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Due to the increasing scarcity of land, many homes nowadays have small rooms. For that reason, furnishing the rooms with different furniture pieces can become a challenging task. You always need enough space to navigate around the room properly. The best way to make enough room and add in the required furniture is to add a cabin bed. In this guide, we’ll elaborate more on the different beds and give you a few helpful tips on how to buy a cabin bed online in the UAE. So read on! 

Let’s begin with answering the most obvious question – what exactly are cabin beds? Well, cabinet beds are similar to Pullman beds. They’re multi-use pieces of furniture that come with space underneath the bed platform for storage. Some advanced models even include a desk, a play area, and an extra bed too. Besides, you’ll also find them in various sizes. A big family or small, the cabinet beds ensure that everyone gets enough space to do their stuff. Being highly beneficial for saving space and storing various items, these beds are a must-have at your place. That said, let’s look at some stylish beds for different purposes next! 

Various kinds of cabin beds to save space and tidy up your room 

Generally, manufacturers categorise cabinet beds into three major types – desk beds, high-sleepers, and mid-sleepers. Each one comes with different characteristics. However, apart from these, you’ll still see numerous types of cabin beds when you’re out searching for one online. Usually, the difference in cabinet beds is brought about by what they have beneath the sleeping space. While some have drawers for storing books and pens, others come with pull-out desks for studies. Similarly, the cabin bed for adults has a different design from a bed for kids. For instance, adult cabin beds come with chic sleeping space and handy storage space beneath the sleeping area. You can keep various kinds of stuff such as books, towels and more items. However, for kids, you’ll find a play area. Below we’ve compiled a list of cabinet beds that you can try investing in. 

The cabin bunk bed or cabin beds with desk – the ideal choice of beds for teenagers

The cabin beds with a desk attached are a perfect choice if you’re buying them for your kid’s bedroom. Thanks to their enormous storage space and pull out desk, it makes them the best cabin bed for teenagers. Your children can store their books, pens, and other stationaries here. Moreover, the pull-out desk allows them to have a sturdy surface to read and write. A similar, practical and space-saving option is the cabin bunk beds. These beds offer a great solution to space-saving problems. Their multi-use compact structure allows your kids to carry out various study activities without any disturbances. In short, they’re a great all-in-one option for your kids. 

Give your room a girly touch and keep the space tidy with the best mid-sleeper girl’s cabin bed.

A mid-sleeper bed is a boon for anyone who wishes to keep their little princesses room clean and less space-consuming. The product features a void space beneath the bed. You can utilise this area for various functions. This unique feature makes them space-saving. By the way, you can buy a mid-sleeper cabin bed with no built-in storage space too. You can get these beds customised as per your princess’s preferences. Further, their lower height which’s not overbearing, makes them a perfect choice for smaller kids. All these can be an excellent way for you to utilise and spare as much floor space as possible in your child’s bedroom. In short, it’s indeed the best children’s cabin bed.  

Get a space saver Ikea cabin bed

The high-sleeper cabinet beds have a lot in common with a mid-sleeper bed. However, they tend to be taller than the mid-sleepers and provide larger spaces beneath the sleeping area. You can use the space beneath the bed for storing various items as per your needs. Fact is, you can even use them as a wardrobe to keep your clothing, as space beneath tends to be huge when compared to the mid-sleepers. Also, they’re an excellent choice for the bedrooms of children aged six and above. It’s not advisable to buy high sleeper cabin beds for kids under age six for safety reasons. Most cabin bed frames for higher-sleepers come in robust materials like metal and strong wood.

Tips on how to buy Cabin Beds online

Now that you know the various options of cabin beds that you can choose from, it’s time to jump on to the next step – to shop for one! But, remember, although it may seem simple, actually finding the best cabin bed for a small room and large areas is a challenging task, particularly when you have so many options to choose from. However, things can get easy and straightforward if you know what to look for. Here are a few helpful tips for you to decide on the perfect bed type, style, and theme to suit your needs.

