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About Attache Cases

Attache cases are one fancy item you should own. Most of you believe that these cases are out of style, but they are not. The old style has been revamped to complement today’s fashion, and that gives a ravishing look. We suggest looking at tiny details because they don’t just add functionality but personalise an item as you own it.

If you have seen those old era movies, you must have noticed men carrying attache cases with them. Women, however, made this product compatible with their style years after. And because of an increasing consumer base, this product has seen lots of variations. Mostly, the changes and upgrades are structured to cater to fit the trends of the current time. All this leads to what we see today – a unisex product line comprising of different materials, size, weight, and purpose.

Attache case versus attache briefcase

In the current market, people often say that briefcase and attache case are similar. And to some point, they are. However, the history of both products is different with respect to uses and features. Coming to men and women’s attache case, it is hard-sided and lightweight with laptop sleeves. It is capable of protecting your documents and laptops from outside temperature and any invader through a lock. Check out the best attache case to buy online. On the other hand, a briefcase is much bulkier with multiple compartments and pockets. It accommodates more space due to the soft material used for its manufacturing.

Full-grain versus top grain leather attache cases

Full-grain leather is the highest quality leather and of course has a hefty price tag associated with it. And top-grain comes second in the quality of leathers. On a product made of full-grain leather, you can easily see the marks and blemishes on the surface. Top-grain leather, on the contrary, is sanded away with all the imperfections, which gives it a smooth look. Full-grain leather is extremely breathable and durable that can last for years. But that’s not the same with the top-grain one. You can choose depending on the appearance and budget. You can even add this product to your luggage sets. We believe we have cleared the differences, so you don’t end up with a bluff. You can also check out monogrammed leather attache case online.

Men versus women’s attache case

Although an attache case is a unisex item, you can still add a gender filter if you want to be more feminine or manly with your purchased product. Speaking of differences, women seem to customise the product with more pockets, compartments, detachable straps plus small hand grips as well. Ladies like to carry a lot and thus, need more fashion accessories . You can easily find a versatile product with a shoulder strap and backpack strap both. On the other hand, attache cases for men comprise a box-style case with a firm grip and minimal interior. And after the James Bond movie, the demand for typical attache cases raised a lot. You can check a similar product and buy an Alumaxx laptop attache case.

Choosing a perfect attache briefcase

If you are looking for your first attache case, we would recommend going for a simple classic look but with a modern touch. The trend nowadays is drifting more towards historical fashion, such as satchel and messenger bags. The market has a variety of options and brands to consider. Speaking of brands, Samsonite provides an edgy look with metal material, and Alpine Swiss can go well with your size demands. However, if you are looking for something different than a classic design, browse Louis Vuitton products. Likewise, there are other brands, but you need to choose and investigate features before you pick a brand.

Tips on how to buy Attache Cases online

The word attache is used to refer to the administrative members of an ambassador’s staff, and when they carried their papers in slim cases, the product is acknowledged as attache cases. You have even seen these items at movies. If you are looking for the same elegant look, we suggest spending some time understanding the specifications. If you are looking for the same elegant look, we suggest spending some time understanding the specifications. We have compiled some fine pointers for you to save your time and hope these could be helpful in your purchase.

  • Material – You can choose between top-grain leather, full-grain leather, faux leather, aluminium, other metal. Different materials are subjected to varied price range and durability as well. Material is mostly personal preference as it influences the overall look. So, it is up to you whether you want a boxy aluminium look or a soft leather look.
  • Hardware – Buckles, interior material, locks, bottom protection all come under the hardware of the product. You can easily comprehend the quality of the product by scrutinising the quality of hardware components. Accordingly, you can make the decision of buying the product. It is also better if you can find some spare items for replacement or you can buy them separately.
  • Interior – The number of compartments, sleeves, and small pockets you need will define the interior of the product. They will also define the budget because the more space you demand, the more bucks you have to pay for the usability. You can also consider having a detachable laptop sleeve or the attached one, whatever you prefer.
  • Size – 15 × 11 × 4 is the standard size of the attache case, which is perfect for your daily need or your business trip as well. However, you can go for a bigger size if you want. Keep note that a bigger size looks like you are carrying a suitcase, sometimes. And a smaller case would be more like a handbag.
  • Colour – Usually, people choose black if they are going to use the attache case on a daily basis. However, if you are the one with a collection of bags, we suggest experimenting with the colour of attache cases. It can be unique, savvy, and worthy of turning those heads on the street.

Apart from these tips, we would also like to enlist a few brands to further narrow down your purchase. These brands include Samsonite, Rimowa, Louis Vuitton, Killspencer, Alpine Swiss, Tumi, Cole Haan, Halliburton, Prada, and Hartmann. You can find all of them on our retail search engine along with more than 500 online shops.

Question & Answer

Are attache cases out of style?

Yes, and a No. Attache cases are out of style from day to day lives of a typical household and drifted more towards the business class. All this happened because the market gets flooded with lots of other options to carry your items. And now it is a thing of business people, and the class is still intact. A bit of revamping has indeed structured in the product and have been accepted well by you all. Overall, we cannot say this product is out of style but have faced competition with other slings or handbags.

Where to buy aluminium attache cases?

Grey corners, comfort grip, bottom hinges to prevent surface damage – everything makes aluminium attache case worth the purchase. You can buy them at, but you got to decide the brand. It could be an Alpine Swiss or Samsonite aluminium case. Both are equally durable and worth the purchase. You can also buy an Alumaxx laptop attache case, or you can buy a detachable laptop sleeve separately. You should also check out Rimowa’s limited gold edition attache case if you are searching for something unique.

Where to buy a leather attache case?

You can check out brands like Rimowa and Louis Vuitton for leather products. Even if you are not brand specific and like to explore, you can check out our online shops. Leather products are more popular because they have got more variety as compared to their metal counterparts. You can even customise them with more compartments and more space. However, more space in an aluminium case will look like a trunk.

How much does a Rimowa attache case will cost?

Rimowa’s products range roams in and around 2000AED. Well, the price is worth the quality you will get. This brand’s silver aluminium case has a 25litre capacity and has got an ergonomically designed handle. You can carry your laptop and compact accessories conveniently. Whether it is a business trip or an outing, this product serves you well.

You can explore our product search engine for a more flexible range as we have got ample brands under one roof. We would also like to recommend not labelling the attache cases with a formal look or business thing. However, the variants right now available in the market can make the casual look more complete. The attache cases have now become versatile, and you should take a look at the products.