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About Liver Sausage

Meat is considered an important element in a healthy diet due to its accompanying vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Specifically, people often prefer organ meat such as liver owing to their distinctive taste and ease of preparation. In this regard, liver sausage stands as one of the most nourishing and appetizing types of meat that people should consider consuming frequently.

Liver sausage is a type of processed meat product. It is a common meal in different parts of the world, especially in Europe, Germany, South America, Russia, and Poland. This bread spread is also known as pork liverwurst from calves or pigs’ liver. The meat product combines diverse ingredients such as spices, fat, black pepper, mustard seed, nutmeg, and marjoram. Some people also include other elements such as bacon and onions to make the sausage more palatable. While pork liver sausage in some states is not a popular food item, it forms part of a daily diet in other nations.

Composition of liver sausage

Braunschweiger sausage is an excellent source of proteins. Approximately fifteen grams of proteins are present in a hundred grams of the product. Notably, proteins come from animal muscles and organs. Liver sausage also acts as an important supplier of Vitamin B12 in the body. Vitamin B12 plays a crucial role in the body since it helps synthesise DNA and red blood cells. Moreover, vitamin B12 maintain a healthy nervous system. German liver sausage is rich in retinol, a pre-formed state of vitamin A, which boosts the immune system, fosters clear vision, and promotes fertility. Beef liver sausage contains high amounts of iron and selenium, which are important minerals required for normal growth and development. Other nutrients present in the liver sausage include carbohydrates, fats, and dietary fibre.

Reduces the risk of anaemia

Anaemia is a health complication that occurs by a deficiency of iron. Anaemia is commonly associated with fatigue, pale skin, headaches, chest pains, and tongue inflammation. People with intestinal complications, including celiac disease, may not absorb a sufficient amount of iron from the food. Women, frequent blood donors, and children include groups of people prone to this ailment. Notably, the cheapest and earliest treatment for anaemia is the consumption of liver-based products. Liver sausage contains large quantities of iron that facilitate the production of adequate blood cells and ensure they are functioning effectively.

Enhances bone health

Liver sausages contain a sufficient amount of nutrients for proper bone formation. Specifically, the organ meat is rich in vitamin K, vital in attaining healthy bone development. Vitamin K permits the absorbance of calcium in the body. Calcium helps in the strengthening of the entire skeletal system. Additionally, vitamin K helps ensure the proper functioning of the circulatory system. Lack of vitamin K in the body negatively affects the bone marrow, thus posing difficulties for the body to control bleeding and fight infections. In this regard, consuming a sufficient amount of liver sausage may help reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Boosts fertility levels

Liver sausages act as excellent boosters of fertility levels in men and women through effective body metabolic processes. For instance, the German liver sausage is rich in retinol, boosting the immune system, fostering clear vision, and promoting fertility. Vitamins perform a crucial role during ovulation, menstruation, egg production, and oocyte maturation. The organ meat lessens symptoms of PCOS, which is a known cause of infertility. High calcium levels in the sausages also help to increase fertility levels. In brief, a sufficient intake of liver sausages fosters a suitable environment for a healthy pregnancy.

Tips on how to buy Liver Sausages

Following the insight into the different types of liver sausages and their nutritive value, one should understand ways of selecting the best product in the market. Liver sausages are excellent sources of proteins, vitamins among other essential nutrients. One should consider the following criteria before making purchases.

  • Cost – the best product falls within the set budget to eliminate incurring extra and unplanned expenses. The diverse brands on offer varying prices for each product. Consider the brand that not only sells products at an affordable rate but focuses on attaining customer satisfaction through the sale of superior liver sausages.
  • Company reputation – assessing the brand’s reputation is critical in making the right purchase decision when buying liver sausages. One may acquire important information concerning a specific brand on the online sites provided through customer reviews and quality check ratings.
  • Shelf life – one should assess the expiring date of the product to ensure a long shelf-life when stored appropriately. Liver sausages should last for more than ten days when stored under optimum conditions. The sausages should be stored between 3℃ and 4℃.

Meat is an important element in a healthy diet owing to its accompanying vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Though manufactured across the world and renowned for its nutritive value, the tolerability of liver sausage among individuals differs significantly. Liver sausages at stand as one of the most nourishing and appetizing types of meat that people should consider consuming more regularly.

Question & Answer

Where can I buy liver sausage online in the UAE?

Liver sausages are less common in supermarkets across UAE than meat sausages. However, there are some high-end supermarkets and grocery chains that offer them. But if you don’t want to go down to a physical store to buy sausages, you can do so with a few clicks from There are a number of different shops offering them here. Here you will find quality products from brands like Reno, Palm, Okoland, and Oscar Mayer. What is even better is that you will get to save money from the offers and discounts that these online shops offer. So, explore our shopping search engine today!

What goes with liver sausage?

There are different and intriguing ways of consuming liver sausage at home or outdoors. Liver sausage is an important supplier of Vitamin B12 in the body. Liver sausage also contains high amounts of iron and selenium both of which are important minerals required for normal growth and development. One may take it as a snack by spreading it on a cracker for daily consumption. Additionally, people that are fond of cheese may consume it with cheeseballs. For more appetizing meals, individuals may prepare their liver pate at home. It may be consumed for breakfast by spreading it on a slice of bread. Other people prepare it with bacon by coating it with flour and frying it. In this regard, the manner one consumes the meal is based on personal preferences.

Can I have liver sausage when pregnant?

Though considered safe for human consumption, liver sausages are unfit for pregnant women. This is because the product contains high levels of Vitamin A, which may cause harm to the baby. In this regard, mothers are advised to consume other products that contain beta-carotene which is a safer supplement during pregnancy. Our bodies have the aptitude to convert beta-carotene to the right quantity of vitamin A that is safe for both the mother and the baby. For instance, pregnant women may consume different types of vegetables including broccoli and cabbage. Despite the requirement of retinol in the mother’s body for vision and maintenance of a healthy immune system, high concentrations of this vitamin are harmful to the unborn child. To attain a healthy pregnancy, one should avoid products with high quantities of vitamin A.

How long does liver sausage last?

The shelf life of a liver sausage is contingent on the mode of storage.  A liver sausage should be stored in low temperatures though slightly above the freezing point. In a home refrigerator, the sausages should be stored between 3℃ and 4℃. However, meat kept above the freezing point is known to stay fresh for a long period. For instance, when properly wrapped to avert freezer burn and to eradicate air from the package one may freeze the liver sausages for 1 to 2 months. In this case, the liver sausage under 3-4℃ may be kept for 10 to 15 days when raw. On the other hand, if the sausages are cooked, they can only last for 10 days in the refrigerator. Therefore, the manner one handles the sausages and the storage methods determines their freshness.

How to cook liver sausage?

Essentially, liver sausages are prepared in the stock mainly used to prepare other types of meat. The cooking temperatures for liver sausages should be maintained at 176°F to prevent overcooking or protect the casing from bursting open. Following the accumulation of a fat layer on the stock surface, one should remove it to ensure the high palatability of the sausages. The accumulating fat may cause the ring liver sausage to burst open. This is fostered by the higher fat temperature as compared to water. Ensuring a successful preparation in the stock, one should allow the sausages to cool by spreading them on a surface. Other people may massage the liver sausage between the index finger and the thumb to facilitate the cooling process. Massaging the meat product averts the formation of fat pockets inside the goose liver sausage. One may smoke the sausages to incorporate a smoky-like taste.

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