Experience the Best Outdoor Adventures in the UAE with These Top 5 Sneakers

24 November 2021| 9 minutes
Experience the Best Outdoor Adventures in the UAE with These Top 5 Sneakers

One of the popular tourist destinations, UAE continues to dazzle the world with the amazing outdoor adventures it offers. Right from hiking around Hatta to hitting the waves in Dubai, enjoying a desert safari, and ziplining, UAE has it all. However, epic adventures call for the right pair of sneakers that lets you get the most fun and, at the same time, prevent you from unanticipated leg injuries. So, while you pack your clothes and gadgets, do not forget to put on the right pair of sneakers as per the adventure you have planned.

Your shoes play a crucial role in determining the overall experience of your adventures and journey. Choosing one that is comfy, protective, and versatile can be a safe choice. However, every activity calls for a different type of shoe. So, it is always better to ask yourself, “Where am I going?” and “What will I do there?” For example, if it is hard sidewalks or pavements where you must walk, then go for tennis shoes or casual sneakers. But, for rugged terrain, you may require trail runners or light hikers. Whether it is Nike air force 1 or Jordan shoes, a good pair can feel like an extension to your feet. So, here is the guide on popular adventures in the UAE and suitable sneakers for them.

1. Top 5 sneakers for outdoor adventures in the UAE
2. Choosing the best women’s sneakers
3. High top sneakers vs low top sneakers
4. How should sneakers fit?
5. Which sneakers are in style in 2021?
6. Which sneakers are the most comfortable?
7. Explore Farfetch to find your favourite sneakers now

Top 5 sneakers for outdoor adventures in the UAE



New Year is just around the corner! It is the best time to leave your comfort zone behind and explore some exciting adventures in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Fujairah, and other parts of the UAE. Hiking, Sandboarding, Horseback riding, bungee jumping, ziplining, and kayaking are some of the prominent things to do. However, you will need the right set of gears to perform each of them. Speaking of gears, one should not underestimate the importance of having the right pair of sneakers. Whether you hike, walk, or climb, the right sneakers offer you pure enjoyment and protection against slips, trips, and falls. So, while you buy sneakers online in the UAE, these varieties should be on the top of your list.

  • Trekking sneakers – UAE is home to humongous mountains and valleys. So, why not pump that adrenaline by taking a rejuvenating hike? However, your trek can be full of bliss or blisters, depending on the shoes you choose. There is a wide range of hiking footwear one can find, like high and low ankle boots, insulated boots, trail shoes, and more. Hiking sneakers are good for dry conditions, whereas trekking boots should be your choice for multi-day treks.
  • Biking boots – Do you know quad biking is another name of freedom and flexibility for adventurers? Quad biking is a perfect daytime pursuit for travellers of all ages in Dubai. One of the important gears you will need for it are ankle-high hiking boots. Ankle-high shoes are necessary so that they do not slip-off while riding.
  • Riding sneakers – Another popular sport in UAE is horseback riding that appeals to all ages. One can choose to do it as a hobby or challenge themselves by participating in various sports like endurance racing, flat racing, show jumping and more. Riding sneakers are the perfect footwear for horse riding. Go for the one with a slight heel and the one more enforced in high-stress areas.
  • Cycling shoes – Places such as Al Qudra Lakes, 30-minutes from Dubai, has become the favourite of UAE cycling enthusiasts. There are many more such places where you can enjoy cycling. However, cycling in a pair of trainers or regular shoes is not the best option if you are riding a significant distance. So, go for cycling shoes that are designed to be stiff and light.
  • Walking sneakers – If you would like to walk, stop by, and explore the beauty of UAE, then it indeed calls for a sturdy plus stylish pair of sneakers. Walking shoes are both fun and functional, designed for comfort and fun. With the right cushioning and support, they offer comfort even if you are on your feet all day long.

The significance of shoes in travel is as important as clothing and gadgets. A traveller or adventurer should be able to anticipate the requirement of the right gear and events of prolonged walking. So, when you pack your bags for a magnificent destination like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Hatta, do not forget to pack a perfect pair of sneakers.

Choosing the best women’s sneakers


Since there is an assortment of options out there, it can be overwhelming for you to choose one. However, keeping some factors in mind can make your shopping easy and quick. The best pair of sneakers for women would be both stylish and comfortable. However, if you are planning for an adventure, then you might have to look for a specific variety as per the use. Let us explore what exactly to look for.

