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Safety, security, and aesthetics are basically three purposes for buying luggage accessories. While some of them seem crucial for the trip, others are just for fun. You need to be very careful while buying them as bad gear can really be a pain throughout your travel.

Luggage accessories are meant to make your life and travelling easy. They make you pack smartly, saves your time, and even lessen your luggage sets. Plus, the luggage looks good inside out with some functional items and some fashion accessories . So, the only hack to make this certain is to not follow anyone’s advice. Instead, you should contemplate your luggage needs and buy the best travel gadgets personalised for a seamless travel experience. Therefore, understanding your needs comes first, then budget, and then you can become a shopping spree.

Luggage accessories are all about smart organisation

It would be good if you segregate the accessories as electronics, kits, covers, and pouches. Let us give you an example of each by tagging a brand that enlists a particular accessory. You should check out toilet kits or washbag and garment cover at Louis Vuitton. Samsonite brand has a packing cube set of three and that too of different sizes. Also, the same brand provides you with an adapter plug kit with a pouch, which is one of the essentials. Other than that, you can check passport cases, tags, and wallets at the Tumi brand. If you want to explore more brands, check out and buy a travel luggage organiser set.

Luggage cover

This luggage accessory can be protective, funky or both. You can choose a transparent PVC cover that protects your luggage from rain. Also, scratch, stain, or any mess cannot make its way through the cover. While picking one for you, make sure there is a hole for the handle so you can keep the cover during usage. If the product is also high-temperature resistance, it could be a plus. On the other hand, you can get all these functionalities in a cover with funky designs or patterns over it. Another material used for the cover is crinkle nylon. You can check one at Kipling brand wherein the cover has Velcro closure, is airproof, and reflect beautiful patterns.

Luggage wheels

Well, wheels are surely an essential, not accessory and you better carry spare ones with you. You can have in-line skate wheels or spinner wheels as per your liking. However, we would like to emphasise their protection as a part of buying travel-safe accessories online. Not to mention, wheels mostly succumb first as they carry the whole weight. So, it will be better to purchase wheel covers to protect them from daily wear and tear. Even luggage covers provide a sort of protection to wheels also. Besides, you can consider carrying your luggage on rough terrains to avoid pressure on wheels. You should also avoid storing your belonging unevenly inside because then one side of the wheel gets more stressed. Hence, we can predict the damage here.

Travel tag

These tags personalise your belongings as you can write your name, e-mail, or phone number over it. In case your luggage gets lost, it gets easy to track it down and hand it over to you. Some of you put their business cards in the tag holder, which is also a good idea. And some of you also slide an A4 sheet inside every luggage with your details like address that you do not want to show on the tags outside. As these tags are hanging somewhere around the handle, they must look good too. For that, you should check Travelon and Caterpillar brands as they have got some funky designs and even more luggage accessories for you.

Tips on how to buy Luggage accessories online

Some accessories make your travel convenient while some add fun to it. You can purchase these according to your budget, need, and want. As these items are not much expensive and indeed look fancy, you need to restrain yourself from not spending on unwanted pieces. You can contemplate the decision of buying by going through some details we have listed. However, the decision still remains yours, and you got to make it a smart purchase.

  • Do not load your luggage unnecessarily – You already got a luggage wallet, your short canvas or handbag, so there is no logic in spending on any other accessory like that money belt. If you understand the point, there is literally no sense in flooding your luggage with small pouches. They are supposed to make your luggage tidy, not bulky. Do not even try to get spare items like extra travel bottles, spare pillow, more towels, additional toiletries, and many others.
  • Make budget even if they are affordable – Do not create a big room for accessories budget because you got to shop during the trip too. And you need space in your luggage. Have a few of them just to make your travel comfortable, and that’s the only motto. If you urge for fancy items such as cool stickers or colourful labels, that’s your call.
  • A good approach is to categorise the items – You can divide your luggage accessories into safety items, gadgets, and comfort. For safety, you can have a swiss knife, luggage covers, and locks. Power bank or portable charges comes under essential gadget to have and travel pillow for comfort. You can add more accessories as per your preferences.
  • Remember to take measures for hygiene – If you are planning a road trip, you must create a room for hygiene accessories. For females, a urinating device is a must. Other than that, micro-filter bottle set, oral care swab, toothpaste replacement are some items you can consider.
  • For the elderly or someone with health conditions – You must consider things that are ergonomic. For example, ergonomic travel pillow or even the handle of your luggage because you got to pull it. There are other accessories, such as a bottle with an in-built pills organiser and touchable gloves for your convenience. For those not aware, you can use a touchscreen with touchable gloves.

Well, there are more accessories like anti-crease garment transporter if you are going for a business meeting. But then again, hotels do provide the service anyhow. That’s what we have been telling on this page – only buy the accessories worth the purpose. You can also shop a few accessories like kits and bags from brands like Nike, Adidas, Wildcraft, and Rimowa. You will find them and even more on our product search engine .

Question & Answer

What are some useful luggage accessories that I should buy?

Luggage accessories depend on the purpose of your travel. If this is business-related, you need a laundry cover to keep your business suit intact. Also, a document organiser is another good purchase even if you have a briefcase. If you are on a road trip, a hygiene and toiletry bag is a must. Other than purpose, a few accessories fit every need. Let us list some of them. There are travel pillows for comfort, a luggage cover for protection, and a power bank for your smartphones. Overall, luggage accessories are all about your comfort, so you should purchase them accordingly.

What are the best travel accessories?

What is the best product? The one that makes your travel less hectic and more comfortable. Considering that, travel pillow, padlocks, earplugs, noise-cancelling headphones, compression socks, and water purifier bottles are some of the best travel accessories. Some are best because it saves space and makes your suitcase lightweight. And some others let you cancel the outside hustle of the airport and inside noise during the flight.

Where to buy luggage wheels in Dubai?

You cannot just throw your luggage, whether expensive or not because the wheel is broken. Instead, you can purchase only the wheels specifying the brand of your suitcase. Not just damaged, If the wheel is creating more noise, it is an alarming sign to replace them. Let’s say replace your wheels with betterment. A better upgrade can let your product add more characteristics, such as shock absorption, good grip, and more wear-resistant. What more do you need?

Where to buy travel luggage accessories?

Some consumers buy accessories because they are useful, and some accessories are bought because they look adorable. For instance, people always buy something to put some money in emergency cases. Either you can put it in your document organiser or buy a separate accessory like a money belt for it. This money belt has got a hidden pocket with a zip or other enclosure to put money. There are more accessories like this – colourful luggage case labels, funny stickers, cord organisers, and more.

It is always good to review the accessories and scrutinise if they are worth your purchase. You can also read customer reviews at for more details. Our comparison tools can never let you buy a dissatisfying product. Our motto here is to provide you with a seamless shopping experience.

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