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About Cross Helmets

When it comes to motorsports, having head protection is far more important than on a regular road. That is not to say that wearing a helmet when you ride on regular roads is any less important, though. Cross helmet is short for motocross helmet. Some people also call it the MX helmets.

Selecting a cross helmet isn’t anything like selecting a regular street helmet. There are a lot more factors that go into finding the perfect MX helmet. Motocross is an intrepid sport with a high level of adrenaline and an even higher-level risk of injury. So, as a rider, you want to protect your face, head, and all that is inside them. In fact, for a motocross athlete, a helmet is the most important part of his protective gear. But usually, when we refer to cross helmets, we also include other types of helmets like off-road helmets, adventure helmets, dirt bike helmets, etc. This article will tell you about the different types of cross helmets and their uses. Knowing the basics will help you make a better purchase decision.

A beginner’s guide to cross helmets

You can easily tell a cross helmet apart from a regular helmet because of its sun peak and pointy chin. But other than the shape what is the functional difference between the two? Why are they two separate kinds of helmets for street use and sports at all when all they do is to protect the head? In fact, apart from protecting the head, cross helmets also help the athletes perform better. Also, the conditions of a dirt bike racetrack are completely different to that of a street. This article will tell you about the different types of cross helmets.

Reasons to wear a cross helmet in sports

When you are doing adrenaline-pumping things with your motorcycle, the last thing you want is an unprotected head. But the helmet is not just about saving the head from impacts. There are even more reasons for you not to go helmet-free. Helmets block the ambient wind noise and enable you to listen to other sounds which might be more important to you, to state a few. And especially when you are off-roading, helmets can save you from flies making suicidal runs down your windpipe. Last but not least, you can wear distinctive helmets so that your teammates can recognise you from afar.

Dirt bike helmets

These are starkly different from street helmets. Dirt bike helmets are lightweight and have large openings around the eyes to let the air in. And for the same reason, there are no visors on these helmets. Instead, the rider has to wear goggles to protect his eyes from dirt and wind. To stop the glare of the sun, there is a type of visor that goes on the top of the helmet. But they do not cover the face or reduce the airflow. There is adjustable ventilation for the mouth and nose as well. Riders will also be able to use Bluetooth sets inside these helmets to communicate with their team members.

Youth dirt bike helmets

As the name implies, youth dirt bike helmets are very similar to regular dirt bike helmets but are designed for young children. When the young ones are riding and flipping motorcycles, youth helmets give their parents peace of mind. When children are just learning to ride, they fall more often than an adult rider. Because children grow fast, you won’t be able to a youth helmet for more than a few months. You should always give priority to lightweight ones when you are shopping for a kids’ helmet. Don’t forget to get the right measurement, either.

Off-road motorcycle helmets or adventure helmets

Adventure helmets are the midway between a street helmet and a dirt bike helmet. They are also designed to be more comfortable than a dirt bike helmet. They have visors too. So, you can wear an adventure helmet without the goggles that press against your nose bridge. Unlike street helmets, visors of adventure helmets are much larger. These helmets also have other features like better ventilation and a protective mouthpiece like a dirt bike helmet. And legally, you can use an adventure helmet instead of a full-face road helmet on the street. But a tradeoff is that they are not as good as dirt bike helmets for off-roading and not as good as full-face helmets for street use.

Tips on how to buy Cross Helmets

Before you venture out to begin your adventure sport, you should have a good lid to cover your head with. Be it dirt biking or ATV. Here are the factors you should look for when you are shopping for a helmet.

  • Look for the features – Unlike a street helmet, motocross helmets offer a lot of features. Choose one that has a replaceable or washable interior lining because when you are off-roading, you sweat a lot.
  • The right fit is important – Getting the right fit is important for all helmets. But when it comes to cross helmets, even more so. To know the right size of the helmet that fits you, measure the widest part of your head with tape. Then try on a helmet that is one size larger than the measured size. If you find it loose, then get one size smaller than that.
  • Ventilation – The most important distinction between a street helmet and a cross helmet is the ventilation. Ensure that the helmet you are buying has forehead vents, neckroll exhaust vents, and a chin vent. Not only is proper ventilation important for cooling, but they also eliminate fogging of the visors in cold weather.
  • Mouth area – If you plan on going for high-intensity sports, ensure that you can attach a mouthguard to the helmet. While the helmet does protect the head as a whole, a mouthguard reduces the chance of oral injuries. If the helmet has an adjustable mouthpiece vent, that’s a bonus. A no-clog vent will help keep the flow of air steady.

Because the primary function of the helmet is protection, looks and features should only come second to safety. There are different types of quality rating for the helmets. There is the ISI, ECE, and many more. But Snell’s rating specifically deals with the safety of the helmets. But Snell rated helmets are quite expensive too. So, you should consider how useful the extra cost would be for you. Also, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing products from the car supplies category.

Question & Answer

What is a cross helmet?

Cross helmets or motocross helmets is a head protection gear specifically used for adventurous sports. They have several advantages as compared to a regular street helmet that helps the athletes perform without fatigue. They also offer better aerodynamics. The biggest enemies during an adventurous sport are sweat and the weight of the helmet itself. Because of all the sudden jerks an athlete will be experiencing, a heavy helmet can cause neck injuries. Therefore, cross helmets use lightweight materials and have lots of vents to help reduce the problem of sweating.

What is the purpose of a visor on a cross helmet?

Instead of a visor that covers the eyes like on a regular helmet, cross helmets have visors that go on top of the head. These visors won’t protect the eyes from dirt and wind and are made of the material similar to the outer shell of the helmet. This visor is there to protect the rider from sunlight glare. Large glass visor won’t work on the motocross helmets as they would catch the wind at high speeds and will throw the rider off balance. Motocross visors, on the other hand, have vents to let the wind through. Because these visors do not protect the eyes, the riders have to wear separate goggles.

Are cross helmets road legal?

Technically, you can wear a cross helmet when you are on normal roads. But as attractive as it sounds, that won’t be much fun. Because these helmets don’t have visors, you will also have to always wear a pair of goggles to protect your eyes. This won’t be comfortable if you are riding for more than an hour or so. Furthermore, the fit of the cross helmet will be tighter than that of regular helmets, which is a great feature when it comes to adventure sports. But this too won’t be comfortable for long hours of riding. Another important thing is that the pointy shape of a cross helmet is not as good as street helmets to absorb impact from asphalt.

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