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If you are about to become a pilot, an attendant, or you’re just here because you are only curious about the things that pilots carry, then you’re at the right place. In this article, we will explain what precisely the pilot suitcases are and share some of their most common choices.

It is a fact that pilots travel more often than any other group of people. Hence, it makes sense for them to carry around the best pilot suitcases. By the way, though pilot suitcases are explicitly made for pilots, many photographers, frequent travellers, business people, and others too use them. But, what exactly are these pilot suitcases? Well, a pilot suitcase or a ‘pilot’s bag’ is a handbag or a suitcase specifically made for the pilots so that the bag fits next to the pilot’s chair in the cockpit. They come in various sizes and styles. Other than that, the bag comes with multiple compartments for fitting in a flashlight, iPad, a headset, all necessary documents, radio and all other in-flight items needed for the pilots. Also, remember that the pilot suitcase is quite different from flight crew luggage.

The five best picks of pilot suitcases

Pilots use their bags daily, and that is why it is essential to buy a good one. There are several types of pilot suitcases out there. You’ll see some are strapped onto the carry-on bag, while some have wheels and function differently. Moreover, pilots travel for work. This means that the life of pilot suitcases isn’t the same as the tourist carry-on bags, which is why it is essential to know what works best. We’ve here listed some of the top pilot suitcases that are great for any travel.

The Travelpro luggage for flight attendants

The Travelpro Maxlite lightweight 25-inch suitcase is one of Travelpro’s most popular pilot suitcases. And it is so, for a good reason! Why? Because it is an amalgamation of excellent quality and durability at an affordable price tag. And the best part, they are incredibly light. A water-wicking quality strengthens this hundred per cent polyester material. Additionally, the expandable 25x18x11-inch dimension makes them abundantly spacious. Despite this case’s large size, you can manoeuvre. Well, thanks to its 360-degree spinner wheels. Moreover, the case comes with a comfortable, patented contour grip. Check out to buy Travelpro luggage online in Dubai.

The Samsonite pilot suitcases

The typical pilot suitcases from Samsonite comes with a lot of storage capability. Moreover, it has wheels and a hardcover. The hardcover ensures the protection of the thing inside, even when subjected to hits. Though these cases come in various models, types and colours, ideally, they have one large compartment and several pockets and slots to store small items. The larger compartment comes with padded materials for extra protection. Moreover, an organiser inside comes with an inside flap that enables the pilot to divide and organise the essential stuff. What makes them very efficient is the design, material and storage space. Check out our site to buy the best cabin crew suitcase from Samsonite.

The Tumi pilot suitcase

Believe it or not, when it comes to pilot luggage, the pilot suitcases from Tumi are certainly up there in our top three picks. For instance, Tumi’s short trip expandable packing pilot case features a super durable polycarbonate alloy shell. This makes it ultra-lightweight and can also stand up to those aggressive baggage handlers. When it comes to storage, you’ll find two sections when you open this bag. One side is an open compartment that comes with a compression strap. This allows you to snug in the essential items easily. On the other hand, you’ll find a large zipper compartment. Here there is plenty of space. Apart from that, the cases come in three different sizes.

The Rimowa pilot luggage

If you are a pilot and prefer aluminium cases, then this is an excellent option. Though you’ll find them a little expensive, they’re a popular choice for the airline staff and frequent flyers. Moreover, most of them come with a peculiar exterior that quickly catches one’s eyes. For instance, the unmistakable Rimowa original aluminium pilot suitcase comes with its distinctive groves. For this reason, it is considered one of the all-time favourite iconic luggage designs. Apart from that, they are made of aluminium material, keeping longevity in mind. Furthermore, they are remarkably lightweight and robust, making them a timeless classic. Surely, you must own this if you are a pilot, as they fit in most aeroplanes.

