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About Jams

Jams are one of the most popular types of fruit spread out there. It is a staple in household kitchens and is found in a lot of different cultures across the world in various different forms. It is also a great bread spread option for breakfasts and snacks.

Most fruits are seasonal. Mango is a summer fruit, apples, grapes, kiwis, and lemons are winter fruits, and so on and so forth. But people have been using many different methods to preserve fruits for thousands of years in the form of jellies, preserves, and, of course, jams. This has allowed us to enjoy these fruits for the entire year regardless of what time of the year it is. Read this article to know more about jams and their different flavours. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices when you are shopping for them.

Most underrated jam flavours for you to try

Writing a list of the best flavours of any kind of food is difficult. This is because people say the taste is subjective. Well, that is true to some extent, or even in most cases. But there are cases in which you can objectively say that one taste is better than another. This is one such list. Here is a list of four flavours that taste great but yet most people haven’t tried them or are very underrated. All of these use ingredients that are easily available anywhere in the world. But if you don’t want to go through the hassle of preparing the jam, you can simply buy them from

Natural Rose Apricot

The main ingredients of this flavour of jam are apricots, lemon juice, sugar, and fruit pectin. Fruit pectin does not do much to the flavour of the jam, but it gives the jam a thick consistency. This combination will give you the best bits of the apricot flavour. If you want a jam that tastes great and also something that you can store for a long time, this is a great option. Also, this flavour does not need any artificial ingredients. This makes this jam relatively healthier than other options that you will come across. Also, similar to apricots, you can enjoy this jam all year long.

Concord grape jelly

Concord grapes are native to the United States of America. These grapes are darker in colour and larger than your average grapes. The best season for concord grapes is late summer and early fall. It is also one of the best tasting grapes in the world. Preserving this fruit in the form of jams will let you enjoy the great flavour of this grape regardless of the time of the year. If you want some vitamin C boost in your system, concord grape jam is an excellent option. For people that are not diabetic, having this occasionally will help them maintain heart health.

Blackberry flavour

Berries are a healthy source of antioxidants, fibres, and vitamins. But blackberries are seasonal and only grow in a few parts of the world. All these factors make blackberries one of the expensive berries. Making blackberries into jam can preserve the incredible taste of this fruit beyond their actual growing season. The ideal consistency for blackberry jam is a bit looser than the regular consistency of jams. Also, if you want the flavour of blackberries more pronounced, the sweetness level of the preparation should be at a minimum.

Fig and cocoa flavour

Everyone, one of you will be familiar with the taste of cocoa fruits, even if you haven’t seen one in your entire life. Cocoa is the fruit that is used for the preparation of chocolate. Therefore, it is not surprising that cocoa fruit jams taste like dark chocolate. But the fruit jam will be much smoother and creamier. Having ficoco figs as another ingredient just makes the whole concoction a hundred times better. This is a jam you can try having with a dollop of yoghurt or with vanilla ice cream. Also, figs are a fantastic source of soluble fibres and natural sugars.

Tips on how to buy Jam

Finding a great-tasting and healthy jam for your breakfast can be an overwhelming experience. There are thousands of different combinations of flavours. Even the same combination of flavours from different manufacturers will taste quite different. Picking the right one out of all of these can be very difficult. Even though the taste is subjective, knowing what to look for in a jam can make it easy to choose one. Here are a few tips that you can follow when you are shopping for jams.

  • Flavour – Everybody knows that flavour is the first thing to look for when buying a jam. But most people just look at the combination of the flavours and do not go beyond that. One thing that most people overlook is how balanced the flavour is. It is the balance of different flavours that gives the preparation the taste.
  • Consistency – Not all jams have the same consistency. Some of them are thicker than others. But make sure that the one you are buying is not too tight or not too runny. Because it is something that you should be able to spread on a slice of bread, it is essential for consistency to stay in between acceptable limits.
  • Ingredients – Always look at the list of ingredients when you are buying jams. Some jams use only fruits for the flavour while others also add flavouring agents on top of the fruit pulp. If you are looking for the organic taste of the fruits, you might want to go for the ones without artificial flavours. But if you want a stronger flavour, then choose the one that uses artificial flavours enhancements.
  • Amount of sugar – The amount of sugar varies between manufacturers and also between flavours. Some fruit flavours taste better when the preparation is sweeter, while others are better with a lower sweetness level. However, this is also important for people who are trying to cut down the amount of sugar in their food.

There is no denying that jam is one of the most popular bread spreads. But it is not the only bread spread that you can get. Besides that, there are coconut bread spreads, honey, peanut butter, nut pastes, savoury spreads, cheese and many more. Also, you can find all of them easily using our shopping search engine . That way, you can also compare the flavours, brands, and prices and pick the best one among them. Finally, don’t forget to check out other amazing products from the Food and Beverage category.

Question & Answer

What is the most popular jam flavour?

The flavour of jam that most people in the world rood for is the famous strawberry flavour. Interestingly, strawberry wins when it comes to other categories like ice creams, flavoured yoghurts, and smoothies. But the fun fact is that the strawberries that were used as the base for making artificial strawberry flavour are not almost extinct. The flavour that closely follows strawberries in popularity is grape. The third most popular flavour is raspberry, and it is a lot behind grapes when you compare the total votes each fruit flavours received.

Are jams bad for you?

There is no denying the fact that the major ingredient in any jam is white sugar. In some jams, the quantity of sugar can go up to about sixty-five per cent. But that doesn’t mean eating jams occasionally is bad for your health. However, eating too much of it is definitely bad. But, in fact, eating too much can be harmful. This can apply to bread as well as ice cream. So, the conclusion is, the jam is something that you should only have in moderation. Also, you can find jams that use sugar-free alternatives as sweeteners. If your doctor has advised you against taking sugar, you can consider them.

Is honey healthier than jam?

Even though honey is a type of sugar, eating honey does not shoot up the sugar level in the blood like eating sugar does. Moreover, honey is sweeter than sugar, which means you don’t need to use as much of it to get the same level of sweetness as that of sugar. So, when you compare honey to jam, there is no wonder that honey is a lot healthier than jam. This is because most jam is just sugar. But does that mean you should replace jams with honey all the time? Well, that depends on your personal preference. Taste is also a big concern for most people out there.

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