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About Pilot Helmets

Helmets protect your head from the elements and from any potential injuries. However, since you will be riding on the streets, your helmet also needs to look good. Therefore, the ideal helmet should ensure your safety and look good. Pilot helmets are a great choice for motorcycles. They are built tough and may protect the head better. Besides, they also come with different features. Let’s look at some features that make a pilot helmet a good choice to protect your head.

The pilot helmet derives its name from its design which looks like one that helicopters and fighter jet pilots wear while flying. This has two advantages. First, the design is very comfortable, especially for long rides. Second, the helmet design looks great. It has a characteristic shape that is not available on standard helmets . At the online store Dubai, you will get various brands selling helmets, among other types of helmets. There are hundreds of them to give you a chance to pick one that meets specific requirements that you have set. Before making your pilot helmet purchase, we suggest that you go through this guide. We shall be sharing some secrets and tips to ensure you make the right choice.

Go for better protection with a fighter pilot helmet with a mask

A fighter pilot helmet with a mask gives you added protection from elements that might hit your face. The mask prevents accidental bumping on insects, dust and debris that might get into your eyes, nose and mouth. The mask is designed in a way that allows you to breathe and talk with ease. It also does not harbour any heat. Therefore, you are less likely to sweat due to wearing a mask. It is also incredibly comfortable. You may find different designs of the masks on our platform. Other sellers have also combined the mask with a retractable visor to add to the protection. When combined with added protection from the pilot helmet, you can ride without the fear that an insect would get into your mouth.

A pilot helmet with a headset provides a smart way to communicate

Most riders have to remove their pilot helmets or at least open the visor when they want to talk. This is very cumbersome, especially if you are communicating via phone. Fortunately, you can work around this with a pilot helmet with the headset. This pilot helmet has both a microphone and an earpiece, along with a connection to your phone via the audio jack. The microphone is ergonomically designed and can be moved accordingly when not in use. However, the movement of the microphone differs depending on the model of the pilot helmet you pick. Some smart pilot helmets have a wireless connection via Bluetooth that allows you to receive calls on the go. This is vital when you need to pick up calls hands-free.

The lightweight pilot helmet is good for regular riding

Do you ride your bike regularly? Does your job involve doing errands with the motorcycle? You need a pilot helmet that is not only comfortable but also lightweight. This ensures that you do not get bogged down by heavyweight or experience neck fatigue. The heavyweight of the helmet has lasting effects on neck muscles. Some people have also complained of regular headaches and numbness in their skulls. That is why you should consider purchasing a lightweight helmet. At product comparison websites, you can get quality fighter pilot helmet surplus brands that are lightweight without sacrificing their quality. You almost do not feel like you are wearing one. provides all the information to help determine the size, fit and weight of the pilot helmet.

Get the best of two types with modular pilot helmets

Just as the name suggests, a pilot helmet motorcycle that is modular allows you to determine the parts of your face to cover. Riders can switch between full face and open-face covers by removing the extra cover by unlocking attachments on the side. You may use full-face protection when you hit the main road and use the open face configuration when taking strolls in the neighbourhood. It also comes in handy on those hot days when you need some breeze as you ride. It is easy to unscrew and screw back the extra cover. However, this does not compromise the safety of the helmet. Check various types of modular helmets on our UAE online shopping platform. Be keen on the attachment mechanism of each.

Helmets with extra padding enhance your comfort

Padding is vital for extra comfort when you wear your helmet. The amount of padding on helmets differs from one pilot helmet brand to the other. However, the online marketplace offers quality images so that you are able to ascertain if the helmet has enough padding. This does not mean that helmets that do not have extra padding are not good. It all boils down to personal preference. Extra padding may come in handy in case of an accident. Your head will have a softer landing if you hit a solid surface such as the road. This can mean the difference between life and death from the accident. Some models come with removable inserts. With these, you can remove any extra padding that does not feel comfortable.

There are various head designs to meet your needs

The fit of the helicopter pilot helmet for sale is vital for comfort and safety. It is important that your choice does not have space on the side that may make it move about when you turn your head. Given that people have different head shapes and sizes, our shopping search engine provides helmets of different sizes and shapes to match your head shape. You can measure your forehead with a tape measure. Besides, you check the shape of your skull in a mirror so that you can choose the right pilot helmet. Check various sizes and shapes available on our marketplace. Zoom in on the image of the model you pick for a good look. Only pick an item that offers the ideal characteristics that you want.

