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Are you looking for a suitable bed for your baby? Newborns are advised to sleep in the same room for the first six months. After that, however, you might find a bedside crib or Moses basket as the best option. But if you want to invest in the long term as eventually, you have to land up in a big bed, then a cot or cotbed is the best choice! So, let’s unfold more about it in the upcoming section.

Being a new parent isn’t a simple task! There are a lot of things which you need to take care of. And shopping for the cot is one of the essential purchases for your child. However, in the first two years, they will spend more time sleeping than awakening. Thus, you need a safe and comfortable cotbed for your child to enjoy sleeping. But there is a slight difference between a cot and cotbed which can be helpful for you. So, a cotbed is a cot with removable sides and an end panel that you can later modify into a toddler’s bed. In contrast, cots are slightly smaller than cotbed. Therefore, the cot bed lasts longer than a cot as you can later convert it into a junior bed. However, the best baby cots come with a removable side for you to place next to your bed.

Know all about the best cot for your children or yourself

There is no harm in learning about the product first before moving to purchase it. And cots require a little attention not for your child but yourself, as a mother. So, if you are suffering from back pain or had a caesarean, then cotbed with drop-side down is for you! Besides, these beds come with sides that slide down, making it easy for you to lift your baby. Thus, it helps in preventing strain on your back & stomach. But if you think cotbed are strictly a constraint to the baby, then you are wrong! Adults do use it as their camping kit or for the outdoors. It keeps them warm and comfortable. Therefore, to know about the best travel cots, read about the different kinds of portable beds .

Camping cot baby

If you think you need to wait for your baby to grow up before you plan to travel, then you are entirely wrong! It is possible to carry your infant along with you while camping or travelling with a camping cot baby. In fact, your baby sleeps comfortably while outdoors. However, you will get various choices in types, sizes, and features while you seek cheap baby cots for sale online in UAE. Besides, there are some baby travel beds that allow parents to sleep along with their babies. So, while you head to buy a travel baby bed, you need to be cautious while picking. Thus, you need to check its portability, material, age range, and assemble quality, which is the primary concern.

Twin cots

Are you looking for beds for your twins? We admit that’s a pretty hard task but no more! You can choose twin cots for your lovely twins for them to enjoy each other’s company. Besides, these portable beds for babies can be convertible & you can easily save money. However, there are many things that you need to consider when you choose to buy cots online in UAE. And that includes safety, sturdiness, size, style, and so on. Besides, you get varied choices in types like mini, full-size, and versatile trundle. You also need to keep in mind that the price varies with material & size. And you need to buy a mattress pad & sheets which fit the individual bed mattresses.

Heavy-duty cot

Some people prefer a good sleep no matter where they sleep, even if the outdoors. However, sleeping on the ground with the help of foam sleeping pads is painful! Thus, heavy-duty cots are an alternative bed for camping or outdoor purposes. This bed elevates you from the ground and prevents the cold from chilling you while you sleep. Besides, it comes with an innovative design and lightweight materials. The material is stretchable over the frame that supports your body. And it provides a comfortable sleeping space for you to have a proper sleep.  So, if you are looking for cheap camping cots, you can check out the notable brand’s products. And some of the brands are Baby Bjorn, Deryan, Hauck, and many more.

Tips on how to buy Cots online

By now, it might be clear to you that cots can be a long-term investment. Besides, it’s available for babies as well as adults outdoors. Thus, its market is vast, and you will get innumerable options in design, style, colour, and price. So, choosing the best portable cot is tricky! And you need a valuable tips section to pick the cheap baby cots with mattresses. However, that might consume a lot of your time & you will get less time to shop. And we don’t wish this to happen to you! Thus, we have researched the market & listed some of the essential factors for you. So, you can consider all these features while shopping online. Check out!

