Make the Christmas Merry with These Top Gift Ideas

24 November 2021| 9 minutes
Make the Christmas Merry with These Top Gift Ideas

Christmas is around the corner, and it will be all fun and festive. However, holiday gifting can take a toll on your peace of mind if not done right. You would not want your loved ones to open your gift with anticipation only to find yet another mug or notebook for their already crowded desk drawers. Don’t worry; we get you. We know that searching for the perfect and unique gift for your family and friends is challenging. But here’s the good news—you’ve got plenty of stores now with better and beautiful alternatives even if you are a last-minute Christmas gift shopper.

If you want your gifts to be more unique and exciting this season, then your hunt should start now. Whether you want Christmas presents for your mum, dad, brother, sister, better-half, or kids, there are many options to select from. And when you already know their preferences and needs, the process becomes a whole lot easier. However, that’s not true in most cases. We understand that, so we are here to help. Some of the unique gifts this season are a personalised casserole pan for at-home chefs, a luggage organizer set for travellers, a scooter with LED lights for daily transportation to the office, a fantastic board game set for gamers, and so much more.  There are several online stores in the UAE offering cool stuff like these. Thus, you’ll definitely enjoy a holiday shopping splurge for your loved ones.

1. Best Christmas gifts for him in 2021
2. Best Christmas gifts for her in 2021
3. Best Christmas gifts for kids in 2021
4. Why buy Christmas gifts early?
5. When is the right time to buy Christmas gifts in 2021?
6. Where to buy Christmas gifts online in the UAE?

Best Christmas gifts for him in 2021


Men are difficult to shop for, as there are limited choices. Well, not anymore! The market now offers plenty of exceptional choices of men’s clothing, gadgets, and accessories. However, finding the perfect gift can be a struggle when you have a man with distinctive taste, a son who forgets to share his wish list, and a dad who never wants anything. That’s the reason why we want to make the entire process easy breezy for you. Well, you are off to a great start with the stuff we handpicked below. Not only they are practical and useful, but they are also offered at affordable prices.

  • Gadgets for tech lovers Men have unconditional love for gadgets. And if you are searching for some cool collections, Menakart has got you covered. Here, you can find an array of Bluetooth speakers with other functionalities apart from playing audio. Some feature LED lights, while others come with a wireless microphone. Apart from these, there are also new-age headphones, gaming consoles, VR headsets, and power banks from MI, Samsung, and many other renowned brands.
  • Kindle for readers Reading is a hobby that never goes out of style. And if you are thinking about Kindle as a Christmas gift, that’s an awesome idea. The new Kindle paperwhite is something that will satisfy bookworms, as it boasts excellent battery life. Along with that, it has a larger screen to prevent strain when reading in dim-light situations or on the train.
  • Air purifier for the elderly If you are planning to buy something for your dad or uncle, an air purifier will never disappoint. With its air-cleansing properties, it is a heartfelt present for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. The best part is that it is not a thing of luxury anymore. Today, you can find air purifiers in an array of sizes, designs, colours, and what-not at great prices.
  • Hiking shoes for travellers When it comes to gifting, you can never go wrong with shoes. They have always been a favourite fashion choice amongst men. And if you are searching for stylish sneakers, boots, and formal shoes, Farfetch is a hunting ground for amazing deals. You will enjoy your shopping experience here, as you can explore the collections of premium brands, such as Nike, Adidas, Gucci and more.
  • Beer mugs for home bar Is there any beer-lovers on your list? If they have a home bar or planning to build one, beer mugs can be an excellent addition. To add some fun to your gift-giving, pick the ones with humorous messages and designs on them. Or better yet, customize them by printing the recipient’s name or your personal message.

Everybody loves receiving gifts, whether they celebrate Christmas or not. The best part about this occasion is that it opens a world of possibilities when it comes to shopping. You can find any item from the smallest to the largest and from the cheapest to the priciest. That means you can stick to your budget with a wide array of options to choose from. Remember that you don’t have to go broke just because you want to show people how much you love them.

Best Christmas gifts for her in 2021


What makes women different from men is that they are avid shoppers all year round. And just because products for them come in several options, that doesn’t mean it is never difficult to find them a gift. It can be quite time-consuming to zero in on the perfect present, be it for your special someone, mum, daughter, wife, or friend. If you are thinking about make-ups, scented candles, and pan sets, you’d better ditch the idea. They are useful but have become too mainstream through the years. This Christmas, take your gifting skills up a notch by going for some extraordinary picks. Trust us; there are plenty of choices out there ranging from lit tech items to fantastic essentials. Let us check out some of them below.

