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About Bread Spread

People turn to bread spreads to enhance the flavour and texture of food items like bread and crackers. From mashed avocado, low-fat cottage cheese, and chocolate spread to jam and honey; you have a lot to choose from. Let us explore how to go for the best.

A bread spread comes in the form of a paste that you can spread on items like bread and crackers with the help of a knife. It adds flavour and texture to the food items. You can find them in the form of a paste, liquid, and even syrups. They are usually fruits and nuts. Butter and butter products are also typical spreads that people prefer and like. Each spread is popular for its unique health benefits and taste. For example, peanut butter is very healthy for your heart. It has carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals, and vitamins. On the other hand, the Chocolate spread is the end product of cocoa, sugar, and vegetable oil. We will unveil many more things to help you buy bread spread online in the UAE on this page.

Things you need to know about bread spreads

Bread spreads come in a wide assortment of options, varying based on their ingredients, taste, and health benefits. You can choose from cheese, chocolate spread, coconut butter, honey, jam, liver sausage, nut paste, and many more. As the name suggests, a chocolate spread is a chocolate-flavour paste. Usually, this paste is made of cocoa, vegetable or palm oil, sugar, milk, and more flavours. Coconut butter is coconut flesh made into a spreadable paste. Unlike coconut oil, it contains all the nutrients, fat, and fibre from the coconut. Similarly, different spreads may have different compositions. You can find cheap bread spread varieties as well. Let us explore some of the popular spreads in detail.

Avocado bread spread

Avocado comes under fruit-based spreads. It is a source of healthy monounsaturated fats. If you replace the butter with this spread, this is undoubtedly a step towards a nutritional diet. It is natural, healthy, and, most importantly, heat-friendly. You can spread it on the whole wheat toast and even serve it with fresh fruits and scrambled egg whites for a healthy breakfast. You can also add it to your burger and sandwiches to get a mouthful of flavour. Plus, it is a versatile spread for everyday use, parties, and even any occasion with friends and families. You can find a wide range of spreads in the market.

Cheese spread for bread

Cheese spread usually comes in the form of soft, spreadable cheese or processed cheese products. It can also include additional ingredients like vegetables, fruits, seasonings, and more. It is a popular item people use on crackers, bread, toast, and vegetables. Many manufacturers offer cheese spreads. They can come in many packaging options. Some come in plastic tubs, whereas others in a pressurized can, jar, and solid butter-like bar. Pasteurized process cheese spread is another variety that manufacturers prepare using one or more types of cheeses and food additives like emulsifiers and food stabilizers to reduce product separation.

Vegan bread spread

A wide range of vegetable spreads available in the market can replace animal-based products like cheese, butter, etc. The best vegan bread spreads are usually vegetables, nuts, pulses, and plant-based fat. Some popular choices include plant-based lard, nut butter, pestos, vegan cream cheese, and hummus. Each many come in different composition, taste, and health benefits. For example, lard is a great bread spread mainly consisting of coconut fat. On the other hand, Nut butter has peanuts, cashew nuts, almonds, and/or sesame seeds.

Tips on shopping for Bread Spreads online in Dubai

Bread spreads seem to be an easy pick, but it can become an overwhelming experience when you search for one. There are countless brands present in the market that offer various spreads. Moreover, you will find a variety based on composition, taste, and health benefits within one store. So, how do you decide? It is easy! Keeping certain factors in mind will make your shopping journey easy. So, go through the below tips.

  • Check the ingredients – The spreads vary hugely based on the ingredients. For example, the Chocolate spread is the end product of cocoa, sugar, and vegetable oil, whereas coconut butter is coconut flesh made into a spreadable paste. Choose one as per your requirements.
  • Consider the flavour required – Some spreads are sweet, whereas others can be spicy or contain some other flavour. For example, some may taste plain mayonnaise, whereas others come in chocolaty or peanut butter flavours. Your selection depends upon the flavour you require.
  • Go for trusted brands – Spreads offered by trusted and popular brands generally have a suitable composition. Many brands provide spread, but only a few live up to our expectations. The best thing is that you can find some of the best bread spread brands here like Nutella, American Garden, Lady’s Choice, Heinz, Kraft, Lotus, and Shippam’s.
  • Shop for it online – An easy way to find whatever you are looking for is to search for it online. You can find bread spreads in supermarkets as well. However, if you want to have countless options at your fingertips, then go to online stores.

Now that you have gathered information about spreads, you must be eager to get one. Well, the best part is that you do not have to search further. On our product search engine, i.e., you can find a wide variety of spreads, including cheese, chocolate spread, coconut butter and more. Whether you are looking for an olive spread for bread, garlic bread spread, cream cheese spread for bread, or any other variety, you can find many options here. You can also find popular brands here. Moreover, you can compare the price to find the best ones under your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab the best ones now!

Question & Answer

Where to buy garlic bread spread online in the UAE?

If you plan to buy garlic bread spread online in the UAE, consider that your search ends here. You can find some good brands and stores here that sell quality and nutritious options. Moreover, you can filter down the options depending on your budget, brand, and seller preferences. You can also compare prices to find suitable products falling in your budget. This way, you can find cheap but quality products. So, look no further and take the best ones before you miss the latest collection.

Which bread spread is good for weight loss?

While using spreads on the bread, you might constantly worry about the fat content. However, some spreads are healthy and, at the same time, can prove to be suitable for your weight loss routine. If you are looking for low-calorie content, then, you can go for spreads like hummus, mashed, avocado, mashed berries, peanut butter and more. Supermarket spreads may have high amounts of salt, trans fats and hidden sugar. So, make sure you check the label and ingredients carefully while looking for the best bread spread for weight loss.

What bread spread is healthy?

There is a wide range of spreads you can choose from. However, only some of them are healthy. Some of the healthy bread spreads include almond butter, hummus, avocado, and fortified spread. Almond butter is an excellent choice due to its high nutrient profile. On the other hand, hummus is high in protein, complex carbs, fibre, unsaturated fat, and iron. Avocados are another healthy choice that also falls into the same category as olives. It often comprises high amounts of monounsaturated fat. This is heart-healthy. They also have fibre, B & C vitamins, and protein.

Keep the above details in mind while you shop for bread spreads online. At, you can find many options offered by hundreds of trusted stores and brands. We have popular brands here, so you do not have to worry about the quality they offer. If you want to quicken your search, you can narrow down the options with filters. You can set your preferences over filters for price, brand, and sellers. Also, do not forget to explore other exciting products under food & beverages. So, go ahead and have a fantastic experience ahead!