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About Bunk Beds

Beds are one of the essential pieces of furniture in a household. They provide the best place to rest and sleep, plus they are the main point of attraction in a bedroom. Since beds are big and bulky, they tend to consume a lot of space. Besides, we all know that beds aren’t the only pieces you’ll place inside a bedroom. You might often face problems when you have more beds at home and less space to arrange them. This is where the bunk beds prove to be extremely useful. Their design helps you stylishly save space. In this guide, we’ll help you understand why these beds are a smart investment and how you can buy a bunk bed online in the UAE without any hassle.

It is a fantastic solution to solve the lack of space in a room or household. It can be greatly beneficial when two or more people share a room and want to save some floor space. Not only do the bunker beds save on space, but they make the arrangement of a bedroom effortless and straightforward since you will only require the floor space for one bed. Apart from the functionality, these beds come in distinct varieties. This means it’s up to you to choose the one that suits you the best. The market has bunker beds for adults and kids, designed and customised to fit the people who will use them. Therefore, we’re going to look at some options that you can choose and why they’re a perfect choice. 

Why bunk beds are perfect selections for any household 

Indeed, you’ll find numerous options for these beds out there on the market today. From single to double and triple beds, you’ll find all that you need. But, each of them has various features and characteristics. For instance, a single bed has one bed stacked on top of another, meaning two beds taking one bed’s floor space. This arrangement brings about the saving of space for other furniture. In fact, it has a lot of benefits depending on how who and where you use it. For instance, kids – get more space while playing. Similarly, it can accommodate more persons in sharing rooms. And, of course, they come in handy when you have sudden guests for a sleepover. The fact is, the benefits are endless with such types of beds. Let’s see why separate beds prove to be helpful. 

Fantastic furniture bunk beds eliminate the need for other furniture. 

With the many designs available, some beds take saving of space to another level ensuring proper utilisation of the bedroom space. You can get a bed designed to have organised storage units. You’ll find models with drawers that you can pull from under the lower bunk, small shelves for toys and books, or even small wardrobes on the sides of the bunker beds. Another way they can save on space for storage purposes is the use of the steps for climbing to the upper bunk as drawers. There are other designs for bunker beds where you can fold the lower bunk to become a couch. You can always get fantastic furniture, bunk beds, a tour product search engine for your space-saving needs. 

Get customised bunk beds for kids to make their sleep time fun and comfortable.

Besides creating space for your kids to play in or have fun, you can buy customisable kid bunk beds designed to accommodate something like a slide at one end. Kids love bunker beds, and what can make them even love them more is if they are fun and safe. Bunk bed for kids with slide is one of the most common customisable bunker beds you can find in various furniture stores, and it creates an adequate space for kids to have fun in and play. Also, the customisable bunker beds can spark the kid’s imagination when playing. They can make them into tents, forts, castles, spaceships, and more. For this reason, they are accommodating for child development. 

Take space-saving to another level with Murphy bunk beds.

A murphy bed can be the perfect solution for saving a lot of space in your room, cabin, dorm room, or even the children’s room. A murphy bunker bed is a hinged bed that is foldable. It allows you to store various things against a wall or inside a cabinet or closet. With a murphy bed installed, you can completely transform a room into something different, and a person cannot think a bed was there at all. The extra space created by folding the bed can be utilised during the day as a children’s play space since there is no bet to cause obstacles. You can also use it as a family room or even office space, and when tired, you unfold and rest. 

Pick multiple floored beds like the triple bunk beds.

When it comes to furnishing your bedrooms with cost and space-saving beds, stacked or multiple layered bunker beds are the best way to go. If your end goal is to comfortably accommodate more than two persons in a bed, the triple bunker bed will do the trick. Modern triple bunker beds come in a range of styles and designs. Some of the best triple bunk beds vary from beautiful metal frames to elegant designs that consist of trundles, workstations, and other unique features. However, basic triple bunker beds encompass a twin-sized bed stacked on another, twin-over-full triple, triple loft, standard, and more.

Tips on how to buy Bunk Beds online in Dubai

Now, you know some basic information about the various bunk beds available and the advantages they bring to your households. The next step is to shop for a perfect bunker bed. However, with so many options in various online stores, this step can be very confusing. But, with the right guidance and knowledge, you can find a bunker bed that fits your needs. Here are a few tips that’ll greatly help you when you buy a bunk bed online in Dubai.