Tips on how to buy Pilot Suitcases

Whether you are a student pilot, taking classes, a trained pilot or even a flight attendant, either way, you need proper pilot suitcases to carry all your precious in-flight gears. Remember that a pilot suitcase is not only a must-have for the pilot, but it also defines your style as a pilot. Therefore, it is necessary to own one that matches your style and fulfils your requirements. But how do you decide which one to buy? Well, check out the tips below that’ll help you buy online airline pilot suitcases with ease.

  • Assess the dimension – There isn’t a particular size limit when it comes to choosing the pilot suitcases. However, your pilot bag shouldn’t be too small or large. Ideally, the suitcase must have dimensions– 18x14x12 inches. If it is any larger than this, you might start experiencing difficulties in moving your pilot’s chair. But this also depends on the kind of flight you are travelling in. Some have more space, and some don’t.
  • Look out for the compartments – This is one of the important factors to consider when you buy the case. When purchasing the pilot suitcases, make sure that you purchase the ones with a ton of compartments. Over some time, you’ll develop the habit of understanding what goes in where. This will make your life much more comfortable.
  • Look for additional features – Apart from the regular features, some pilot suitcases come with additional characteristics. It is best to examine them. For instance, when buying a pilot’s case, ensure that it has a strap at the back of the case. The straps keep your flight bag on top and make moving around with both bags much smoother.
  • Look out for the price – Do not compromise price when it comes to pilot suitcases. Typically, you’ll find a good quality pilot case at around $100. It is better to spend a few extra bucks and get a high-quality case than to spend every year to buy a new one. Moreover, if you get a lifetime warranty, you could just drop them at the nearest repair station. You’ll then have a bag as new looking as it originally was.
  • Check out the durability – Obviously, if you spend more, you’ll get a more durable bag. And of course, no regular bag will endure everyday usage unless it is of exceptional quality. A few brands, like Carpisa, Timbuk2, Delsey, and Swissgear, offer high-quality products. This ensures a longer lifespan of the pilot suitcases.

Here we’ve discussed only a few points to keep in mind while you buy the pilot suitcases. But, in the end, it all comes down to your preference and choices. The type of colour you want, the material, and the size all depends on how you are planning to use these pilot suitcases and what gear you are going to put inside them. Just remember to choose a good quality one as your flight bag is the one that keeps all your precious pilot gear safe and protected.

Question & Answer

Where to buy a pilot suitcase?

Pilot suitcases are one of the essential things a pilot must carry along. Hence, it is imperative to buy one that is of high quality and displays a sleek design. Well, if you are in search of such cases, then visit our product search engine. You’ll find here a staggering range of pilot suitcases from popular brands like Travelpro, Rimowa, Samsonite, Tumi, and more. Apart from that, you could also buy the best cabin crew suitcase and buy the best pilot bag with wheels from 500+ online stores. You can also grab other fashion accessories on this platform as we have a dedicated section for this category. Check out now!

What is the best luggage to buy for pilots?

There are many types of pilot bags that you can buy. For instance, the HP iPad bag has lots of pockets for the iPad. This enables you to organise many in-flight gears. Similarly, Air classics flight bags, lift travel bags, leather bags, and pilot suitcases all are some of the best pilot bags. However, apart from all these, there are several other factors like price, quality, dimension, colour, the size that determine a bag to be the best.

How much does a pilot suitcase cost?

One could spend a thousand dollars on a piece of luggage that might be best in the market. However, not everyone’s budget is the same. If you are looking for good quality at lower-to-mid-range prices, then check out the collection of pilot suitcases of American Tourister. A few other such brands that sell you budget-friendly cases include Samsonite, Travelpro, Eagle Creek, Delsey and more. However, it is always a good idea to set a budget of your own to buy a top-quality suitcase economically.

What is the standard luggage size for pilots?

Pilots and cabin crew have their luggage size restrictions. However, you need not follow it accurately. For instance, many crew members have stated that they’ve never come across any restrictions as such. Despite this, most pilots and cabin crew members prefer to use small bags. Ideally, you can store in-flight gear in a smaller handbag of dimensions 15x10x6 inches. And there is also a second bag of dimension 22×14×9 inches to store your spare clothing.