Tips on how to buy Pilot Helmets

Now that you know what a pilot helmet is, then it’s time to check out our UAE search engine . You are likely to find hundreds of these helmets with a simple search. This makes the buying decision a little hard to make. We understand this, and therefore, we would like to offer help. Our teams have researched what riders look at when picking a pilot helmet from all relevant persons, including aviators, riders and road safety experts. We shall share this information to help you too. Below are five tricks and tips to help you land the best pilot helmet for your ride. Go through them before making your purchase on the platform.

  • The amount of cover you prefer – Do you want to cover the head or require a full-face cover. You can go for a pilot helmet with a visor, a mask or a full-face cover. If you want to switch between different covers, pick a modular helmet.
  • Size – You need to purchase a helmet that is fitting. It should not move about as you turn your head. Measure your head and pick a pilot helmet that is shaped like your head.
  • The added features – You can go for a pilot mask with a headset, removable inserts or a visor. These additional features enhance your comfort and convenience. Check the best fighter pilot online for these features.
  • Weight – If you ride your motorcycle regularly, you need a light helmet. Be sure to check weight and dimension figures when making a choice. Pilot helmets are generally light, but a few models are lighter than others are.
  • Price – While price should not be the primary factor when purchasing a pilot helmet. You can use it when comparing various helmets that meet other factors. Fortunately, you can filter helmets with a price in Remember, the highest-priced ones may not necessarily be the best helmets in town.

That is our list of the five most important factors to determine your ideal pilot helmet motorcycle. Take your time to check all the factors before checking out the cart. Besides, be sure to check customer reviews of your selected helmet. Reviews give some insight on things like comfort, fit and quality. While you may find one or two complaints from users, pick one that has good reviews from the majority of buyers. This platform provides authentic user reviews that are not edited so that customers can use them in making the right decision. Browse for over 500 other motorbike accessories and enhancements. You can also find rider gear and safety equipment on the platform at different prices and characteristics.

Question & Answer

What is the pilot helmet?

A pilot helmet is a motorcycle helmet that is designed like the helmets pilots wear when flying planes. These types of helmets are a little different from standard motorcycle helmets in many aspects. Pilot helmets have several advantages. First, they offer added protection that you may not find with most standard motorcycle helmets. This is provided by both the materials used and the design of the helmet. They also have a cool design that appeals to riders. These designs ensure comfort and enhanced safety for the rider. You can also find one with different features such as removable inserts, an additional visor, a mask and headsets. You can buy fighter pilots in any design that matches your preference.

Where do you buy a pilot helmet?

You can buy fighter pilots online in UAE. Our Dubai product finder on has different types of motorcycle helmets, among which is pilot helmets. You can filter your search based on various features, sizes or prices. You will be amazed by the hundreds of helmets that are available under each filter that you use on the website. It also posts all the product details to make your purchase a lot easier. Ensure that you read all information provided in the caption below the product image. Our platform also sells other motorcycle accessories and enhancements, as well as rider gear. Explore the large product offering on the site to enhance your ride. We firmly believe that you will get the pilot helmet you want within your budget when you explore our shopping search engine.

How should a pilot helmet fit?

A good fitting pilot helmet should be a little snug without being very tight. If it is very tight, it may cause headaches and accumulation of heat around your skull, which is uncomfortable. Besides, it should sit at the top of your head without tilting when you move your head. It should also have a front edge that is at least one inch above your eyebrows. The straps that attach to the head should be adjustable to allow you to get the right fit. It is good to measure the top of your skull so that you know the best diameter of the helmet to pick. On our online shop UAE, you will get high-resolution images to help you select a pilot helmet that has the right fit. Check the details in the attached caption on each product for a better understanding.

Are pilot helmets expensive?

Unlike popular belief, pilot helmets are not expensive. While they may cost higher than most standard helmets, the extra cost is covered by added protection and durability. Therefore, in the end, you will pay less than you would when buying many standard helmets due to regular replacement after a short period of use. The more added enhancements on the helmet, the higher the price. Here on, you will find pilot helmets at amazing prices. What’s more, you can explore an array of high-quality car supplies .

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