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Givenchy large Downtown weekend bag - Black
Givenchy large Downtown weekend bag - Black
When the weekend comes, you need to accessorise accordingly. Made from black, this large Downtown...
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Louis Vuitton pre-owned Pegase 55 suitcase - Black
Louis Vuitton pre-owned Pegase 55 suitcase - Black
Black patent leather Pegase 55 suitcase from Louis Vuitton Pre-Owned featuring an all around zip ...
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About Luggage

In a go-ahead of being trip savvy, perfect luggage besides you is a foremost necessity. But a few misses from your side while purchasing luggage can keep you on your toes during the trip. If not misses, then we must say there are certain aspects to notice before the purchase that will save your time and money.

Either you are the one that bumps everything into the suitcase or the one that organises it neatly. You might need more space and hence more luggage if you make a bundle of your clothes and just stow away. However, this is one aspect of keeping and purchasing your luggage, and there are lots of other viewpoints, such as the trip location, number of days, and number of family members. Apart from this, the aesthetics, affordability, and durability of the product matter too. If you are right now in a situation where it is difficult to contemplate the purchase, we suggest researching and exploring a bit.

Overview of luggage sets and accessories

You can go all minimal for a trip by having one large suitcase and one canvas bag. However, the trip might demand you to have luggage sets along with fashion accessories. In that case, you need beauty cases, hand luggage of different sizes, a travel suitcase, and a shoulder bag. On top of that, you can also invest in luggage accessories like travel protector, travel cover, luggage tag, replacement wheels, clothes organiser, portable compartments, and many other items to make your travel neat and tidy. You can check out spinner luggage sets on clearance and see if there is something worth buying. Well, we have put down the varieties of luggage available in the market, so you can choose the size and number according to your preference.

Choosing between a soft and hard suitcase

We guess this is the first thing you would like to notice in your luggage purchase. When you contemplate which one to buy, it is crucial to check on the material they are made up of. Softshell cases are usually nylon and polyester, and both are synthetic fibres. On the other hand, the hard shell can be in the plastic form such as ABS, polycarbonate, and ABS coated with polycarbonate. There is also a hard shell of aluminium, but this is not light in weight. If you already have multiple pieces of luggage, you should not consider aluminium. Check out a few cheap hard shell luggage sets online if that’s what you are thinking to buy. However, let’s not dig deeper into the different materials and focus on other features, such as wheels or handles.

Two-wheels vs four wheels travel suitcase

When buying a suitcase online in the UAE, you would see two types of wheel structures, and both have their pros and cons. About four wheels, they are ergonomic and does not give you a shoulder or backache during extended usage. The cons of four wheels are that they cannot stand firm and keep moving every time you put your luggage in a vertical direction. Secondly, an extra set of wheels take up space inside. Coming to the two wheels, these prevent the bag from snapping off but challenging to pull as compared to four wheels. Therefore, if your trip does not involve pulling the suitcase much, you can go for two wheels. Otherwise, four wheels will be a better option.

The length of the handle of a travel suitcase

If you have a small suitcase or if you are tall, you need a longer length of the handle or the one that can expand. The advantage of having expandable lengths of handles is that you do not have to bend while pulling the luggage. However, there are some small details we would like you to notice while purchasing. Check out if there is a handle grip or not. You can also buy grip as an additional accessory. Secondly, the material of the handle can be metal or a tough fabric. Or there can be two handles with different materials so you can pull the luggage or hang it on your shoulders when needed. You can find all these varieties we have been discussing at our retail search engine. Also, do not forget to visit discount luggage online.

Tips on how to buy Luggage online

There are different aspects to buying luggage. One is your personal preferences, and the others are a few technical specifications you must notice. Overall, you should consider this purchase as a one-time investment, so you do not have to feel the urge to buy a new one when there is a new trip coming. We have compiled some practical points for you that will save time and money with the luggage purchase.

  • Size – The standard size of your big luggage can be 22″ x 9″ x 14″. There might be other luggage sets, beauty cases, handbags, shoulder bags, or more. But the suggestion here is to keep the numberless as much as you can. No matter if you are the one who likes to keep it minimal or the one with a lavish personality, less is always better in a luggage purchase.
  • Features – Certain features enhances the credibility of the product, such as colour, piggyback clip, quality wheels, side handles, telescopic handles, expandability, and compartments. Then, other features enhance safety. These include security locks, waterproof covering, tie-down straps, and even more. If you are eyeing a product that does not consist of a particular feature, you can try customising or buying it separately.
  • Durability – Your product must be tough no matter how short or convenient your trip is going to be. Keep the worst situation in mind and as we said, make this a one-time investment. You do not want your fragile and expensive luggage to be pulled on rough terrains. Be it hardshell or softshell you are eyeing on, the quality of the material should be your top priority.
  • Budget – Luggage comes in a flexible range going from affordable to super expensive. One approach to the purchase is to fix a budget and invest in quality material and features equally. Another approach is to invest in quality material and pick those features you need. The second approach requires you to invest some time in research. But both can land you on the right product.

That’s all! With all the knowledge and tips you now know, you can commence refining the products as per your preferences. In between all the jargons, we would like you to see the advantage of using our product search engine. You can save lots of time as we have compiled all the brands and online shops under one roof. And a smooth design with advanced filters helps you in ending up with only relevant products. We suggest checking out by yourself and see the difference.

Question & Answer

What is the best luggage to buy?

Check out men’s leather luggage sets to buy online. Well, the best luggage is everything but not fragile. It can look good, classy, or boring, but it should not be inconvenient. Most of the travel hurdles we hear around are related to carrying suitcases. So, mobility is one thing you need to look at. If you are going with a trunk, make sure you are actually in need of that. You can have luggage sets instead. You can check spinner luggage sets clearance.

What are the best quality luggage brands to buy?

We buy suitcases with the mindset that it has to be long-lasting. Thus, considering top-notch brands is good to go. Some of these brands are – Victorinox, Herschel, Samsonite, American Tourister, Gucci, Giordano, Louis Vuitton, Calpak, Tommy Hilfiger, and DKNY. If you are eyeing something you have never heard before, check if they are providing a warranty. At least, you can be on the safer side by trusting a new brand.

What size suitcase should I buy?

Let’s say you are travelling and carrying one suitcase and a handbag with you. In that case, your travel suitcase dimensions should be 22″ x 9″ x 14″ or less. Petite ladies out there, you do not want to look like you are carrying your whole house with bulky suitcases beside you. Above all, you should buy a suitcase that you can handle easily for a long that also depends on the other items you are carrying at a time. Do consider airline luggage allowance. Emirates, for instance, allows 55cm x 38cm x 20cm.

Where to buy suitcases?

You can choose to have Calpak’s roomy trunk for a family trip. It has matte hardware and an extra durable polycarbonate hard shell. Or you can go for Gucci’s carry on luggage with metal hardware and retractable top handle. Both brands provide you with quality and durability both, so choosing one is your personal choice, or that will also depend on your budget. You can explore more brands at and see if you find something worth buying.

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