  • A piece of jewellery Women love shiny and sparkly things. Thus, you can never go wrong with any piece of jewellery, whether a necklace, a ring, a bracelet, or a bangle. At Ounass, you can shop to your heart’s content, as it offers a massive collection from some of the world’s most celebrated brands. And yes, they are certified genuine, so you will have confidence that the person you are gifting them to will love them.
  • Workout essentials for fitness fanatics In this era, people are increasingly getting themselves into yoga, workout, and other fitness activities. So, if your wife, daughter, or friend is a fitness freak, consider getting them gym or yoga essentials like customized water bottles, gym shoes, yoga mats, and so much more.
  • Tech gifts Both men and women love smart technology. No wonder, almost everything today is called ‘smart’ from watches to phones and TVs. And you will be surprised to find smart jewellery, smart herb gardens, smart lights for the living room, smart rice cookers, and smart fridges.
  • Plants for greenery lovers Women’s hearts are naturally tied to nature; thus, a simple gift like a plant can light up their holiday like no other. Believe us; lavender, money plant, or bonsai, is an exceptional Christmas gift for women this 2021. You can easily order any indoor or outdoor plant online, and that makes gifting a whole lot easier.

Now, you already know the best holiday presents for the women in your life. We hope the above gift ideas will immensely simplify your shopping journey. Since the holiday season is a time when the biggest sale events transpire, it is only right that you shop early. Deals and discounts are everywhere, and that means products go out of stock sooner than you thought. Here’s a trick to avoid dealing with this scenario—add to your wishlist the things you like so you can quickly move them to your shopping cart. Moreover, don’t forget to hunt for some coupon codes to enjoy more price slashes on the already discounted price of the products.

Best Christmas gifts for kids in 2021


Don’t run the risk of missing what your kids have on their wish list this Christmas. There is an assortment of newly released toys and old favourites to choose from. For example, pull back vehicles by Melissa & Doug are an excellent pick for kids who are starting to crawl. Mega blocks for beginning builders are good too. For your little girl, you can invest in a Disney Princess Magical tea set, or a toy dressing table. For toddlers who are sports-lovers, an indoor bowling set would be something unique and exciting. Pretend playsets are also in demand this season. If your tots love exploring in your yard or the outdoors, consider getting them a classic pair of binoculars. All these and more will give your little ones happiness and excitement more than you’ll ever know.

Why buy Christmas gifts early?


Do you think all the shopping fun happens in December? Here in the UAE, it happens all year round and is in full swing as early as October. As soon as the ‘ber’ month kicks in, popular and new gifts are selling out fast. Due to the insane shopping culture in the country, especially in Dubai, demand is always high on various products. So, you must get your hands on your favourites fast. Shopping early is a smart move, as it could minimise the financial impact of the holiday shopping season on your budget. For the last-minute shopper, this year can be a bit tough. This is true especially when you are buying clothes or shoes, as all sizes go out of stock quickly.  So, why don’t you start browsing online stores for cheap co-worker Christmas gifts, gifts for her, for him, and more early as now? But since everything is possible in Dubai, you can still find your luck in the next shopping events, which are extended until February 2022. So, in this case, last-minute shopping is not something you should really be worried about.

When to buy Christmas gifts in 2021?


According to experts, supply chain issues affect the availability of products and prices during the end of year season. So, we recommend you start your shopping adventure as early as possible. That’s because it may make it harder for you to get your presents on time. The question is, ‘when is the right time to start‘? The White Friday or Black Friday sale in the UAE usually kicks off on November 21 and lasts until November 28. During this period, both online and physical stores have flash sales, offering products at up to 80% off. Given that they are available for a limited time only and everything is on a first-come-first-served basis,  you must be as quick as possible to add items to your cart. Remember that this is that time of year when shoppers compete the most to get their desired items. However, if you miss out on these dates, don’t lose hope. The next shopping events are National Day sales (December 1 to 3) and Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), which starts in the last week of December and ends in the first week of February. So, for several months, you can enjoy massive price drops on various products ranging from apparel to accessories, home décor, gadgets, and so much more. No wonder, Dubai is the shopping capital of the world.

Where to buy Christmas gifts online in the UAE?


The UAE is home to gazillions of online stores where you can find excellent gift sets ranging from health & beauty items, electronics, appliances, apparel, and the list goes on. You can also explore Christmas hampers and holiday-themed gift packages to add more magic to your gift-giving. And if you want to have an amazing shopping experience like no other,  among the stores you should check out include Ounass, Level Shoes, Brands for Less, Jumbo, and Farfetch. Here, you can compare prices and deals to make the right buying decision. Coupon codes are generously available too, which means that you can get more discounts on price drops upon checkout. So, what are you waiting for? Explore your favourite brands such as Gucci, Nike, Versace, Tchibo, Samsung, MI, and more. Enjoy your shopping splurge without breaking the bank!

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