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About Travel Cots

A travel cot is one of the must-have items for parents who love travelling with their little munchkins. It is a baby bed that can be folded down and stored in a bag to take on a holiday. Some models even come with wheels as an added convenience. Read on to explore more about this innovative equipment.

Travel cots typically come in plastic or metal frames with woven or breathable mesh sidewalls. It is an excellent item that can be used in addition to the traditional crib. If you do not have a crib, a travel cot can be a replacement. Travel cots have a light padded mattress so that while your baby is inside, they can enjoy a cosy and warm environment. Whether going on a trip or planning to spend quality time at granny’s home, a travel cot can be the best companion for your child. With portable furniture like a cot, babies always have a comfortable and familiar environment to sleep in, no matter where they are. This page will explore things you need to know about cots to help you buy a travel cot online in the UAE. 

Things you need to know about travel cots

Travel cots usually come in a straightforward and uncomplicated design. The standard models come in the form of a fabric cot that relies on a well-built frame. This frame folds down and collapses itself into a zip-up travel bag that you can carry anywhere. It will be accompanied by carrying handles so that you do not face any inconvenience while carrying it. Pop-up cots are another version of a travel cot. They pop up immediately when taken out of the bag, as the name suggests. They are easier to assemble in comparison to their regular counterparts. Similarly, several other varieties are also there that offer different benefits, comfort, and convenience. If you hunt for the best cots, here are some popular types to choose from.

Characteristics of portable cots

A high-quality travel cot would come with a set of wonderful features to make the overall experience convenient for you and your baby. It would assemble and collapse in minutes. Some travel cots are lightweight and come with a carrying bag and wheels to make transportation even easier. A mattress is another integral component that should be firm and comfortable to offer a good sleeping space to the baby. Travel cots with bassinet are preferable for babies that are around 2-3 months old. This net fits across the top of the cot to offer a crib function to your newborn. Flip over is another feature in some high-end cots that gives you an easy way for nappy changing. Some cots also have toys such as toy arches, mobiles, and lights. The good part is that you can find a wide range of cheap baby travel cots online. 

Safety measures for a large travel cot

When it comes to babies, one has to be double sure about safety as they cannot express the discomfort they might be feeling. It is essential to make sure that the cot you have selected meets the safety standards. For peace of your mind, you can consider other safety aspects. Some travel cots for toddlers have corners. With those corners, your baby’s clothes may get stuck when they attempt to escape. So, it is safe to prefer padded and rounded corners to minimize the risk. Furthermore, if you rely on modern cots, i.e. the ones with flexible walls, you have to be extra cautious while your baby sleeps inside them. Any external pressure may quickly harm him. Though, this is not the case with traditional cots that come with metal frames.

Reasons to invest in a travel crib

A travel cot is a must-have for anyone who loves to travel and has a baby. It works as a safe place for the baby, whether the baby is home or somewhere out. If you use a travel cot as a crib at your home, your baby must also be familiar with it so that your baby will still have the same cosy and familiar place to sleep in whenever you move out to any other place peacefully. The best part about a travel cot is that you can pack it easily into your car, unlike traditional cribs, baby beds, or swings. So, rather than asking “why to buy?”, you should be asking “why not to buy?”

Popular models like Hauck & Graco travel cots

Numerous brands come with unique designs cots. However, some of them win the hearts of their parent. Hauck is one of those popular names known for its practical and comfortable travel cots. In these cots, your child will feel as safe and comfortable as at home. Graco is another brand that comes with a wide range of designs for cots. Some models even come with vibration features that can soothe the baby. The good part is that these are easy to set and collapse. You can also find a toy bar and changing table in some models as an added convenience. Nuna and Chicco travel cots have also achieved great reviews and much love from their parents.

Tips on how to buy Travel Cots online in Dubai

Travel cots come in a wide assortment depending upon various factors like ease of use, wheels/no wheels, bassinet availability, washable features, and more. If you have decided to get one for your baby, it will be an overwhelming experience for you. Looking at so many options, you can easily fall into a state of dilemma. So, here are some tips that would help you get through this effortlessly.

  • Understand its types – There are three basic types of travel cots you can choose from. The first one is the standard and traditional form. It comes in a rectangular shape with a collapsible frame and a removable mattress. However, it is tough to carry them. The next one is a pop-up cot that is easy to assemble and lighter than other varieties. But, they are only suitable for very young babies. For new babies, the bassinet models work fine.
  • Choose easy to use model – A travel cot should be easy to use and assemble. When it’s time to pack up, you should be able to fold it down in a matter of seconds. It is a thing made for the convenience of parents and babies while travelling, so why not pick the convenient styles only.
  • Check bassinet availability – If your baby is 2-3 months old, then it is an important feature to look for. It fits across the top of the cot and provides a crib for your baby to sleep in comfortably.
  • Check for wheels – It is an options feature that you can consider for an added convenience. Travel cots that come with wheels and travel bags make transporting easier in many ways.
  • Prefer easy to wash model – If you have a travel cot that your baby uses a lot, it is essential to keep it clean. So, we prefer models whose fabric covers can be taken out and machine-washed easily.

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Question & Answer

Can a travel cot be used as a playpen?

Yes, you can use the travel cot as a playpen, but it has to be sturdy and spacious so that the baby can play around comfortably. If you are going to a home that is not child-proofed, then a travel cot can be a great companion for your kid. Most of the models double as a playpen, but a few might not suit the purpose, especially the ones that are small and have weak walls. So, it totally depends upon the type you have purchased. You can ask for a travel cot that can also be used as a playpen if needed.

Where to buy a travel cot online in UAE?

If you search for the best and high-quality models, you are in the right store. On, you can see a wide array of options ranging from standard styles to pop up and bassinet solutions. On our product search engine, you get products offered by more than 500 trusted online stores. Moreover, you can compare prices to quickly find the cots fitting your budget. So, look no further and embark on your shopping journey. Here, you will find plenty of stores and the best brands that offer quality options.

Which travel cot is the best?

If you look for the best travel cots, then you must go through the collection of popular brands like Babyletto, IKEA, Babybjorn and more. These brands are well known for their wonderfully designed travel cots. The best is that you can find all of them right here. So, you do not have to move anywhere. You can browse through their collection and compare products, features and prices to find the one that best suits your requirements. You can compare prices here to find the one suiting your budget.

Which travel cot to buy?

The right selection of travel cot depends upon many factors like your requirements, budget, preferences, age of the baby and usability of the cot. For example, if you look for a travel cot that is lightweight and easy to assemble, then you can try to pop up varieties. On the other hand, if your baby is newly born, then you must choose cots with a bassinet. For younger babies who want to use a travel cot as a playpen also, you should pick spacious and sturdy styles.

After knowing about the benefits of travel cots, you must be eager to get one for your baby. Well, the good thing is that you do not have to go anywhere if you are looking for travel cots for sale online in the UAE. Right here on, you can get access to a huge collection of travel cots offered by popular brands of the industry. So, go ahead! Have an amazing shopping experience ahead.