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About Full-face Helmets

Why do people sacrifice the comfort of a car to travel on a motorcycle? That’s because it is not the journey that really matters; it is all about the experience of the journey. To go by the old saying, “Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul”. Having a full-face helmet around your head during this experience can make it more enjoyable and safer.

Even if you are an aspiring biker or have been in the league for many years, the most important thing you should have, apart from the motorcycle itself, is a good and solid helmet. No experience is worth enjoying if you put yourself in harm’s way. According to the statistics, most of the fatalities from motorcycle accidents are due to injuries sustained by the head. Undoubtedly, helmets can make motorcycle rides safer and more comfortable. And if you go with the right kind of helmet that suits the motorcycle and your outfit, it can boost your cool factor too. This article will tell you everything you need to know about full-face helmets before you make the purchase.

A guide to full-face helmets

In almost all countries around the world, motorcyclists are legally required to wear a helmet when they ride. And some countries even specify the type and standard of the helmet. In the UAE, they should wear a full-face helmet with straps fastened around the jaw. This is because full-face helmets offer maximum protection for all. Apart from the different types of constructions, there are a whole bunch of different materials too. The most common materials for the helmets are polycarbonate, Kevlar, carbon fibre etc. Each of them has different sets of pros and cons and price ranges.

Advantages of full-face helmets

They have several advantages when it comes to riding the motorcycle on regular roads. Because they cover your head completely, they ensure maximum protection of the head, including your jaw and face in case of a road mishap. Because of the one-piece construction, the outer shell of a full-face helmet will be able to resist even heavy impacts. And if you are riding with the visors closed, you don’t need additional eye protection. That means debris, insects, or rain won’t get inside the helmet to distract you from the road. Full face helmets also solve an issue that motorcycle riders often complain about — the wind noise. A well-built full-face helmet can eliminate wind noise almost completely.

Drawbacks of full-face helmets

Despite all the advantages of a full-face helmet, it is not all roses. There are a few reasons why some people prefer other types of helmets. The main issue with it is the weight. They tend to be heavier than open face helmets that are made of the same material. Another problem is the minimal amount of ventilation. Although the sealed construction eliminates wind noise, this can cause sweating and discomfort in hot weather. In such conditions, riders tend to use these helmets with the visors up, which means they will have to wear additional riding glasses to cover their eyes.

Full face helmet vs. open face helmet

Open face helmets are an answer to the downsides of full-face helmets. That being said, open face helmets have their own set of problems. Open face helmets are designed to cover only the head and leave the chin and face exposed. This is a serious safety hazard. Even though an injury to the jaws might not be fatal, it can scar you for life. As they do not usually have visors, you have to use separate eye protection. And those variations that do feature visors are not as good as full-face helmets at protecting your face against wind and debris.

Full face helmet vs modular helmet

A modular helmet is an attempt to solve the negatives of both full face and open face helmets. They have a hinge mechanism that allows you to switch between full face and open face modes. So, during long rides, you can use it as an open face one for some time to cool off. When you are talking with someone, you can lift the chin portion up and avoid the hassle of taking the helmet off. But the hinges and locking mechanism adds extra weight to the package. Also, because the shell is not one piece, they won’t be as resistant as full-face helmets against impacts.

Tips on how to buy Full-Face Helmets

Using any helmet is not enough. They should provide safety as well as comfort to the rider. If the helmet is not safe, there is no point in wearing one. And if it is not comfortable to wear for a long time, you will stop wearing it after some time. Both of these do not help the purpose of a helmet. So, here are a few tips to follow when you buy a helmet.

  • The material of the shell – The shell material decides much of the safety and the overall weight of the helmet. So, when you are looking for a helmet, look for those which have maximum impact resistance but yet use a lightweight shell. The cushioning inside the shell is also important to distribute the impact pressure evenly over the head.
  • The material of the interior lining and cheek pad – Because the full-face helmets cause a lot of sweating, the quality of the interior lining is important. It should be sweat absorbing and should be bacterial resistant to avoid fungal growth from the accumulation of sweat. It will be even better if it is removable.
  • The shape of the helmet – A helmet that suits the shape of your face will look good when you wear it and also give the right fit. The shelf Helmets come in three shapes: Round oval, intermediate oval, and long oval. Among the three, the intermediate oval is the most common shape.
  • Ventilation – It is nice to have some vents on the helmet to reduce the heat and let in some colder air. Look for vents on the mouth area, forehead vents and vents on the top of the helmet. Some of the more expensive types feature adjustable vents so that you can close them when the outside weather is colder. Having vents also help against fogging.

The price of the helmets varies greatly with the material and features. Lightweight materials that offer maximum protection like carbon fibre can cost you an arm and a leg. But it all boils down to how much you are willing to pay for safety and comfort. But at the end of the day, safety is what matters more. Finally, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing products in the car supplies category.

Question & Answer

Are full-face helmets safer?

The thing that sets full-face helmets apart from an open face or modular helmet is the one-piece outer shell that covers the entire head. This shell is quite solid and can take great amounts of impact during accidents. In the case of open face helmets, there is no protection whatsoever for the chin and the face. This leaves the jaw exposed to injuries in an event of an accident. Although modular helmets do have chin protection, the hinged construction won’t hold up as well as a single piece outer shell. Also, when you are riding with the chin part lifted up, this has the same safety issue as an open face helmet.

Are full-face helmets better for cruisers?

For quite some time, open face helmets were the staple of cruiser motorcycles. But in the days to come, telling from the way the wind is blowing, more and more riders will be going with full-face helmets. The primary reason is the added protection that a full-face helmet delivers. And people don’t want the wind blowing against their skin and eyes all the way along with their long road trips. You can definitely enjoy a trip better if you do not have sore eyes and a dust-covered face. Another reason to choose a full-face helmet is the anonymity that it provides.

How to find a full-face helmet that fits well?

This takes a bit of trial and error. But first, you have to measure the circumference of the widest part of your head with a measuring tape. This will generally be a bit above your eyebrow line. Then try on a helmet that is one size above the measured length. In most cases, this should give you the right fit. But sizes and fits vary slightly between the manufacturers. So, you will have to try a few sizes above and below that to find the right fit. Also, refer to the manufacturing size chart to make it a little easier.

Where can I buy full-face helmets online in the UAE?

The go-to place to find the best full-face helmets is online. There you will be able to buy full-face helmets for cheap. If you are searching for a full-face helmet, then look no further because you are in the right place to get any type of helmet. You can use our retail search engine and avoid the hassle of going down to a physical store. This way, you can access a wide selection of motorcycle helmets in the UAE. Explore more than 500+ shops offering them here on including brands like Fox, Harley Davidson, Shoei, AGV, and HJC.