  • Consider the space or size of your room – Even though bunker beds minimize space taken by beds and create more free space, you should measure your space to see if the bunker bed you buy will fit in it. Measuring the floor space and ceiling height will help you know the exact space needed and the bunker beds height to go for to avoid bumping your head on the ceiling. Also, measuring will help you determine the spaces required for other special features that may require a little more space, like storage compartments and maybe steps for climbing.
  • Check out the material used to make the bunk beds – You should pick bunker beds made from materials that can last longer, stay durable, and provide safety. The best materials for bunk beds are metal and solid wood. Avoid beds that use processed woods. They’re made from wood flakes glued together or particle boards that don’t guarantee longevity and can break easily. The fact is, they jeopardize your safety. Also, remember the bed’s material dictates the style of the room where you will put the bed. Pick wooden bunkers for a classic look and metals for a more contemporary feel.
  • Look out for the features that you want in your bunkers – You can select bunker beds that come with extra features to meet your various needs. For instance, if you wish to have more storage space, you can choose beds with drawers and shelves. They help you store your clothing and various other junk. Similarly, you can pick a bunker with play features and even slides if you have kids sleeping on them. And finally, if you want extra sleeping space in the bunker, then pull out beds or futons. Several online stores today offer the best futon bunk beds.
  • Consider who will use the bunk bed – Bunk beds for adults are very different from bunker beds designed for kids. They differ in terms of the features and safety they present. If you want to buy for kids, you should go for bunker beds with stairs that the younger kids can safely navigate. But for adults and kids who are big enough, the ladder would work, and it saves on more space. Consider the age brackets for the bunker users to avoid buying kids something meant for adults. It can be very unsafe.
  • Check out their flexibility and versatility– You should look into the future to see if you will still need the bunker beds. It would be best if you went for a bunker bed which can be separated easily into two. In case you get extra space or rooms in your household, which does not require a bunker bed again. The kids can also grow and not want bunker beds anymore, or even you move to a new place where you don’t need to share your space.

With the tips and tricks on buying bunker beds, you are now ready to start exploring the various furniture and bedding stores listed on our product search engine. You can secure here the best deals on the bed of your choice. Your selection will even be easier if you check out a few reviews from serious buyers and genuine customers. Of course, in the end, it’s your personal choice that matters the most. However, still, be vigilant while evaluating your final choice.

Question & Answer

How much is a bunk bed?

Bunk beds come in varying price ranges depending on the type of bunker bed that you want. You’ll find a cheap wooden bunk bed. At the same time, you might find a cheap double bunk bed as well. Also, the sizes, material, brand, design, and other customizations and features can make a bunker bed more costly. But with online shopping, you can compare the various traders and sellers to get promotions and discounts and get some of the best bunker beds at low prices, plus multiple customizations. If you know how to assemble the bunker beds, you can save a lot by buying the necessary parts for a bunker bed and making it by yourself.

Which bunk bed do I need?

This depends on several factors. Where do you wish to place your bunker beds? Who is planning to use these beds – is it for adults or kids? How much are you willing to spend on a bunker bed? Do you have enough space to place a specific type of bunker bed? Answering a few questions like these will help you determine the kind of bunker bed you need. Also, make sure you check out the quality of the bed before you make your final decision.

Which bunk bed is the best?

To get the best bunker bed, you should consider your preferences and their benefits to your household. But there are some basic things you can look at to determine the best. The best bunker bed can be used and fit into any bedroom and give you more space or help save space for other things in the room. Besides, they also provide room for various customizations. It should last longer without breaking, meaning it should be of excellent quality materials that last long. And finally, when getting the best, it should be safe for usage by anyone, whether kids or adults. Some of the brands that offer the best bunker beds include Ikea, Pottery Barn, Ashley, Fantastic Furniture, Dreams, Home Centre, and Home Box.

Where to buy a bunk bed online in the UAE?

You can buy a range for bunker beds online in the UAE on Our online shopping site connects you to various furniture and bedding retailers and manufacturers to get the best deals. From this engine, you can buy the best twin over full bunk bed and even some top-quality bunk beds for sale online in the UAE at affordable prices. Better yet, you can even compare the prices of different bunkers and pick the one you can afford. From cheap options to costly choices, there’ll be one that’ll suit the needs of each of your households.

You now very well know how to save space in your bedrooms and accommodate unexpected visitors or a bunch of little munchkins. So, embark on your online shopping journey here at and get exposed to some of the best deals from well-known stores dealing with bunker beds, leaving you wanting more.