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Travelling is fun. But, let us be honest: as beautiful as it is, travelling can be stressful too. With all the luggage, you end up carrying a lot of cabin baggage when boarding for your dream destination. Well, this can be avoided with hand luggage suitcases. It helps you pack smart.

Hand luggage or cabin baggage pertains to the type of bags that the passengers carry along in the airline. But did you know, these hand cases that you see today are a result of nearly 1000 years of innovation? They have been evolving to fit the trends and needs of the time. Therefore, they have now become an indispensable item for travellers of all kinds. A popular theory dates the origin of backpacks and suitcases to the period of industrialisation in the 1100s. This was when the Knights Templar made use of wheeled luggage. However, the recorded history of luggage remains sparse. The golden age of suitcases arrived in the 19th century. From wheeled luggage cases to autonomous luggage, today there isn’t a limit to its growth. In this article, we are going to explore the hand luggage suitcase and will learn how to pick them right.

The different types of hand luggage suitcases

A journey of thousand miles begins with a trusted travel bag. Whether a frequent traveller or an occasional jet setter, you don’t want to be stuck with bulky, poor-quality travel bags. Hence, the hand cases. Travelling with these bags saves you a couple of bucks. Moreover, it also helps you organise your things into a small backpack. As a result, it is convenient to carry them around. For this reason, you can find a plethora of their types in the market. However, just knowing that you have so many options isn’t to purchase a good suitcase. That’s why it is important to dig in a little deeper and understand their types in detail. Check out a few of them below.

The small travel bag

Typically, a small hand luggage suitcase usually measures 48cm or 18cm in height and has a capacity of up to 40litres. One of the first and foremost benefits of using these small hand luggage suitcases is that you can use them on pretty much all airlines. This is that luggage which you are allowed to take with you on board during your flight. Of course, free of cost. Moreover, their small size is apt for business travellers. That’s because they hardly have any luggage. They only need their laptop and a few essentials. These suitcases are perfect to use on European budget flights like Easyjet. But since 2018, hand luggage in Easyjet are only for priority passengers.

The carry on travel bag

If you are a business traveller going on very short and frequent trips, then a small or medium-sized suit like these carry-ons will be enough. Additionally, you could consider an elegant backpack. This will help you fit in your electronics, especially if you do not intend to carry clothes with you. Moreover, it is best to carry these hand luggage suitcases as the bag will arrive with you at your destination. However, always remember to check the weight requirements of the airlines. Also, check the weight of the suitcase. As this might affect the original weight of the luggage. Also, remember that the size must fulfil the conditions of the airlines that you are carrying this into.

The lightweight hand luggage suitcases 

Over the years, this lightweight suitcase has taken centre stage among travellers. These suitcases are different from traditional designs. They offer you a lighter weight product which enables you to use it for all types of travel experiences. One of the first and foremost benefits of investing in lightweight hand luggage suitcases is that your mobility is improved. You will be able to move your suitcase around with ease. Moreover, when you buy a light bag, you increase the chances of meeting the airline weight restrictions. Furthermore, they put less stress on you. You’ll realise this, especially when you have to roll or drag your luggage.

Tips on how to buy Hand Luggage Suitcases online

You now know that there are several types of hand luggage suitcases out there. Well, this is all the more a reason to be confused about buying a perfect one. Should I get a large suitcase? What is the optimum size? Should I go for hard shell luggage or lightweight carry-on? Well, below we have listed out a few tips for you to consider when you set out to buy the best hand luggage for frequent travellers. Keep reading them to pick your perfect hand luggage suitcase.

  • Look out for the style – Apparently, the look of your hand luggage suitcase is essential. But, even more, the important consideration is the style. What style of bag will be suitable for your trip? Are you planning to use carry-on luggage? Or will be using a lightweight one. For example, if you are hiking, it is best to carry a carry-on lightweight hand luggage suitcase or backpack.
  • Know the capacity – The capacity of a hand luggage suitcase is a pretty important requirement. This is especially true if you are a frequent jet setter. You need to pay close attention when it comes to in-flight baggage weight restrictions. None of you would want to pay a hefty excess baggage fee for an oversized piece of luggage.
  • Examine the features – Added features and characteristics are a boon for any piece of hand luggage suitcases. Plenty of compartments, additional straps, and a waterproof outer layer. Aren’t these some of the features you would ideally look for in a perfect hand luggage suitcase? Well, the good news is that you’ll find them in most of the suitcases. Always, check out if they have any other additional features.
  • Assess the durability – This is a particularly essential point to be noted when it comes to finding the best economically cheap hand luggage suitcases in UAE. This is why it is always good to read online reviews before you buy the product. Look out for the comments regarding the zips and straps, as these are the ones that wear away quickly. Pick from the established suitcase brands whose quality you can be confident in!
  • Check the value for money – Well all know that sometimes it is better to spend a little extra if we want a high-quality product. But it is essential to be realistic at this point. That’s because not all high-priced hand luggage suitcases guarantee you a high-quality. If you are tight on your budget, check out the ones that are deals, discounts or sales.

And that’s a wrap folk! Hope these points above have helped you narrow down your hand luggage suitcase options. Moreover, we think that these tips will help you pick out your new travel companion from a wide range of hand luggage suitcases. Especially when you are planning your next epic adventure. (Psst. If you need a little inspiration, check out that features some of the best hand luggage suitcases on the planet).

Question & Answer

What is the most durable, lightweight hand luggage?

Lightweight hand luggage suitcases are great when you are on short business trips. If you are looking for a sleek, lightweight luggage bag, then Samsonite’s wheeled Under seater will just do the trick. They measure 13x13x6.5 inches and are extremely compact, durable and scuff resistant. Apart from this, try investing in Tumi latitude international carry-ons. The brands boast of the most durable lightweight case. You can search these brands on our shopping platform and can even explore other recommended products there.

What is hand luggage suitcase size?

Hand luggage is the one that you carry along with you onboard in flight. Most of the flights put forth weight restrictions to these hand luggage suitcases. That’s why it is important to know the size and weight restrictions of these bags on various flights. Generally, cabin baggage should have dimensions – 56cmx45cmx25cm, including all the handles, side pockets and wheels etc. You don’t have to worry much about it. Usually, this feature will be written whether particular hand luggage is suitable for flights or not. You can thoroughly read the specifications before buying.

Which hand luggage brand the best?

For hand luggage suitcases that glide easily, is durable, and come in various styles they need to be from popular brands. Well, if you want to explore a staggering array of top quality hand baggage, then check out brands like American Tourister, Delsey, Ted Baker, Gucci, Victorinox, Pierre Cardin, and Calvin Klein. You can find all of these brands or even more down the line on our shopping platform, You can also explore more luggage features and extra fashion accessories for travelling upon your visit to the platform. Explore all and make an informed decision.

Where to buy a hand luggage suitcase?

Without a great piece of hand luggage suitcase, you are not going to get very far on your travels. Well, don’t worry and explore our platform that is Our product search engine  features an excellent collection of hand luggage suitcases from popular brands. Also, you can count on our platform if you are planning to buy all your luggage or travelling needs. From different varieties of luggage to accessories, you will find everything. We have sections dedicated to different products so you can shop with much convenience.

We know how hard it is to squeeze in everything into one piece of luggage. When you are cramming everything into one baggage, you need something that is worth your journey. Well, hand luggage suitcases are great travel essentials that you wouldn’t regret carrying along.

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