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Maverick from the top gun – Isn’t it the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the jet helmets? We bet it is! But, this isn’t usually the case for the pilots. Sweaty hair and headaches typically are the prime elements when they picture it. But does that mean they do not need them at all? Or are these helmets essential? If they’re, then which ones should you own? Well, in this guide we introduce you to some interesting facts and types of flight helmets. Besides, you’ll also take away a few smart tips to purchase the best jet helmets online. Read on, if you wish to have a safe and elegant flight!

Before we explore their popular models, it’s imperative to know whether wearing the jet helmet is a necessity. Let’s be clear here – ninety per cent of the time you wouldn’t need a helmet while flying. That’s because you’re mostly thousands of feet above the ground. Besides, you’re well above the transition level. However, there are certain types of flying when we need these flight helmets. Agricultural flying or crop dusting, warbird operations, military flying, helicopter operations, and aerobatic formation flying are some of the activities where you should have the helmets. They protect a pilot’s head and eye in case of accidents. Let’s look more into their benefits and a few popular helmet models that you can invest in.

The top 3 jet pilot helmets to buy

Aircraft fly so fast that a crash would kill you instantly regardless of whether you’re wearing a jet helmet or not. This is a misconception that many of us have! Firstly, the jet helmets aren’t there to protect you from the crash but intend to protect your head from trauma in the air too. Secondly, the flight helmets provide adequate protection to survive a crash. In fact, there have been many instances, where a pilot saved his life because he wore a quality jet helmet. This brings down the crux of this article. And that’s, that if ever you shop for the jet helmets, then it has to be of good quality and from a known brand. Indeed, you do not want to take chances with your life. That said, we’ve rounded up the top three models of jet helmets that you consider investing in.

The best overall MSA Gallet fighter pilot helmet

Gallet fighter helmets are undoubtedly one of the best options when it comes to flight helmets. They’re adjustable, comfortable, and require low maintenance. Besides, it requires minimal input from a life support technician once configured. Further, manufactured in France, these helmets come in a range of versions suited for various flight roles. Some of their standard versions include LH-050 for agricultural, LH-250 an adaptable model, LH-350 – a specialist helmet for military and SAR pilots, and LA-100 – a newer design for jet operators.

The Gentex HGU fighter jet motorcycle helmet

Manufactured in the USA, this is one of the most common military flight helmets. These models are lightweight and designed for the specialist needs of military pilots. Moreover, they’re apt for pilots who deal with high g combat environments or fly ejection seat aircraft. Further, their flexible construction protects you from impacts, and it features a dual visor assembly on elastic straps. Even though designed for military pilots, with their unique structure, all kinds of pilots can use them. Above all, their lightweight shell structure and ultra-soft interiors make them one of the most comfortable models too.

The Alpha jet helmet motorcycle

Alpha helmets come from the UK, and they come in five modular sizes to fit every kind of pilot out there. In fact, their smart construction makes them one of the most common and favoured jet helmets in General Aviation for both fixed-wing and Rotary wing pilots. Moreover, these provide all essentials with the ability to incorporate accessories such as face shields for crew members. Among the many quality models, the one with the carbon layup finish Alpha helmet is one of the best among the lot. Whilst these models aren’t the top, they indeed are very cost-effective.

Tips on how to buy Jet Helmets online

Jet helmets aren’t there for fancy. It serves a crucial purpose, and that’s to protect you from life-threatening accidents while flying. This means you should buy the best among the available options. This might seem easy when said. However, browsing and picking out the perfect one isn’t as easy as it looks. But, we’ve got your back on this one! Below are a few tips that’ll help you buy jet helmets online in Dubai effortlessly.