  • Purpose – Before starting with your shopping trove, you need to first decide on its purposes. And you determine if you wish to purchase this portable cot for your baby or adults’ usage. Suppose you are buying it for your baby, then you need to check on its safety & features. Usually, parents use it for outdoor or camping purposes to provide their baby with comfortable sleep.
  • Size – It is another important factor to look for while you head to shop for folding cots near me in Dubai. However, cotbeds are available in different sizes. This bed is around 146 cm long & 77cm deep, and almost 90cm & 105 cm tall. At the same time, cots are around 50-60 cm wide and 140 cm long. Thus, you need to choose carefully for your baby.
  • Weight – It is essential to check on your heavy-duty cot weight before you purchase it. So, the average campong bed rated up to 275 pounds which is comfortable for the campers of average weight. But those who are a little heavy need a little more weight! Thus, studies have found that heavy people need around 300 to 450 pounds.
  • Use – If you plan to buy twin cots for your twins’ baby, it’s essential to know how far it’s easy to use. You need to check whether the drop-side of the bed is secure & easy to operate. Next, you need to make sure that the side of the bed is at least 5 cm above the floor while lowering it. And it’s easy for you to operate, and it should be low enough for you to bend properly.

The other factors like colour, wooden material or not, and price depend on your choice & budget. However, follow up the tips part to experience a smooth shopping voyage. So, commence your journey along with We are the best UAE search engine with more than 500 brands & shops allied with us. Thus, you browse through the min-blowing collection of products with the best price tag in the market. And enjoy the exciting deals & offers to add more fun to your shopping. Hurry!

Question & Answer

Are cots a standard size?

Cots are a small bedroom design for infants. It comes with a fence-like barrier around the bed. Thus, it ensures the safety of the children while sleeping or doesn’t crawl out of bed. However, you need to keep in mind that these beds are exclusively for babies who started crawling & can bump on their sides. So, no cots aren’t the standard size! While you look online, you will come across different bed frame sizes, mattresses, and bed options. So, the typical size of the cotbed is around 60x 30x 53 inches. At the same time, the mattress which fits on the standard cotbed is 55 x 27.5 inches. Besides, a blanket that will fit in this bed will be around 65×40 inch & the duvet cover will be 57 x 48inch.

Where to buy cots online in UAE?

Cotbed is a fruitful investment for your babies to sleep peacefully, and later you can change it into a small bed. So, if you wish to buy it, then choose the online option! Online shopping let you shop from your Smartphone at anytime, anywhere. All you need to have is a proper internet connection! Besides, you get exciting offers, deals, and promos every weekend as well as on big days. That’s not enough! You shop from the jaw-dropping collection of products according to your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping with We are the best Dubai search engine with 500+ brands & shops allied with us. Thus, you browse through the excellent collection of products with a reasonable price tag.

Which cots are the best?

Hauck is a reputed brand name in the industry of cot for babies. Besides, this brand is in the market for almost 90 years. And it has earned a reputation so far for its incredible and unique baby shop items, including a travel cotbed. So, it’s used in many ways, from outdoor to home. Besides, in this bed, your babies will sleep well as it comes with a large lying surface. Thus, you will be able to do your household or even relax while they play along. However, it’s easy to fold and assemble within a few minutes. You can store it in a carry bag & transport it easily. It comes with large lateral mesh windows, which allow optimum air circulation. Besides, you can try other popular brands’ products. And some of the brands are Baby Bjorn, Deryan, and many more.

How much are travel cots?

A travel cot is a possible way to take your baby along with you outdoor or camping. However, one of the benefits of using this travel bed is its portability. So, it’s fast and easy to assemble and fold, which you can carry in your car backseat or suitcase. However, the mesh walls on the travel bed keep your children protected from dirt, mosquitos, or other pollutants. And its gliding wheels attach below to make it easy to move from one place to other. Apart from that, it comes with a wheel lock which makes it secure. Besides, the canopy and seat material are fabric, and the frame material is metal. It can carry a child’s weight up to 15 kg. However, the price of the travel bed might vary with size and features. And it usually costs 249 AED.

Now, gear up to shop along with us with all the knowledge you gained so far. First, however, consider the tips and parts to follow while shopping online. So, browse through the mind-boggling collection of furniture products from top-notch brands. Plus, you get exciting offers & deals to add more fun and thrill to your shopping trove. Happy shopping!

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