  • Evaluate the purpose of the bed – For what purpose are you buying the cabinet beds? Do you wish to have a cabin bed with multi-use? Or do you want models that give you enough space to sleep? Each cabin bed is separate and differs in the amount of storage. If you want to create space around the room, you should buy a double cabin bed online in the UAE. The best way to buy a cabin bed is to check your needs before heading into the market.
  • Consider the room you’ll place your cabin beds – Your room’s structure and interior design are crucial factors to consider when buying a cabin bed. The style of your room determines the type and size of the bed you would purchase. Before you begin your online search to buy one, make sure you take extra time to measure the interiors of your room. Once you know your room measurements, you can easily pick a suitable model for your area.
  • Pick the right size – From lower height mid-sleepers to the taller high-sleeper beds, you’ll find different sizes of cabin beds out there on the market today. You’ll also find different sizes of storage space in them. And each size fits various spaces differently. Therefore, consider your room’s space before buying one. Also, make sure to keep in mind the age of someone who’s using the beds, as kids might need a bed than adults do.
  • Consider what goes underneath the cabin bed – Each cabin bed comes with storage space. Some even come without it. However, buying one with storage space is better. However, you ought to consider the design of the area before you buy them. If you need extra storage space, you can choose a bed with drawers and dressers. If you need additional accommodation for occasional guests or friends, you can incorporate a pull-out trundle bed in the design.
  • Set aside a budget for yourself – With different types and several features, it’s evident that not all cabinet beds will cost you the same. You’ll find cheap cabin beds with storage as well as expensive ones without storage. Therefore, it makes sure you set aside a budget for yourselves before you begin your search online. It not only helps you narrow down your searches but also guides you to your perfect cabin bed easily. However, remember not to compromise on quality, to save some bucks. Of course, you can get some premium quality cabin beds for sale online in the UAE during promotional and festive offers.

Buying a cabin bed should not be difficult, provided you follow the proper guidelines when searching in the market. There are several other factors that you can consider when buying a cabin bed, but these are the above tips; cover the top ones. If you’ve decided which one to pick, then hurry up and purchase them here on You can also check out other options and compare their prices before you settle in for the final one. Who knows, you might find a better quality cabin bed at just the right budget.

Question & Answer

How much are cabin beds?

As mentioned earlier, the price tags of each cabin bed differ from one another. The cost of the cabinet beds usually depends on the size, material, brand name and type. A bigger cabin bed would cost you more money compared to a smaller one. Similarly, the quality of material used to construct the cabin bed also determines how much you have to pay to get it. Even though there are a lot of different styles and types of cabinet beds, most of them are either made of wood or metal. Wooden cabin beds often cost you more compared to metal cabinet beds. This is why the cabinet beds’ quality plays a vital role in deciding the cabin beds rates. Therefore, you should find a balance between quality and price when buying cabin beds. You can consider buying from top-rated brands like Ikea, Home Box, and Home Centre to ensure quality at a better cost.

How long do cabin beds last?

A properly constructed cabin bed can last for years without needing replacement. That’s one of the other reasons why they tend to be economical. But, it’s always the quality of a cabin bed that often determines how long you will use it. It is a good idea to invest in a cabin bed as a parent since you can convert it into a low single bed when your child outgrows the idea of sleeping on a higher bed. Buying such a bed saves you from buying another bed once your child grows up. Cabinet beds can last a lifetime, provided you make the right choice. If you make a mistake when purchasing a cabin bed, you might have to replace it sooner. That is why you need to follow the proper guidelines when buying cabin beds. Go ahead, check out our tips on this!

Are cabin beds suitable for adults?

Cabin beds are perfect for both adults and children alike. They both require different kinds of beds, though. Adults need space to store their various items like clothing, towels, work stuff, and more. And by now you know that a cabin bed is a perfect solution for this. The fact is, if you buy a cabin bed with a wardrobe, you do not need to buy a standalone closet. But it’s a bit different for kids. Kids love a play area of their own, a separate desk space, and smart storage space to put their stationery items. Well, the cabinet beds, specifically designed for kids, offer all this and much more. Therefore, you can buy cabinet beds, provided you pick the right styles and designs suitable for you as an adult.

Where to buy log cabin beds online in the UAE?

Several online stores today offer you numerous cabin beds online. If you’re vigorously searching for one, then do check out the options on Our product search engine brings you a comprehensive and robust collection of cabinet beds. You can buy a cheap cabin bed with a wardrobe, ones with a desk, ones without storage space, and much more. Better yet, you can take them from your favourite online stores with just a click. And yes, our innovative and superfast system allows you to compare the prices of different cabin bed models and pick one that suits your budget. Rest assured, you’ll find one that fits your place perfectly.

Cabin beds are a great addition to your place, particularly if you have kids. They’re best to make room for your kids to play and study, even in compact or small rooms. We believe this guide has given you enough information to make a wise and informed choice. So, without much ado, go ahead and explore the numerous options on