  • Pick a model suitable for your kind of operations – Make sure you purchase a helmet that suits your kind of operations. For example, the helmets designed for fast jet ejection seat pilots might not be suitable if you’re an agricultural or light-sport pilot. The lightweight nature of this helmet might not provide you with an adequate level of protection.
  • Explore your options – Once you figure out what you want, the next step is to explore your available options. Try and check out the various types of jet helmets. See if you can find a few popular manufacturers and retailers. Also, make sure to thoroughly understand the various aspects of the flight helmets before you start your purchase.
  • Keep an eye on the sizing – Sizing is a crucial aspect to look for when it comes to purchasing jet helmets Unlike in-store shopping, you do not get to assess the model by hand. This is why it’s best to go for model a slightly larger than you need. Having these helps you pad out the internals with soft foams. This way, you’ll have a helmet that prevents hot spots and provides maximum comfort.
  • Go for the best-quality model – Do not ever go for second-hand helmets. This is because you do not know whether they’ve been dropped before your purchase. Also, the helmet shells have a life span of about 15 years. Therefore, ensure that you buy a good quality model that offers you the best performance.
  • Choose your buying platform wisely – Consider where you’re purchasing the jet helmets If you’re buying the helmets from an overseas supplier, then it’s likely that you’ll need to pay up the import taxes. Also, make sure that you pick them from credible platforms if you’re buying them online. Don’t just blindly purchase your helmets from anywhere.
  • Set aside a budget – Today you can find both cheap jet helmets to buy as well as expensive ones. That’s why it’s imperative to set aside a budget for yourself. This way, you’ll be able to secure a helmet that’s comfortably within your set range. Moreover, you could also buy a fighter pilot helmet for sale. This helps you buy a model that’s of good quality by spending less.

The bottom line, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to buying helmets. Do not fall for their fancy looks. Make sure you carefully assess all of their features. You could also give a quick read through the numerous product reviews online. They help you evaluate the performance of the helmet before buying. Above all, make sure that you pick something that makes you feel comfortable and protects you well. We hope the above tips will help you choose the perfect one among the various available options.

Question & Answer

Are jet helmets safe?

Flight helmets are there to protect your head from severe injuries during an aircraft crash. This means they’re certainly there to keep you safe. However, for them to be safe, you should make sure that you get yourself the right size of flight helmets. Misfits may create an uncomfortable situation for you while flying. This, in turn, hinders your smooth flying experience, thereby causing major accidents. In short, jet helmets are safe only if you wear the right size.

What is a demi jet helmet?

The demi jet helmets come with a chip strap-free, open and lightweight design. This unique structure of the helmets maximises the freedom sensation you can only experience while riding the motorcycle. Or you could also enhance the pleasure of an ordinary ride around the town with these smart demi-jet helmets. Today there are several brands offering a wide range of options in demi jet helmets. So explore now to make your pick. But before making a purchase, ensure that you have enough knowledge of what you need and what to look for while adding products to the cart.

How should a jet helmet fit?

A helmet is more of protective gear. Therefore it has to be the right fit to do the job it is supposed to. A properly fitting flight helmet should usually be a little tight to slide on. However, it should feel comfortable and snug once it’s in place. Try yanking the helmet up and down, side to side, by way of the chin bar. If it pulls your head around with it securely, then that’s a proper fitting flight helmet. The bottom line, the helmets should fit you correctly and shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable in any way.

What are the best flight helmets to buy?

The ‘best’ helmets are those that fulfil all your need and offers you adequate safety while flying. But, there’s something much more important than this, and that’s the quality. Only the highest-quality helmets can provide you with the best performance. Check out the collection of jet helmets from brands like Astone, Schuberth, HJC, and LS2. Besides these, you can also search the market for your unique taste and customized accessories to match your look as you wear the helmet.

Where to buy jet helmets?

Of course, you can buy the flight helmets in the designated stores. However, with the growing technology, you can also get them online. However, you should make sure that you pick the right portal to purchase your flight helmets online. If you wish to have a hassle-free bike and car supplies shopping experience, then go ahead and visit This superfast product search engine allows you to explore, compare and purchase premium-quality jet helmets from popular brands and online stores.

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