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About Helmets

There is something enchanting about motorcycles. Even with all the comfort of plush seats and air-conditioned interior of a car, riders prefer the freedom and experience of a motorcycle journey. And when you are wearing a good quality helmet, you can enjoy the trip with peace of mind.

For a motorcycle rider, a helmet is their primary protection. And it protects the most vital part of a human. Travelling on a vehicle balanced on just two wheels with the head exposed is undoubtedly a bad idea. When a fall happens, the head can hit the road with force several times more than that of two football players colliding with each other. But as much as they are protective gear, you can also look for helmets that have additional features for riding comfort. Apart from the helmet for regular street use, there are other kinds of helmets for sports and off-roading. This article will give you an overall understanding of the different types of helmets and what each of them is for.

Different types of helmets and their uses

Just like there are different types of motorcycles for different purposes, there are different types of helmets as well. Even though at the end of the day, all of them are for protection, some of them have extra bells and whistles in them to make them more suitable for their specific area of focus. The design of these helmets blends with the type of motorcycles they are meant to be used with. So, you are looking for helmets, aren’t you? But before you decide on which helmet to purchase, it is imperative to know the pros and cons of different types of helmets. And depending on what you need a helmet for you can browse the categories in to find the right fit.

Full face motorcycle helmet

Like you have guessed, it covers the entire head of a person. This is the kind of helmet that offers maximum protection from impact, and it is this helmet you should be wearing on the street. That’s why it is also called a ‘full-face street helmet’. They have a visor that you can slide up to protect the eyes from wind and dust. But as it covers the entire head, sweating is a common issue. But this can be solved by adding vents to help the sweat to evaporate and to reduce visor fogging in cold weather. For added safety, you can choose those that have high visibility colours. In the UAE, motorcycle riders are legally required to wear a full-face helmet.

Modular motorcycle helmet

Look wise, modular helmets are similar to the full face. Unless you look closely, it is difficult to tell a regular full-face helmet apart from the modular ones. The only difference is the movable jaw and hinges. The hinge lets you slide up the chin part of the helmet and convert into a half helmet. But because of these hinges, the modular helmet is not as strong as a full-face helmet. Hinges add another potential point of failure to the structure. But they are definitely safer than riding with a ½ or ¾ helmets. These can be useful for long motorcycle journeys for which wearing a restrictive full-face helmet throughout will be cumbersome.

Off-road helmet

Athletes need features that are different from those of a regular street rider. Motocross is not at all comparable to street riding. Off-road helmets offer more ventilation to compensate for the sweating due to intense physical activity. They have a beak-like structure for ventilation and allow the athletes to breathe without difficulty. Unlike a regular helmet, they are lightweight and do not have visors. Instead, athletes wear goggles to protect their eyes from wind, dust and UV rays. And along with these, they also wear body armour and wireless headset to help them communicate with the team. Dirt bike and motocross riders use this type of helmets during the sport, and it is therefore called cross helmets.

Dual sport helmet

When you take an off-road helmet and modify it to be street legal, you get the dual-sport helmet. They have a similar design to that of off-road gear but have visors and more interior padding to provide comfort. Visors on these helmets are larger than that of a regular full-face helmet. Visors help the street riders avoid wearing goggles that will be uncomfortable to wear for a long time. But it is possible to pop the visor off when you are going for off-road driving. Technically, dual-sport can be used for both off-roading and street use. But most young people use theses helmets for regular rides for their sporty look and better aerodynamics.

Tips on buying Helmets

Before you hit the road with your motorcycle, make sure to wear a good piece of protection around your head. It is not enough to wear any helmet. The helmet should be comfortable and safe. Wearing a poor-quality helmet can make things worse as it will offer a false aura of protection. Here are the things to look for when you buy a new helmet.

  • Weight of the helmet – Weight of a typical helmet can be anywhere between 1 and 2 kilograms. You have to look for helmets that have the minimum weight and still offer good protection. When the fit is right, the weight will spread evenly over the head, and you won’t feel the effect of it as much.
  • Comfort – These days, helmets offer a range of features to ensure the comfort of the rider. Look for helmets that provide proper ventilation, protection from UV rays, and comfortable padding. Some even have space for Bluetooth headsets to let you answer phone calls without removing taking off the helmet.
  • Safety certification – In the UAE, you should only use a motorcycle helmet that has ISO certification for safety. This certification takes into account the impact resistance of the helmet and how well it protects the wearer in case of falls from a moving motorcycle.
  • Helmet material – You will come across helmets made of polycarbonate, fibreglass composite, carbon fibre, etc., in the market. Each of them has different pros and cons. Polycarbonate is the least expensive and carbon fibre is the most expensive material of them all.

When you are wearing the helmet, secure it on your head using straps. Otherwise, it can fall off and leave your head exposed to injuries. And if you are riding for long hours, take off your helmet and rest for some time to cool off the head and let the sweat evaporate. Finally, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing products from the car supplies category.

Question & Answer

Can helmet cause hair fall?

It is true that prolonged use of helmets can cause an increase in the rate of hair loss in men. There are a few reasons for this. When the helmet sits on top of the head, they will move slightly along with the jerking of the motorcycle. The helmet will pull the hair along with it due to friction. When this happens for a long time, hair loss their anchoring in the scalp. Another important reason is the sweating due to the lack of movement of air. This is an ideal condition for bacteria to grow on the scalp. Thus an unhealthy and malnourished scalp accelerates the hair loss.

Which helmet is best?

There is no one single helmet that is best for all situations. Rather you should pick one that is best for whatever that you are doing. For regular stress rides, full-face helmets are always the best. They are much safer and comfortable for short rides. But if you are going for a long road trip, a modular one will let you ride with the chin part up when you are feeling too hot. For sports, a cross helmet is the best. They provide enough ventilation so protect the athletes from getting heat strokes but yet provide decent protection.

Why is a helmet compulsory?

Majority of the fatality from motorcycle accidents is due to head injuries. And even if a head injury didn’t lead to death, it can have a lasting negative impact on the individual’s quality of life. Helmets have proven to reduce head injuries to a great extent. Wearing a helmet is a simple and cost-effective way to protect the motorcycle riders. In most cases, helmets are the only protection a motorcycle rider has. And also, an increase in the number of fatal accidents will result in an increase in the insurance premium for the motorcycle riders in general. So, wearing a helmet is always a win-win solution.

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