy beds are almost similar to traditional options. The only difference is the addition of a tall frame above the bed. This canopy is useful for hanging curtains or mosquito nets. The third one is the platform bed, which is modern and offers a sleeker design by eliminating the floorboard.

Bed materials

The quality o and therefore, the price depends mostly on the material. Wood, metal, and steel are the most popular material. Each one of these offers a look that is unique from another. Wooden beds are durable and look a bit more traditional. Because wood is a really versatile material, it is possible to make them in curved designs with mouldings. Metal beds are relatively cheaper. Even though they are durable, you should be careful about rust. Fabric upholstery beds will either have a wooden or metal frame. But there will be a thick layer of a fabric cover on top of it that completely changes the design.

Common sizes

Unless you are making a custom bed and mattress, beds always follow the standard sizes. This is imperative as if the size is different, it will be difficult to find a mattress that fits the bed. The smallest size is single. Twin beds are a little larger and measure 38×75 inches. Full-size can sleep one or two. But a Queen, 60×80 inches, can sleep to people even better. King size and California size are more of a luxury. While both of these are designed for two people to sleep on, they are much larger than queen size beds.

Headboard type

One thing that dictates the aesthetics is the headboard. Because the headboard is the most conspicuous part, it is no surprise that the design language is set by the headboard style. Furthermore, the headboard doesn’t serve any function other than providing a visual appeal. So, it is not possible to say that one type of headboard is better than the other. Rather it depends entirely upon your personal preference. If you like a particular style of design, then the headboard that suits you.

Tips on how to buy A Bed

Finding the right types can be harder than you might think. Because there are thousands of different models out there trying to find the right one from it can be simply overwhelming. To make things even more difficult, the difference between them can be subtle. So, how do you make sure that you are buying the right one? Well, if you know what criteria to consider in these furniture items, it becomes a lot easier. Here are some tips that you can follow while you are shopping for such a furniture item.

  • Size – When you are shopping, the major consideration should be the size. There are two ways to find out which size is right for you. The first method is to look at the dimensions and compare them to the size of the room. This will give you a good idea about how big a product you can afford. But if you already have a mattress, then you can simply buy an option that suits the size of the mattress.
  • Material – This goes beyond just deciding whether you want a wooden or a metal option. Actually, there are so many different types of wood that you can choose from. Some woods look really good even without paint while some woods are always painted on. If it is one with fabric upholstery, you can choose the material of the upholstery. It can be leather, velvet, or duvet.
  • Style – It can affect the overall aesthetics of a room. So, you should put some effort into choosing an option that suits all the other elements in the room. If there is a large ornate curtain in the room, then a modern-looking option might not be the best choice.
  • Storage space – If you are choosing a simple bunk type base instead of a box spring, the base can double as a storage space as well. This will be especially useful if your house is not very large or doesn’t have a dedicated storage room. You will find plenty of models that feature cabinets and drawers in the base.

There are so many different varieties. These include camping, futon, four-poster, loft, cabin, twin, cots, guest, cribs and many more. You can find any of these easily using the shopping search engine. That way, you can also compare the prices and features of different products and pick the right one among them. Finally, don’t forget to check out other amazing products from the furniture category.

Question & Answer

Are mattresses bad for your back?

Most of the people reading this might be already used to sleeping on a comfy mattress. A few of them might even be using a box spring to add to the comfort of the mattress. Some studies suggest that if the mattress is too soft, you might be sleeping in an awkward position. If you really sink into the mattress, the chances are high that the spine might be in a stooped position. This can lead to back pain in some people. Doctors still recommend using a mattress that is not too soft rather than ditching the mattress altogether.

What are the benefits of using hard beds?

They are better for people who do not already have a bad back. Because firmer options do not collapse the lower back, it will be easier to breathe. Harder ones avoid the problem of sagging and distribute the weight of the body more evenly. This is especially beneficial for those who are heavy. And because most of the tension will be absorbed by the bones in this case, the muscles will remain relaxed. But the downside is that if you are used to sleeping on a soft mattress, switching to a firmer mattress can feel uncomfortable.

Is sleeping on the floor bad for you?

People seem to have conflicting opinions regarding the health effects of sleeping on the floor. Some say that it is better than sleeping on a mattress, and others say that it is worse. But one thing that they all agree on is the fact that it is uncomfortable. Also, the general effects of sleeping on the floor regularly seem to be negative. Because it can cause too much pressure on the joints, it can lead to increased back pain and reduction in the quality of sleep. There is also the risk of allergic reactions from dust and mites. That is why doctors recommend against sleeping on the floor.

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