  • Activity – This is the first determining factor of all. Ask yourself two questions. “Where are you going?” and “What are you going to do?” There can be different sneakers suitable for you depending on whether you are walking, cycling, trekking, or quad biking in Dubai.
  • Comfort & fit – A well-fitted shoe is the one that makes you feel secure around your feet with no slippage. But, if you want running shoes, then you may have to go for a size up. Remember that too-tight shoes may rub against your skin and may cause blisters. So, go for a comfort fit.
  • Flexibility of sole – When you have the right size and shape in your hand, you should turn to find the right sole. However, one should confuse the sole flexibility with inner padding softness. You can do a bending test to know if that is the right pair for you or not.

Women tend to buy sneakers that look good and fit well. And when it serves the purpose, too, there is nothing better than that. Whether you want to go for Nike white sneakers, Adidas Yeezys collection, or Gucci sneakers, you can find them on online stores in the UAE. So, go and explore the endless choices of colours, heel height, and brands.

High top sneakers vs low top sneakers


If you are a first-time buyer, then choosing among high-tops and low-tops may confuse you. However, the difference between the best high top sneaker models and low tops is considerably basic. The high tops have a higher collar, as the name suggests. This collar covers the ankle, whereas a low top has a lower collar that does not cover it. Whether we talk about style or comfort, both have their pros and cons. With high top sneakers, one enjoys ankle lock-in, bouncy cushioning, good impact protection, and durability. But those are heavy, and you may experience movement restrictions. On the other hand, low tops have lightweight cushioning, plus there are no food restrictions. Additionally, you have plenty of choices to pick from. However, usually, they are lesser durable than the former and offer minimal impact protection.

How should sneakers fit?


A shoe in which you can fit in your feet is not necessarily the perfect fit for you. A good fit is the one that just pops onto your foot. You need to search for the right length, width, and height to find the perfect fit. It is good to have a half to a full thumbnail width between your longest toe and end of the shoe. The right way of finding the perfect width is to determine whether your foot fits over the midsole or not. If it fits well, then it is the right width. Determining the volume is easy. If you can put your foot in the shoe comfortably without pressing too tight against the top, then it is the right volume.

Which sneakers are in style in 2021?


Sneakers are well known for their ease and comfort. They do not just serve the purpose of commuting but have also become a worldwide fashion choice. There are numerous options to pick from, whether you are looking for cheap designer sneakers or top white sneakers. However, the ones in style in 2021 are Converse Run Star Hike, Gucci GG Basket Sport Sneakers, Y-3 Run White Sneakers, and Nike Air Zoom SuperRep Sneakers. About the slip-on styles, the ones in trend are Vans Classic Slip-on, Michael Michael Kors Bodie Slip Ons, and Diesel S-KB SOCK QB. If you are wondering why sneakers are expensive, then you will be glad to know designers from top brands constantly bring out modern designs and features. Means there is a new pair of shoes coming up every now and then, that too on competitive prices.

Which sneakers are the most comfortable?


The most comfortable sneakers are the ones that perfectly fit your foot. Having the right pair of shoes is important to maintain a healthy posture and prevent yourself from injuries. However, finding the one that keeps your foot secure without being too tight is challenging. So, we are here with the list of the most comfortable ones.

  • Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit 3 – Nike is one of the most popular footwear brands which is known for its innovative designs. This sneaker by Nike is ultra-lightweight and comes with a multi-bubble air-cushioning system.
  • Reebok Workout Plus – This footwear by Reebok goes with any outfit you wear. Some of the best things about this are its low-cut design for mobility, well-balanced padding, and along with that, excellent shock absorption.
  • Nike Air Force 1 07 – If you are looking for a seriously comfortable pair of sneakers, then this can be your choice. The thick sole offer durability and a superior feeling underfoot. These are both functional as well as fashionable.
  • Saucony Triumph ISO 2 – If you are a serious runner and looking for comfortable yet stylish sneakers, then this should be on top of your list. They offer a light and springy feel. They can also be carried as casual sneakers.

Now that you know about the most comfortable and stylish designs, let us embark on the shopping journey. You can find them from physical retail stores or online shops. Although, for quick and effortless shopping experience, prefer shopping online. It will save time and give you an opportunity to compare prices and decide where to buy on best deals.

Explore Farfetch to find your favourite sneakers now



Wearing the right pair of sneakers makes you feel comfortable and help prevent leg injuries. Now that you know various sneaker types and what exactly to look for while choosing one, let us check out a wide range of options on Farfetch. Take a pick from Nike, Adidas, Gucci, Diesel, and many other renowned brands. Whether you are looking for designer sneakers to suit your outfit or athlete models, you can find them all here. So, if you have planned outdoor adventures in the UAE, do not miss on getting a perfect pair of sneakers. Now, go ahead and explore!

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